Registration Form – Private Parkour Lessons (Onsite)

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If you’re the parent/legal guardian of the child(ren) who are minor(s) who will be taking the lessons, please also fill in your child(ren)’s name(s).
Please declare to the best of your knowledge. Please do not falsely declare. (If you’re the parent/legal guardian of the child(ren) who are minor(s) who will be taking the lessons, please fill this in on your child(ren)’s behalf.
I have read everything on this page: Click this link to view the Private Parkour Lessons Onsite Expectations and Etiquette – and I agree to it (and agree that those who are involved will need to follow the Code of Conduct & Etiquette). And, I understand & agree that when I, and anyone involved, book sessions (that require cash payment to be paid upon meet up) – I/We will practice proper care & consideration, so as to help towards a fair and respectful experience for all. (Of course, if something urgent and important come up; such as falling sick, getting injured, some other emergency, or even if you really don’t want to go through the service with us – it’s fine to cancel/change the booking.. we just ask to be considerate when booking and only book if sincere). We do not penalize last min booking changes in such cases (for eg; charging extra fees), in order to give more flexibility to our clients – so we do seek everyone’s understanding to not abuse this. I understand that it is common courtesy to briefly explain why I need to cancel/change a booking, when I need to cancel/change a booking – as this will also help you guys to properly understand that the booking was cancelled/changed thoughtfully, respectfully and considerately. I understand that you guys reserve the right to refuse/deny service, if there are reasons to believe that booking(s) are cancelled/changed with intention to cause nuisance – so as to protect everyone else who are unfairly affected. (Please understand that we are considered a small business, so we have limited resources – we keep our prices very affordable, so we seek your understanding to just be considerate on this basic level when booking). I understand that everyone deserves to be treated fairly with basic human respect.