Glen Poh

Founder and Principal Coach

Fitness/Strength & Conditioning, Swimming, Parkour and Bushcraft/Wilderness Survival.


An adventurer and “jack-of-all-trades”, with a strong skill-set of Parkour, followed by lifting-athletics, survival swimming and self sufficiency/wilderness/bushcraft skills. I train a lot. I train to be strong, capable and self-reliant, with skills which I deem to be useful. I’m a passionate and dedicated athlete who has dedicated his life to bettering his skills since 2005, as well as a coach who is constantly dedicated in sharing his knowledge and helping others through his training guidance and mentorship.

Parkour; Glen started out Parkour back in mid 2005, when he first came to know about it online and subsequently through various media. Back then, Parkour was at it’s infancy stage in the whole world, let alone in Singapore. He was one of the pioneer practitioners in Parkour Singapore. He started training with friends, the local Parkour community, and his interest grew exponentially over time. He trains obsessively and have dedicated almost all his time to honing his skills, and researching relentlessly on training methods during his recovery time from training. Today, he is still training passionately, training smarter than ever, and is coaching individuals Parkour to spread to those interested. His values are to spread Parkour correctly, the way it was traditionally meant to be. With his extensive knowledge on training Parkour (from movements practice, all the way down to nutrition, psychology, strength and conditioning, etc) gained from endless research since 2005, together with formal education and experience, he strives to educate individuals on Parkour and how to train it properly. Today, Coach Glen is a traditional Parkour coach, who is always preaching about how Parkour is simply just about getting stronger through training movements to run from point A to B while overcoming obstacles, and it is something for yourself, as opposed to it being a competitive sport and/or one that focuses on flips, somersaults and tricks. Through his many years of experience, and from his wide range of scientific coaching and training knowledge, he is a coach that will teach you what Parkour is really about, and how to train it correctly, safely and the best way possible. He fills the gap in the local community, by being a coach who stays true to the traditional values of Parkour and spreading it to anyone who are sincerely interested.

Fitness/Athletic performance; Glen’s interest and passion in fitness training develops over time, since the time Glen began serious training for his Parkour back in 2005 – What started out as a pursuit to improve his Parkour performance, became an obsessive research in fitness training, strength and conditioning, and subsequently, formal education and professional experience in this field. Along the way, Glen has gained and applied his experience in bodybuilding, calisthenics, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, strongman training and overall strength and conditioning. Glen has gained exposure with bodybuilding and calisthenics back in 2006, then subsequently moved on to powerlifting and strongman type exercises where he was coached by professional local strongmen (strength athletes) such as from Team Iron Behemoths. He also spent a period of time learning the olympic lifts from national athletes and directly from Singapore’s first silver medalist in Olympic Weightlifting – Mr Tan Howe Liang. Over time, Glen has been gaining a lot of knowledge in physical training and strength and conditioning. He also spends a lot of his time on physical training to toughen up the mind and body in harsh conditions (little sleep, in the rain, under very cold or very hot weather), especially on elite level strength feats such as achieving the 1 arm pull up, and lifting as much weight as possible pound-for-pound. Though Glen may not have a massive bulky body frame (due to the nature of his training – he trains a lot for performance rather than just focusing on building muscles), his achievements speak for themselves, outperforming majority of other trainers. That is one of Glen’s unique traits, and it is also a testament to show that a trainer should walk the talk. Glen has always been setting the standard for himself as a fitness coach, making sure that he maintains and updates his deep knowledge and understanding on how the body works, based on science, education and experience.

