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Being Ready for Uncertainty

Prepping and urban survival can be important practices for navigating unpredictable situations and safeguarding yourself and your loved ones, should the need arises (during emergencies, etc). By anticipating potential emergencies and developing self-reliance, individuals can adapt and thrive in challenging environments.

  • Proactive readiness for unforeseen events, ranging from natural disasters to societal disruptions. Assessing risks and preparing the necessary resources, skills, and plans are key steps in being prepared.
  • By embracing self-reliance, individuals reduce dependency on external resources during crises. Acquiring practical knowledge and skills enable effective adaptation and responses.
  • Urban survival requires understanding the unique challenges of human populated areas. Navigating urban infrastructure, securing shelter, and acquiring resources, etc, are crucial for urban preparedness.
  • Prepping and urban survival provide peace of mind and confidence in being self-reliant. Being prepared instills confidence, enabling individuals to respond calmly and make rational decisions during emergencies, and trains oneself to be more self-reliant in general. This carries over to generally all aspects of life too.

Prepping and urban survival are responsible approaches to uncertainty. By embracing readiness, developing urban survival skills, and fostering community resilience, individuals can navigate challenging times with confidence and ensure the safety and well-being of themselves and their communities. Preparedness is not an act of fear but a commitment to resilience and self-reliance. Even if you will never get to use these skills for serious emergencies, knowing all these skills can still be very helpful to keep you prepared for stuff like: being prepared for something unexpected when traveling overseas, helping someone on the streets, helping your loved ones in everyday life (for example- administering simple first aid), etc. Wouldn’t it be great to just be knowledgeable in these areas, just in case?

Some notable topics involved in Prepping and Urban survival include:
1. Knowledge of portable emergency kits
2. Food and Water Storage
3. Shelter and Security
4. Communication and Power Backup
5. Map reading
6. First aid & CPR
7. Personal security
8. Evacuation and escape
Other topics (that are “less drastic”) can include:
1. Alternative navigation in urban settings (for eg; what if you’re lost and you don’t have a car, etc)
2. Sourcing for local resources for food, water and/or budgeting for food water (getting free, cheap foods, etc)
3. Personal safety (situational awareness and dealing with dangers from people who want to cause you harm, etc)
4. General resourcefulness, critical thinking ability, problem solving ability, etc.

Learn Prepping and Urban Survival from us. Lead by Coach Ashton – a local pioneer and one of the leading figures of Prepping and Urban Survival in Singapore. See his profile here. He have been involved in many humanitarian works, and as one of the trainers in Prepper Asia, he have conducted training workshops for numerous organizations and individuals, preparing them to be better equipped in Prepping and Urban Survival.

Training are privately held – private lessons at your preferred date and time and at your location (depending on your case), all at great prices. Online coaching available (Depending on the topics covered), via “Zoom” meeting – Reach out to us for more info and discussion.

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