Personal Training – Strength & Conditioning for performance, injury prevention, prepare for an event/test, etc

Lift better, run faster and longer, jump higher, climb better, build better agility and so on – For your own personal goals of self development (for any unique personal reasons), if you need guided training to help you better function/perform with certain limitations and perform/function in certain limited ways, if you need to train to prepare for an upcoming event/test like for your fitness test for work/school, etc, prepare for an expedition, competition, etc, and so on!

Some examples include:
- Preparing for your upcoming running race.
- Getting functionally fitter but specializing a little more in certain areas (eg; specializing more in endurance)
- Preparing for your powerlifting competition.
- Learning the olympic lifts
- Preparing your fitness for an upcoming outdoor expedition.
- Preparing for your IPPT.
- Build up your fitness specific to Parkour to help with performance and longevity.
- Build up your strength as a rockclimber
- Build up your speed as a swimmer
- You have certain chronic joint pains and you want to get stronger, fitter and more functional
- You have a personal goal of just becoming as strong as possible
- You want to achieve the one arm pull up
- You want to slam dunk
* and more other similar goals! We can help.

Coach Glen specializes in Strength and Conditioning for performance! With dedicated experience and knowledge since 2005, armed with formal education on the subject along with deep nutrition knowledge, and professional coaching experience – having worked with a huge diverse range of clients – you will be in good hands. See Glen’s full profile here.

Glen’s Personal Coaching for Strength & Conditioning is for you because Glen has a lot of experience in working with very wide range of clients – hence, chances are that the goal you have and the state/level you are in – Coach Glen can and will be able to help – Ask him! Besides that, the advantages are: The convenience (your preferred location and schedule), the value (best bang for your buck), better flexibility, are all the things and reasons that people sought after, from Coach Glen.

See testimonials here.

Some clients Glen has worked with include:
– 31 years old Eric, office worker, from Hongkong; For the muscle up
– Shana, Creative professional, Singapore; For the powerlifts, clean and jerk, snatch.
– 49 year old male, Singapore; knee pains > For getting back better function in his daily activities.
– 26 year old male, Singapore; For his IPPT – improve standing broad jump, and pull ups.
– 12 year old Jayden, Singapore; For his school’s race and fitness test – 2.4km run, shuttle run, standing broad jump, sit ups
– Sam, in late 40s, kids coach; For his front lever, back lever, handstand, and muscle up

Coach Glen’s Personal Coaching for Strength & Conditioning for performance/function and preparation for your event/activity/test, etc:
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