Bushcraft/Wilderness survival; As an adventurer/explorer, wilderness skills and bushcraft are essential life skills to have for Glen – being able to fend for himself alone in the Wilderness with nothing. Back in the past, starting from year 2010 onwards – that was when things really started picking up in pace for Glen – Frequently setting out on solo unsupported expeditions and many overnight wildcamping adventures in the wild, off the beaten track, and into uncharted places. Lots of first hand experience and learning things the hard way through trial-and-error. After years of frustrations and trial and error through constant practice, along with intensive and extensive theory studies, including having close calls with real life survival situations way back in the past, Glen have gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom and know what works and what do not. Glen have practiced Bushcraft and spent a lot of time (including overnight) trips in the wild in different parts of the world with different types of environments and conditions, from tropical, to desert, to temperate to the arctic. Apart from learning from his years of first hand experience, self study and research from countless written/recorded courses and books, Glen have also learnt a lot from indigenous people, wilderness instructors, and other bushcraft practitioners around the world. His knowledge and skills are typically based on primitive traditional skills from cultures around the world. Being born Southeast Asia and living in S.E.A tropical climate/environment almost all his life – Hence, it’s no surprise that he has the most experience and knowledge in tropical jungle survival. Today, along with his formal education and knowledge in coaching, Glen shares his knowledge, skills and experience to others, so that others can avoid making the same mistakes he did, and to improve and also speed up their learning experience by a lot. He has helped taught several people in schools and organizations, such as the Girl Guides, Self-improvement schools, etc. Glen is a lifelong learner, and believes that learning is neverending. Thus, he will continue to keep learning and training himself to the highest level of bushcraft practitioner that he can be, so that he is confidently capable of “walking the earth, free, self sufficient and capable, without being limited to the confines of civilization”.

Swimming; Glen started to train swimming back in 2011 when he decided that being able to move comfortable in the deep water as he please, is one of the important life skills he want to have. His motivation came mostly from the fact that he could “move well” on land but if he couldn’t move in water, then it will be a pity to him. As a weak swimmer before 2011, if Glen was thrown out into the open sea, he will likely drown. Fast forward to 2011 onward, Glen is able to swim well naturally out in open waters, moving in anyway he pleases at his own will – Backwards on his back, float, forwards, downwards (breath holding freediving), underwater swimming under caves, crevices, staying at the same spot (treading water), staying in the open sea water for hours on end, etc, etc. His swimming experience were and are highly varied, training with coaches, friends, lifeguards, swimming out in open sea waters locally, and overseas in a variety of conditions such as a storm, swimming in rip tides, etc. His highly extensive and varied swimming experience, along with his formal education, knowledge and experience in coaching sports movements, has allowed him to help several individuals learn swimming as a beginner and survival swimming (swimming out in open sea waters, etc). Over time, his knowledge and experience has helped him develop his own unique coaching technique which gets his students to learn a swimming technique very quickly within 4-6 sessions with him. He has coached individuals from all walks of life and of different age, etc – Most learning very quickly, and all benefited a whole lot significantly than if they were to train on their own.

Overall Training and Coaching beliefs:

To train, guide, mentor and educate my trainees and students with the greatest value. Training should be efficient and geared towards the trainee/student’s preference as much as possible, in order for it to ultimately work out. Training solutions are created based on what works best for the trainee/student. As coach and athlete, I must walk the talk and always strive to be, so that this will contribute to being always fully confident and prepared in equipping my trainees/students with the proper knowledge and what works best for them, in order to better them most effectively.

Qualifications and Credentials:

