Registration Form – For Fitness PT & Coaching (Onsite)

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If the person to be trained will not be you, but another person – do include that person’s real full name, along with your name as well (and state your relationship with that person).
Please state all accurately, to the best of your knowledge, and do not falsely declare. If you’re not the person to be trained, do state on behalf of the other person (to the best of your knowledge) and we’ll clarify with that person again (if that person is not your biological/legal child under the age of 18).
Sharing now will reduce delays later on. We need this basic info in order to conduct the training properly. If this is left blank, we will still have to ask you and/or the trainee later on, so it may be better to simply share this now to save time. Please note that we will not be able to quote prices without this info (and without a proper chat with you) – so if you’re looking to know prices for the training, please share this info.
Please note that we will do our best to recommend an arrangement that best suits your preferences – however the type of arrangement suitable will depend on all factors which we will have to assess, as we need to determine what’s best for you after all factors are considered.
Acceptance of Code of Conduct and Etiquette:
^ If you can’t see the checkbox: To accept the Code of Conduct & Etiquette, just click on the text above until you see that “This field is required” notice on this section, is gone. (In order to take the service, it is required to accept).