What is Powerlifting? Read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powerlifting. Powerlifting has just recently gained more popularity in recent times, especially in Singapore. Coach Glen, have been powerlifting since 2007, when powerlifting was still “underground” in Singapore. Check out his best powerlifts in this video: https://youtu.be/7b1Cw04dM30. Do you know that the methods of powerlifting can be used to some extent, for various fitness goals? Goals such as, building muscle and strength (the obvious ones), general fitness and even losing weight. For healthy individuals, varying degrees of powerlifting can be used for anyone of any age, as long as training is done sensibly, progressively and safely, and immense benefits can be reaped from it. Powerlifting can help strengthen your back, knees, etc, for injury prevention, etc.. if done in a proper manner.. Contrary to the negative notion that it will hurt your back and knees, etc. Its about knowing how train right and how training right. You can also pick up powerlifting as a sport on its own! Reach out to Coach Glen today, for coaching: Onsite in Singapore with PT, or Online coaching.

Some powerlifting shown in Coach Glen’s video showcase.