United States Sports Academy Sports Coaching Diploma.
Coaching methodologies, strength & conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, sports medicine.
Basic Exercise Course by the Singapore Sports Council Certification.
Certified by ADD/Art of Deplacement Academy.
Professional work experience in designing training/workout and nutrition/diet programs since 2010.
Professional work experience in coaching various individuals ranging from kids to adults (1-1 to medium size groups) for fitness, strength and conditioning, swimming, wilderness survival skills and parkour since 2010.
Professional training experience in basic to advance bodyweight exercises/movements/calisthenics since 2005.
Training experience in Bodybuilding and general weight training since 2006.
Professional training experience in Strength Sports such as Powerlifting, Strongman, and Olympic Weightlifting since 2007.
Coached and worked with local top strongman, Sam of Team Iron Behemoths, Olympic Weightlifting Pro Mr Tan Howe Liang – First Singaporean to win an Olympic Games medal.
The fitness coaching related work I have done so far include – clients with goals such as building muscle, losing fat, shaping up in general, improving fitness, strengthening and mobility for general health and well-being, and strength and conditioning for their sport and physical activities.
Professional training experience in survival swimming (freediving methodologies and open water survival skills) since beginning 2011​.
Trained with members of the Singapore Freediving community.
Longest and Professional training experience in Parkour since mid 2005.
Ex-administrator of Parkour Singapore community.
Trained with several professional Parkour coaches and world renown Parkour athletes worldwide (including Parkour/ADD founder, Chau and Laurent of the Yamakasi).
(Extensive) training experience in free climbing, and other locomotives derived from Methode Naturelle since 2008.
Assisted and helped out in coaching privately or worked with numerous various schools, organizations and companies since 2010.
Training experience and real life first-hand exposure (worldwide) in bushcraft and wilderness survival skills since 2008.
Experience in teaching Wilderness skills to medium size groups of kids to adults in workshops and events as a solo featured teacher or main/lead teacher, from private/individuals, to schools, to companies, and organizations, such as the Girl Guides, etc. People with unique backgrounds have been taught by Glen: ​lecturers, professors, adventurers, outdoor instructors, bushcrafters, merceneries, housewives, students, nomads, and more.
Glen possess first hand experience from spending countless days and nights in the wilderness around the world (often solo unsupported) – Be it for practice, experience, or for his own solo uncharted expeditions. He learnt bushcraft the hard way from many years of theory studying and via the hard way of trial-and-error first hand experience. All since 2010. His knowledge and experience typically comes from traditional primitive hunter-gatherer skills and knowledge that have been passed down for generations, from traditional cultures around the world. He has been learning from indigenous people, local instructors, bushcraft practitioners around the world, and continues to do so till this day and future. Glen is a lifelong learner, and believes that learning is neverending. Thus, he will continue to keep learning and training himself to the highest level of bushcraft practitioner that he can be, so that he is confidently capable of “walking the earth, free, self sufficient and capable, without being limited to the confines of civilisation”.
Coaching strengths for teens, adults and kids;
Teens; Interacting, communicating and relating to teens – I consider this to be one of my best strengths as a coach, as I understand well how they can be inspired and develop themselves the best from their teen years with the right guidance. I started off my own training during my teen years, so I understand exactly what makes them tick during training and how they are inspired and motivated to train properly and effectively on their own, etc.
Adults; One of my strengths is that I am able to get them to understand their training well, and guide them well on the right track, hence providing very quick results and very effective progress than average.
Kids; As a coach for kids, I consider myself to be at the right balance of everything – being strict, being fun and friendly with them, getting them engaged and inspired, and so on. Some people describe my methods as a mix of traditional and modern, as I make sure the kids are engaged and inspired, but yet, remain strict with them where necessary, so as to instill the right training values in them and get them to progress effectively, etc. These all stays with them for a lifetime in a positive way.

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Ashton is known as a notable and pioneer practitioner of Parkour, in the Parkour Singapore community. He is also well-known to be a "prepper", also skilled in various other skills such as survival swimming and wilderness survival. Ashton has been training Bushcraft alongside with Glen, but is most proficient in general and urban survival skills, while Glen specializes more in bushcraft. He usually assists Glen to fill in teaching gaps in Bushcraft whenever Glen is unavailable.
Ashton works closely / in collaboration / partnership with Training by Glen, in works such as relief coaching, training event workshops, coaching partner, etc.

Training Experience:
Parkour Since 2002
Prepping and general / urban survival skills
Wilderness survival skills and bushcraft (Side training experience since 2013)
Survival swimming and Diving

Work related experience -
Work experience as a Parkour, wilderness survival (assisting) and swimming (assisting/relief) coach for workshops & classes, and have coaching experience since the mid 2000s. Coaching experiences with individuals of all ages and walks of life.

Education/Certifications -
1] First Aid and CPR Certificate​
2] SSGA Accelerated intro to swim instructor & water safety.

Murphy is development associate for Training by Glen. He is an advocate of fitness and he is one of our voices in fitness and helps spread awareness of how people should look/approach fitness. Murphy is an avid climber who have been climbing for many years and is also a Parkour practitioner who have been training Parkour for years as well. Before that he was well into martial arts and have trained martial arts since a very young age. Along the way, he delved and got involved in freediving, trail running (wilderness running), etc. As a result, he has trained himself in many various skills, which are most practical.
Murphy holds a Bachelor's of science in Mathematics and Statistics in Nanyang Technological University Singapore, but is also well trained in many various physical arts, methodologies and disciplines. He spends his free time thinking about philosophies of fitness and practical self development skills.

Training Experience:
Survival swimming and freediving, Parkour, Rockclimbing, Wushu, boxing, BJJ, and other martial arts.

Work related experience -
Has facilitated and coached rockclimbing for small groups.