Swimming Coach Glen

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Glen started to train swimming back in 2011 when he decided that being able to move comfortable in the deep water as he please, is one of the important life skills he want to have. His motivation came mostly from the fact that he could “move well” on land but if he couldn’t move in water, then it will be a pity to him. As a weak swimmer before 2011, if Glen was thrown out into the open sea, he will likely drown. Fast forward to 2011 onward, Glen is able to swim well naturally out in open waters, moving in anyway he pleases at his own will – Backwards on his back, float, forwards, downwards (breath holding freediving), underwater swimming under caves,crevices, staying at the same spot (treading water), staying in the open sea water for hours on end, etc, etc – His swimming experience were and are highly varied, training with coaches, friends, lifeguards, swimming out in open sea waters locally, and overseas in a variety of conditions such as a storm, swimming in rip tides, etc.
His highly extensive and varied swimming experience, along with his formal education, knowledge and experience in coaching sports movements, has allowed him to effectively help several individuals learn swimming as a beginner and survival swimming (swimming out in open sea waters, etc).
Over time, his knowledge and experience has helped him develop his own unique coaching technique which gets his students to learn a swimming technique very quickly within a few sessions with him. He has coached individuals from all walks of life and of different age, from all around the world, etc – Most learning very quickly, and all benefited a whole lot significantly than if they were to train on their own.
What sets him apart from other coaches, is definitely his unique ability of; helping his students learn in a way that they best learn in – Everyone have their own unique way of learning new things effectively – something that Glen understands very well (Glen possesses extensive knowledge in psychology) – and he have made a lot of ongoing effort in teaching in ways best suited to his students. He have coached many students of all walks of life, etc – some having phobias, some who are neurodivergent and so on.. Because of all these, a very high majority of his older students learn swimming at a super quick speed, and his much younger students (kids) find it meaningful to learn swimming and learn swimming effectively.

United States Sports Academy Sports Coaching Diploma.
Coaching methodologies, strength & conditioning, nutrition, psychology, sports medicine.
Professional experience in coaching various individuals ranging from kids to adults from all walks of life, all round the world (1-1 to medium size groups) since year 2010.
Professional training experience in survival swimming (freediving methodologies and open water survival skills) since beginning 2011​.
Trained with members of the Singapore Freediving community.
Experience in Methode Naturelle since year 2005.

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