Personal Training – For shaping up; Build muscle / lose fat – Look as good as you perform

Build muscle, lose fat, or both! – But don’t forget about the “actual fitness” that comes along with the look! If you don’t want to just look really fit / have achieved an aesthetic looking body, but can’t even run/lift/perform well in fitness – then our Personal Training for fitness and shaping up is the solution for you!

What does it mean to “look as good as you perform”? Many times, it is not uncommon to hear people say that they want to shape up their physique – either by losing fat, building muscle mass, or both, when the word “fitness” is brought up. Looking good; for eg; having six pack abs, toned abs, buns, thighs, muscular shoulders, etc – are often made to sound synonymous with being “fit”. And unfortunately, a lot of the training, working out and dieting to comes along with it, that are out there, that a lot of people engage in, regardless of in the form of own exercising, group classes somewhere out there, or certain personal training, and gym training – typically only involve the superficial pursuit of just shaping up the body – neglecting the important aspect of functional fitness. Why could this be a problem? For one, it can cause problems with strength imbalances, postural problems and so on.

You may ask – Isn’t shaping up the muscles/body the same with improving your fitness? – Not necessarily in a balanced/holistic way. In present times, in a lot of cases, it is pretty common to come across fitness programs out there, that are just geared towards looking good and severely neglecting the aspect of functional fitness – with the excessive/unnecessary uses of certain fad/gimmicky exercises and over reliance of/with certain equipment, etc, and insufficient natural/functional movement patterns and balanced/corrective exercises incorporated into the workout/training routine. In some cases – This could be because its better for some businesses to sell what’s hot/trending/in market demand – which is to just solely focus on selling workouts that help people achieve a nice looking body, with virtually zero care for the actual fitness that should come along with it.. neglecting the important aspects of the actual fitness, and failing to incorporate certain corrective exercises and functional fitness training into it, can cause problems in the development of overall well being, and down the road – there can be postural problems, problems with physical imbalance, and lack of functional ability, despite looking really good aesthetically. Regrettably, many individuals often blindly follow/gravitate towards the latest fitness and diet trends/fads/gimmicks, believing that these methods will be what’s best for them. They choose workouts that may seem appealing but don’t necessarily align with their specific needs and goals. What’s even more unfortunate is that they may disregard actual credible, sound and valuable advice from alternative sources, simply because it doesn’t conform to their preconceived notions of what works. So, you might wonder, what’s a practical approach to determine the effectiveness of a workout or diet program for your specific needs? Well, it all boils down to efficiency in achieving and maintaining results. Consider factors like the time invested, the financial commitment, and whether the efforts expended align efficiently with the outcomes achieved. If you can achieve your goals without unnecessary complexity, why go through the trouble, expense, and time associated with trendy but ultimately impractical approaches? For instance, if your objective is to lose weight and maintain a lean physique with workouts that can be done anywhere most conveniently – why bother with costly gym memberships, specialized equipment, and pricey supplements, etc? Instead, you could opt for a brief training program that teaches you how to exercise using basic equipment or with nothing but the environment around you for free, and provides valuable insights into proper nutrition. By empowering yourself with this knowledge, you can embark on your fitness journey independently, saving both money and needless complexity in the process. Ultimately, a simpler, more cost-effective approach often proves to be the wisest choice in achieving your health and fitness goals, without contradictions.

With Training by Glen, as we emphasize and preach the importance of utility of innate human ability – one of which is functional fitness – We want to provide personal fitness training (for shaping up), in a way that is different than others – in a way that we want to ensure that at the very least, the personal fitness training for shaping up, should at the minimum, come with being able to perform fitness functionally as good as you look. Because actually being naturally fit is one important innate thing to have! – As you’ll be able to perform and function well in life – this will definitely help you be more self reliant as you’re more physically capable.. and with that, you can also help others (especially your loved ones) more too. If you shape up with personal training, then it is important to consider to shape up to have an awesome aesthetically looking body that can actually perform and function as good as it looks. Our personal training for shaping up, ensures that personal training is done in a more holistic way that focuses plenty on being able to function and perform in fitness, without problems, as good as your body looks. We want to set this standard in personal training for shaping up, in the market, and see more of this in the market.. we hope to set a good role example for others to follow.
And we’re really good at this too with our own unique strengths and abilities in coaching – Because one of the main methods we employ, is to ensure that the exercises, training program, etc, used; are ones that are versatile, adaptable and sustainable – this means, we do not use “fancy” fad/gimmicky equipment that we know will change over the course of time, or do not even serve much practical efficient purpose in the grand scheme of things – we focus on what’s practical for you in the long term – you use whatever you have around you, without being limited from working out and training due to the lack of certain equipment, etc. We hold one of the most diverse and deep knowledge on training with limited to no equipment around you, and dieting, and we are very highly creative in customizing a program that best suits you. We dive deep into what makes you tick, and we put in our heart and soul into helping you understand how you can train and diet on your own, sustainably. We excel in these areas, and we are exceptional in all these. These are what makes our Personal Training for shaping up, different than the vast majority of others. We provide exceptional value in our Personal Training – Being practical, versatile, sustainable and most logical towards objective truth! – Free from biases, fads, gimmicks, etc – At the expense of us earning less money because we value helping people see the truths, over profiteering and selling out. This is how this kind of Personal Training should be like.
Ultimately – we offer this type of Personal Training (for shaping up) that: helps you shape up with actual functional fitness, do it with as little things and troubles as possible so that it will be most convenient, practical and sustainable for you in the long run, you learn what you can do to workout and diet on your own.. all in the shortest time possible. That’s what we believe Personal Training for shaping up, should be like.. since that’s actually what people want – often times, the people who want to shape up, also want some actual fitness to come with it, and they want things to be efficient, but yet (unfortunately) they go for routes in their journey that’s inefficient and with contradictions.. Stop going the inefficient contradictory route now, and make the right decision of making the better choice!

