Glen Poh

Founder and Principal Coach/Teacher

Fitness & Performance, Swimming, Parkour and Bushcraft/Wilderness Survival.

From a young age, Glen has harbored a deep-seated passion for exploration, adventures, continuous learning, problem-solving, and innovation. Alongside his formal education from esteemed institutions and experts, Glen’s learning journey extends far beyond traditional paths. He is driven by an innate curiosity and self-motivation to acquire knowledge, skills, and a deeper understanding across diverse domains. His approach to learning is characterized by a natural inclination towards self-directed exploration and a thoughtful and independent pursuit of knowledge. Rather than adhering strictly to established curricula, Glen actively seeks out new challenges and opportunities to broaden his expertise. This proactive mindset has enriched his journey with a diverse array of experiences and accomplishments. Glen’s commitment to continuous improvement is underscored by his pursuit of recognized credentials that reflect his multifaceted skills and achievements.
Glen is deeply committed to contributing meaningfully to humanity through innovative ideas and solutions aimed at fostering progressive change. As a coach, Glen specializes in Parkour, functional fitness, survival swimming, and self-sufficiency skills—areas he has dedicated himself to since 2005. These skills are not just passions, but an integral part of his life, cultivated through years of perseverance and personal sacrifice. His mission is to help individuals enhance their innate and practical capabilities, empowering them to become better versions of themselves. Glen firmly believes in personalized training tailored to each learner’s unique understanding and absorption preferences. He strives to deliver customized coaching experiences that maximize learning effectiveness. Glen understands that everyone develops skills in their own way and is dedicated to facilitating this process with integrity and empathy.
One of Glen’s big visions is to make the learning and self development of innate/utilitarian skills/capabilities for self sufficiency, more easily accessible.. and formulate personalized learning/training to individuals, so that they learn in the most effective ways and become the best version of themselves.
One of Glen’s strength lies in his extensive experience and empathetic approach to personalized learning and training. He has had the privilege of assisting individuals worldwide, spanning diverse backgrounds and circumstances. His coaching philosophy prioritizes integrity, emphasizing logic and truth over passing trends or gimmicks. Glen is committed to ethical coaching practices, rejecting profit-driven motives in favor of genuinely helping others and maintaining a fair livelihood.
Glen is dedicated to addressing social issues through the initiatives of his Academy. The central focus is on empowering individuals and facilitating the widespread dissemination of positive actions. This commitment extends to harnessing the collective efforts of everyone involved, emphasizing a collaborative approach to effecting positive change. Through these endeavors, Glen aims to contribute actively to the resolution of social challenges and foster a culture of empowerment and positivity.
Glen is a pioneer professional practitioner and coach of Parkour (traditional), with his experience dating all the back to year 2005. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT GLEN AS A PARKOUR COACH MORE IN DETAIL].
Glen is a pioneer advocate for fitness using natural movements to improve innate fitness for function and performance, and a highly experienced professional strength & conditioning and performance coach for recreational/professional/elite performance with experience since year 2006 – A pioneer dedicated practitioner of powerlifting, weightlifting, calisthenics, natural movements (movnat/methode naturelle), strongman & dinosaur type training, since year 2006 – long before these became more popular in the mainstream we see today. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON GLEN AS A FITNESS COACH MORE IN DETAIL].
Glen is a pioneering leader of universal bushcraft training provider in Singapore, with dedicated learning and practicing of bushcraft (wilderness survival and living skills) since year 2008, from all around world and bringing the knowledge back here in Singapore to teach people the ways of bushcraft in all environments around the world – He have taught many people, individually, and in organizations, from recreational, laypeople, to elite outdoorspeople, other bushcraft experts from around the world, etc. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT GLEN AS A BUSHCRAFT/WILDERNESS SURVIVAL TEACHER, MORE IN DETAIL].
Glen is highly proficient in teaching survival swimming, and is exceptional in teaching beginners who know nothing about swimming, to being able to swim unaided on their own, quickly, once and for all – He is well known in the market for this – helping frustrated non-swimmers and individuals (who comes from all walks of life, having phobia, etc) to finally learn how to move confidently in deep open waters once and for all. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT GLEN AS SWIM COACH MORE IN DETAIL].
Glen has developed a wide-ranging expertise over the years across several domains that reflects his passion for self sufficiency. His proficiency includes off-trail cycling, cooking, urban survival, prepping, and emergency preparedness. In addition to these interests, Glen is also drawn to urbex (urban exploration) and enjoys embarking on self-supported explorations worldwide. His lifelong passion for philosophy, science, and psychology has fueled his creativity, leading him to explore innovative projects like designing off-the-grid, self-sustaining housing, experimenting with robotics and machinery through self-directed learning and programming, and inventing/creating various other similar projects. These pursuits are driven by Glen’s genuine curiosity, learning and commitment to problem-solving, continually expanding his skills. He values the diverse experiences that have shaped his journey and is eager to apply his expertise meaningfully across various domains.
Glen’s coaching/teaching strengths & forte;
Coaching teens; Interacting, communicating and relating to teens – is one of his best strengths as a coach, as Glen understands well how they can be inspired and develop themselves the best from their teen years with the right guidance. Glen started off his own training during his teen years, so he understands exactly what makes them tick during training and how they are inspired and motivated to train properly and effectively on their own, etc.
Coaching adults; Being able to get them to understand their training well, and guide them well on the right track, hence providing very quick results and very effective progress than average. Armed with having extensive knowledge and experience in psychology, this helps Glen deeply understand the root causes of obstacles in his trainees very well and hence this helps coach his learners/trainees in ways that best help them progress most effectively.
Coaching kids; Glen employs a balanced approach when coaching kids. He knows when to be firm, inject explorative play, and friendliness, and keep them engaged and inspired. These help the kids learn very effectively and these strategies greatly help instill valuable training principles and get them to find valuable meaning in their training/lessons.. – all these (will) impact them profoundly and stick with them positively throughout their lives. Glen’s overarching goal is to make training a profoundly meaningful and engaging experience for kids, ensuring they remain excited and productive during lessons while fostering lifelong enthusiasm for self-improvement.
Coaching high-functioning neurodivergent individuals (including gifted individuals): Drawing upon his extensive background in psychology and hands-on experience, Glen excels in coaching high-functioning neurodivergent individuals. He has a unique ability to connect and guide them effectively, as he taps into their unique strengths and ways of learning – a feat that often challenges many coaches. Glen has successfully coached individuals with autism, ADHD, schizotypal and more – ensuring they receive the support they need to thrive.
Glen’s journey of learning as a coach/teacher, athlete and learner himself, is neverending – always striving to keep updated and upgraded on new scientific info of effective training methods, etc.
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Video of Glen’s compilation of his some of his skills: Parkour, Lifting, Bushcraft & Swimming – Just showcasing some of the stuff he can physically do, to show he is a practitioner of these skills.

