Private Cooking Lessons – For beginners

The goal is to learn the basics of cooking: knife skills, mise en place, food handling, cooking techniques, seasoning, use of kitchen tools, cleaning, etc – So that you can cook simple nutritious meals for yourself without relying on dining outside all the time. Kids and teens can pick up this useful life skill early.. and adult learners can finally learn everything you need to know of this life skill in private.

The goal of our private lessons is simply to teach you the most fundamental skills needed to prepare and cook healthy and nutritious meals for practically. It may be becoming more increasingly common for us to eat out more often (especially in a society like Singapore – due to our fast pace of living and very busy professional working lives), so it may not be surprising that there may be a sizeable number of people who do not know how to cook and prepare a healthy nutritious meal. So this is why we offer private cooking lessons to individuals to address this specific matter! With our private cooking lessons – although we may not teach you how to cook restaurant level or michelin star level meals, but we want to equip individuals who completely do not know how to cook and prepare nutritious meals – with the right knowledge and skills to be able to do so – So that they will be capable and confident to cook and prepare their own meals effectively, instead of eating out all the time and relying on others’ cooking. Our coach will go to your house to teach you how to cook and prepare your own meals, at your own kitchen with your own food and whatever you’ve got. All at your preferred schedule. Learn everything within just a few lessons!

Reach out to us now, to have a chat and discuss how we can best help you!