Practical Self-Defence Singapore

Learn practical self defense skills that could help save your life and your loved ones. Our training aims to effectively equip you with practical skills (that directly address real-life situations) you need in the most direct way possible.

3 Martial Arts that are heavily used in our training for you: –

Wrestling can be a great addition for self-defense, as it provides a solid skills for close-quarters combat. In a self-defense situation, you may find yourself in a clinch with your attacker, grabbed by your attacker or grappling on the ground – these can be common. Wrestling techniques can help you gain control of your opponent, throw them off balance, and take them down to the ground. These movements are natural and commonly used in close combat.
Wrestling also teaches you how to maintain a strong base, stay balanced, and move your body in an efficient manner. This can be useful for defending yourself against strikes or other attacks, as you will be better able to avoid them or absorb their impact. In addition to physical skills, wrestling also helps develop mental toughness, discipline, and perseverance. These qualities can be invaluable in a self-defense situation, where you may need to remain calm and focused under pressure.
Overall, while wrestling may not be the only form of self-defense you need, it can be a very valuable tool to have in your arsenal.

Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ):
Effective for self-defense: BJJ is a martial art that focuses on grappling and ground fighting, making it an effective tool for self-defense in real-life situations. BJJ requires strategy and tactical thinking, which can help improve your problem-solving skills both on and off the mat. It also teaches situational awareness: BJJ training can help improve your situational awareness and ability to assess potentially dangerous situations, which can help you avoid conflicts altogether. This makes it another great addition for self defense, since important aspects such as avoiding conflicts is also an important aspect of self defense.

Kickboxing training emphasizes punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, which are all useful striking techniques in self-defense situations. Sometimes it may be necessary to throw strikes in order to defend yourself and fend off attacks. Kickboxing can be an effective method since it is known for training one to deliver effective strikes. Kickboxing training also does help develop situational awareness and avoidance skills, which can help individuals recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations before they escalate.

All training coached by Murphy – a highly experienced martial artist since he was a child, skilled in many various martial arts. His training is focused purely on the practical training and application of martial arts for self defense.. – his coaching strengths lie in being able to design and train his learners on the most straightforward logical approach in training practical self defense training and their applications. Murphy’s profile.
Training are all arranged as private classes, at your preferred location and schedule | One-off/Adhoc consultation available.
Easy and convenient arrangements… we aim to get you independent in your own training, at affordable prices (Typically: spend around $200 per month for 2 to 3 months.. *Unsure? – take just 1 lesson at around $60, and you’ll learn a lot on not just techniques but what you can do to train on your own – then thereafter you can decide if you want to continue training for more deeper learning, or go on your own to train independently). (Note; the specific pricings are quoted once we have spoken with you to properly understand your needs and goals, as everyone’s case is different). Arrange for a free, non pressure and non hardselling (phone or video meeting) chat with Murphy to get a better understanding of what to expect! You’ll get to see demos of him in action – Contact us now.

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