Utilizing whatever that’s around you at home or in public for both bodyweight and lifting workouts are often more than sufficient to achieve one’s goal of shaping up (lose fat, build muscle or both) with functional fitness.
When it comes to bodyweight workouts: Most of the time you don’t need anything fancy. A simple horizontal bar or tree branch and an open space can go a long way in helping you reach and even surpass your fitness objectives very efficiently. While places like public fitness stations, parks, and playgrounds are great options, you can also get creative and use spaces you have easy access to, like your own home or unconventional locations such as rooftop gardens, quiet streets, or the top of a multi-story car park. Being knowledgeable in bodyweight training (calisthenics), makes you able to freely train anywhere and anytime, without worrying about needing access equipment and things.
When it comes to lifting workouts: The key to a versatile and accessible fitness routine often lies in using fundamental equipment such as dumbbells and barbells. We emphasize these tools because they are readily available worldwide, ensuring the convenience of maintaining your fitness regimen even when you’re on the go. By building your workouts and knowledge around dumbbells and barbells from the outset, you future-proof your fitness routine. This means you won’t have to worry about limitations when you’re in different places or at different times, simply because you were dependent on specific equipment for most of your workouts. Dumbbells and barbells are commonly found in many locations worldwide, giving you consistent access to these essential tools. However, if you prefer a more equipment-free approach, you can easily improvise by utilizing natural objects like rocks found on a beach. These rocks come in various weights, shapes, and sizes, making them suitable for effective and free-weight workouts. This flexibility ensures that you can adapt your fitness routine to your environment, whether you have access to equipment or not.
Think about it: If you really want your workouts to be convenient, practical, efficient and sustainable long term – why go the route where you have to rely and depend on specialized equipment and workout facilitations in order to get the workouts you need, done – then, when you need to be elsewhere in life at certain times in the future, you get limited from working out because you lost access to what you previously needed in order to keep in shape? That’s why we advocate the importance of a minimalistic approach.. learn valuable practical knowledge, so that you will be capable of knowing what to do on your own, and workout/diet, without being restricted to access of certain things due to your given environment. Don’t be fooled by the popularized fads and gimmicks, etc – Follow a logical approach to working out and dieting practically, and sustainably – Come train with us!

Watch the above video. The above video visually captures the concept of working out naturally, with just using the environment around you. It is very possible and convenient to get really fit and shape up your body very well without any gym equipment – If you have the right knowledge. Learn those knowledge from us. With Coach Glen’s unique background, he is very skilled, experienced and knowledgeable in MovNat methodologies, because he came from Parkour which originated in “Methode Naturelle” (back in 2005 which was before MovNat was established) which helped gave birth to MovNat. Do watch the video with an open mind – Of course, some of the moves you see may or may not apply to your training, because whatever exercises are prescribed, really depends on your fitness goals, needs and level. This video is just meant to give you a rough idea that you may not even need anything but the environment around you, to workout effectively.. and most importantly, to show you how humans are naturally made to move naturally to acquire fitness.. that’s how we are wired to get and stay in shape. Your workouts are always tailored and scaled accordingly based on your fitness goals, so that you progress utmost safely and effectively.

Coach Glen Personal Training for Shaping up + Functional fitness:
Certified/Qualified/Highly-experienced in both coaching fitness, strength and conditioning (for functional fitness) and nutrition (in depth formal nutritional knowledge) – Most Personal Trainers do not have significant formal knowledge in nutrition – Don’t get stuck with a coach who doesn’t have much knowledge in nutrition and do not offer much help in functional fitness to help along with your shaping up goals! All these are equally important for effective results that are healthiest and most sustainable! Don’t get stuck with a Trainer who gets complacent with their coaching and sells out by providing sub standard coaching just because the Trainer wants to earn more money and profiteer! Get a Trainer who truly cares (who cares about objective truth of coaching and training with hard science and is willing to forgo extra profits in order to have their clients truly benefit from real training).
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