Glen Poh

Founder and Principal Coach

Fitness/Strength & Conditioning, Swimming, Parkour and Bushcraft/Wilderness Survival.

An adventurer, polymath, coach and teacher – As a coach, Glen is most adept in Parkour, naturalistic fitness, survival swimming and self sufficiency/bushcraft/wilderness survival skills – since year 2005 – neverending dedicated and passionate training of these important life skills that have and are 2nd and 1st nature to Glen – He have put in so much blood, sweat and tears, made lots of sacrifices and have dedicated his life to these skills, and is on a constant lifelong mission to help others learn and train innate/utilitarian capabilities and skills to become better versions of themselves, individually. A person best learns and develops a skill/capability, if it is personalized for them, in a way that they understands and absorb best – this usually comes with private/personalized training, so Glen strives to train/teach his learners/trainees in personalized ways that they best understand, and overall in the best way possible – Everyone learns/develops new capabilities/skills in their own unique ways.
Glen’s vision is to make the learning and self development of innate/utilitarian skills/capabilities for self sufficiency, more easily accessible.. and formulate personalized learning/training to individuals, so that they learn in the most effective ways and become the best version of themselves.
His forte is in his ability and many years long experience in putting himself in his learners/trainee’s shoes, and highly personalizing learning/training to his learners/trainees. Glen have helped many individuals from around the world, from all walks of life. Glen sticks wholeheartedly to logic, reason and truth, devoid of illogical and baseless fads, gimmicks, etc, in his coaching, and against selling out – this is at the expense of him not earning as much, monetarily.. (because “NO” to profiteering, and “yes” to altruistic coaching with sensible social pricings).
Glen is a pioneer professional practitioner and coach of Parkour (traditional), with his experience dating all the back to year 2005. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT GLEN AS A PARKOUR COACH MORE IN DETAIL].
Glen is a pioneer advocate for fitness using natural movements to improve innate fitness for function and performance, and a highly experienced professional strength & conditioning and performance coach for recreational/professional/elite performance with experience since year 2006 – A pioneer dedicated practitioner of powerlifting, weightlifting, calisthenics, natural movements (movnat/methode naturelle), strongman & dinosaur type training, since year 2006 – long before these became more popular in the mainstream we see today. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON GLEN AS A FITNESS COACH MORE IN DETAIL].
Glen is a pioneering leader of universal bushcraft training provider in Singapore, with dedicated learning and practicing of bushcraft (wilderness survival and living skills) since year 2008, from all around world and bringing the knowledge back here in Singapore to teach people the ways of bushcraft in all environments around the world – He have taught many people, individually, and in organizations, from recreational, laypeople, to elite outdoorspeople, other bushcraft experts from around the world, etc [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT GLEN AS A BUSHCRAFT/WILDERNESS SURVIVAL TEACHER, MORE IN DETAIL].
Glen is highly proficient in teaching survival swimming, and have the most high success in teaching beginners who know nothing about swimming, to being able to swim unaided on their own, quickly, once and for all – He is well known in the market for this – helping frustrated non-swimmers and individuals (who comes from all walks of life, having phobia, etc) to finally learn how to move confidently in deep open waters once and for all. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT GLEN AS SWIM COACH MORE IN DETAIL].

Glen’s coaching strengths and forte;
Coaching teens; Interacting, communicating and relating to teens – is one of his best strengths as a coach, as Glen understands well how they can be inspired and develop themselves the best from their teen years with the right guidance. Glen started off his own training during his teen years, so he understands exactly what makes them tick during training and how they are inspired and motivated to train properly and effectively on their own, etc.
Coaching adults; Being able to get them to understand their training well, and guide them well on the right track, hence providing very quick results and very effective progress than average. Armed with having higher-than-average knowledge and experience in psychology, this helps Glen deeply understand the root causes of obstacles in his trainees very well and hence this helps coach his learners/trainees in ways that best help them progress most effectively.
Coaching kids; Being strict at the right time, being fun, and friendly with them, getting them engaged and inspired, and so on – to instill the right training values in them and get them to progress effectively, etc. These all stays with them for a lifetime in a positive way. Glen’s ultimate aim is to help kids find whatever training they get, to be very meaningful for them in life, and strive to always get them to stay engaged and excited during training/lessons, while keeping productivity levels as high as possible.
Coaching neurodivergents: Armed with both psychology knowledge/education and experience – Glen possesses deep knowledge and experience in coaching neurodivergents very effectively, where a lot of other teachers/coaches may fail at (often leaving neurodivergents left behind, despite many of them being really talented). Glen have coached individuals, with autism, ADHD and so on.
Glen’s journey of learning as a coach/teacher, athlete and learner himself, is neverending – always striving to keep updated and upgraded on new scientific info of effective training methods, etc.

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Prepper, humanitarian, jack-of-all-trades. Associate and assisting coach for Training by Glen.
Ashton is known as a notable and pioneer practitioner of Parkour, in the Parkour Singapore community. He is also well-known to be a prepper, also skilled in various other skills such as survival swimming and wilderness survival. Ashton has been training Bushcraft alongside with Glen, but is most proficient in general emergency preparedness and urban survival skills, while Glen specializes more in bushcraft. 
Ashton works closely / in collaboration / partnership with Training by Glen, in works such as relief coaching, training event workshops, coaching partner, etc.
Training Experience:
Parkour Since 2002
Prepping and urban survival skills
Close combat and self defense
Wilderness survival skills and bushcraft (Since 2013)
Survival swimming and Diving
Work related experience-
Work experience as a Parkour, wilderness survival (assisting) and swimming (assisting/relief) coach for workshops & classes, and have coaching experience since the mid 2000s. Coaching experiences with individuals of all ages and walks of life. Former trainer of Prepper Asia.
1] First Aid and CPR Certificate​
2] SSGA Accelerated intro to swim instructor & water safety.

Polymath, assisting coach, public relations and development associate for Training by Glen. 
He is an advocate of fitness and he is one of our voices in fitness, human self sufficiency, and helps spread awareness of how people should look/approach fitness and ways of developing oneself to become more capable, self sufficiently. 
Murphy is an avid climber who have been climbing for many years and is also a Parkour practitioner who have been training Parkour for years as well. Before that he was well into martial arts and have trained martial arts since a very young age. 
Along the way, he delved and got involved in freediving, trail running (wilderness running), etc. As a result, he has trained himself in many various skills, which are most practical. 
He spends his free time conceptualizing fitness and skills and training methods for self sufficiency.
Training, work and related experience:
Survival swimming and freediving, Parkour, Rockclimbing, Wushu, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, BJJ, and other martial arts. Experienced in coaching individuals and small groups in various academies and organizations since 2018.
Exceptional in analytical, logical and critical thinking abilities (Aced in Science and Mathematics in NTU)- Murphy is passionate and proficient in always coming up with the best logical solutions to everything he does. Working together with Coach Glen, he upgrades himself in his coaching ability, so that he can help our Academy and also achieve his goal of helping others train for function, in the most straightforward, efficient ways possible, and hope to see more people improve themselves for function and self sufficiency.