Singapore Private Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons in Singapore for adults, teens, kids – Natural/Practical/Wild/Survival/Open water swimming – At your condo/house/place/public pool and sea – Since 2011. Save your life, save others, be confident and capable! SG’s renowned expert in drownproofing non-swimmers as fast as possible, and teaching individuals in ultra personalized ways that they best understand and learn.

Learn at cost effective rates conveniently and at great value
Because an important life skill shouldn’t be overpriced
Private swim lessons at your residence, condo, public pool, or out at the open sea.
Perfect for beginners who want to learn and improve for their own self development.

Kids will develop intrinsic motivation & interest to learn; with inquiry/explorative-based and discipline-based learning.
Teens/adults achieve super quick results with rapid + holistic learning.
Terrific for anyone who wants to be confident in the open waters
(treading water, survival swimming techniques, freediving, etc).

Flexible scheduling (Slots available on PH, weekends, night times).
Very highly experienced, fun and friendly coach.
Condo/house/private pools;
Your provided place, or if you don’t have one – just let us know and we will recommend a private pool for you to use.
Open sea at the beach;
Not just for the experienced. Absolute beginners are suitable for this as well.
Training in the open sea tremendously improves your confidence and natural capabilities to move in any waters with ease.
Learn swimming (beginner or not), at the beaches of Sentosa: With locker service, shower facilities all within walking distance, and direct public transport available.
Public pools;
Subject to availability. Inquire from us.
Flexible & cost effective:
Arrange at your preferred location & schedule – No hassle from fixed scheduled group classes
Various options for classes available
Our classes are highly customized to suit the needs, requirements & preferences of the student(s), and are cost effective (best value for money).

What Glen can coach you for:Specifically:
Breast-strokeStandard breast stroke,
head-above-water variation.
Freestyle, front crawlStandard front crawl /
Back-strokeStandard back
Treading waterBasic, intermediate and advance.
Swimming survival skillsSurvival float, bobbing, drown-proofing, open-water treading water, open-water swimming, basic freediving techniques such as underwater swimming (correct techniques for breath holding, relaxation and diving techniques).

How are the lessons like:
Unlike the vast majority of other teachers who are very rigid in their teaching approach, Coach Glen teaches in a very personalized and comprehensive way – He dives deep into his learner’s psyche so that they can best understand what are being taught, and progress as effectively as possible. He is exceptional and unique in this ability in the local market, with tangible results to show – This have resulted in his learners achieving results much faster, and become effectively self sufficient in their abilities and their own training.

Who are the lessons for?
Generally anyone of all ages, who are keen and willing to properly open themselves up to be taught by a professional coach (willingness to properly listen to and follow lessons delivered and learn) – Anyone whose main goal is simply to get themselves to finally be able to swim in certain ways for the purpose of function, drownproof themselves, once and for all and as quickly as possible, and to learn as much as possible.

How fast does it take for me to learn? What to expect for progress?
It usually just takes 4-8 lessons to achieve your goals fully!

Some of our students in action!

And more coaching for various swimming goals for our students! All deeply personalized for you.

Pricings: $70 per 50 mins long session for 1 person / $100 for 2 person.
Prices get lower (as low as approximately $50 per session for 1 person, or $70 for 2 person) if more sessions are purchased and training done frequently. Single individual sessions, and packages available (All these are dependent on your goals and needs - Because everyone is different and have different goals and unique needs - Contact us to have a chat and get exact quote for prices and more details).
(Just to give you a rough idea on how much our lessons will cost over time): Most learners who want to learn how swim independently unaided, from zero - typically take anywhere from 4 to 8 lessons, that are spread out weekly - Spent approximately around $210 to $240 per month for 1.5 months (Total spent about $315 to $360).

What sets Coach Glen’s swimming lessons apart from others:
– Specialize in coaching absolute beginners, especially teens/adults, on how to swim to survive and swim with confidence, with the main goal of equipping individuals to be capable to move in water bodies with confidence as a basic life skill, which may save their life.
– Specialize in providing super quick results to teens/adults beginners (Getting them to drownproof themselves in the shortest time possible).
– See Coach Glen’s full profile here, and his swimming profile here.

Take action now! - Contact us and tell us more about your goals, and we'll sincerely & genuinely let you know what are needed for your best interest!


“Not just only friendly, Glen is also an excellent instructor that made sure everything is safe. The fundamentals were well explained and his guidance made me feel at ease in water. Manage to learn breast stroke within 4 lessons!! Two thumbs up for Glen and team :D” – Zor Lee

“Thanks to you, I’m no longer afraid of swimming in deep pools. Good thing I found you in Gumtree.” -Swimming and aquatic locomotives training: Dexter, Philippines.

“The training has benefited me, and the booking process and procedures were systematic and reliable. I managed to achieve what I want.” – (Learn breast stroke and freestyle from scratch): Kanchan, expat.

“I would like to share with you my wife’s and my gratitude to Glen and his swimming training techniques.  My wife had come to Singapore for a short 2 week holiday to visit me while I am working here and felt it is about time she was to learn how to swim to enjoy outdoor activities with me.  She did some research and came across “Training by Glen” who does personal swimming lessons for people who have no swimming background.  My wife was very nervous that at her early 30’s she may not learn how to swim and that she was going to waste her lessons booked. After the first lesson of 1 hr per lesson my wife was over the moon because she could do breaststroke for a few strokes without the breathing technique.  She was so excited that she didn’t get out of the pool after her class for another 1 hr or so to practice. By her 4 lesson my wife was able to do breast stroke with breathing properly, a bit of treading water and started to learn freestyle. After 8 lessons with Glen my wife is so confident in the water that she can swim breaststroke, tread water and freestyle all with proper technique.  Even wanting to teach me how to do breast stroke that I don’t even know and I learnt how to swim more than 28 years ago. My wife and I would like to thank Glen for his easy teaching and patience.” -Alex Lee, Allianz Technology, expat / Wife; Sara Li.

“I had put off swimming lessons for 5 years till I found trainingbyglen. A great plus was the flexible scheduling which allowed me to learn at my own pace. I am also very satisfied with my progress in the breaststroke and freestyle thus far. The drills, repetitions and feedback on technique had made swimming much easier. Thank you! -Li Ching, Student, Singaporean.

“My swimming technique improved massively only after a couple of sessions with Glen… I now feel equipped with the skills and techniques to swim confidently and with pride and would highly recommend beginners or even regular swimmers to have coaching sessions with Glen. The sessions were very well structured with clear objectives, useful feedback and very professional. I was very happy with the teachings and service provided by Glen.” -Serena Shah, UK expat.

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