Prepper, humanitarian, jack-of-all-trades. Associate and assisting coach for Training by Glen.
Ashton is recognized as a notable pioneer practitioner of Parkour within the Parkour Singapore community.
Beyond his expertise in Parkour, he is also proficient in various other skills, including being a dedicated prepper (locally renowned), survival swimming, and wilderness survival. Ashton and Glen share a common interest in bushcraft, with Ashton excelling more in general emergency preparedness and urban survival, while Glen - more in bushcraft. Alongside his training pursuits, Ashton also serves as a swimming coach, with a particular focus on coaching kids.
Ashton work closely together with Glen - coaching, teaching and other general administrative tasks - complementing each other's skills and expertise - and working towards common goals.
Training Experience:
Parkour Since 2002
Prepping and urban survival skills
Close combat and self defense
Wilderness survival skills and bushcraft (Since 2013)
Survival swimming and Breathing-apparatus diving
Other relevant skills:
Farming and gardening (Community learning)
First aid
Cooking (Course; learnt from Gordon Ramsey)
Small gadget repairs and assembly
Work related experience-
Work experience as a Parkour, wilderness survival (assisting) and swimming (assisting/relief) coach for workshops & classes, and have coaching experience since the mid 2000s. Coaching experiences with individuals of all ages and walks of life. Former trainer of Prepper Asia. Professional work experience in various organizations involving/handling a variety of basic handyman work and coaching of such skills to kids, etc.
1] First Aid and CPR Certificate​
2] SSGA Accelerated intro to swim instructor & water safety.

Multi-skilled, assisting coach, public relations and development associate for Training by Glen.
He is an advocate of fitness and he is one of our voices in fitness, human self sufficiency, and helps spread awareness of how people should look/approach fitness and ways of developing oneself to become more capable, self sufficiently.
Murphy is an avid climber who have been climbing for many years and is also a Parkour practitioner who have been training Parkour for years as well. Before that he was well into martial arts and have trained martial arts since a very young age (since he was a very young kid).
Along the way, he also delved and got involved in freediving, trail running (wilderness running), long distance wild swimming, etc. As a result, he has trained himself in many various skills, which are most practical.
He helps our Academy intricately solve specific problems in existing systems, provide consultation and coaching for all his related specific fields of expertise.
Training, work and related experience:
Survival/wild swimming and freediving, long distance barefoot running, parkour, rockclimbing, wushu, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, BJJ, and other martial arts. Experienced in coaching individuals and small groups in various academies and organizations since 2018.
Murphy is a dedicated analytical thinker who majored in Science and Mathematics, where he excelled during his time at NTU. His passion lies in consistently devising the most logical and efficient solutions for every task he undertakes. Collaborating with Coach Glen, he continually enhances his coaching skills, striving to support our Academy's mission and his personal goal of guiding individuals to train most efficiently for functionality, and learn stuff that promotes self-sufficiency, etc. He hopes to witness more people achieve personal growth and improved functionality.

Board of Advisors
We work together with various experts; psychologists, educators, medical professionals, handymen, electricians, engineers, carpenters, farmers, architects – where and when necessary, when certain work involve certain expertise – they will be directly credited and acknowledged for their contributions to relevant projects and initiatives where required.