Personal Training – Attain elusive & obscure fitness abilities

Get the muscle up, get that one arm pull up, standing broad jump 3 meters, train to get that flagpole move, box jump up till your own height, lift heavy odd shaped natural stones above your head, bend metal pipes, tear a deck of cards, push a truck, stuff like that!

Some more examples include:
Getting the;
- One arm handstand
- Planche
- Muscle up on anything
- Old school circus strongman feats such as; bent press, 2 hands anyhow, etc
- Classic strongman type feats such as; tyre flipping, stone throws, etc
- Breaking stuffs with your body (training how to break stuff easily like a superhero, with science)
* and more similar stuffs!

Since his teenage years, Coach Glen have been intrigued in the science of developing superhuman feats – not necessarily just for himself (he is capable of some, himself), but also gaining the knowledge on how one can achieve these feats and how people have done them historically in the past till now. He has put himself through first hand training and experience, as well as equipping himself with deep knowledge on the science of attaining such unique abilities through both self directed education and formal education (deep knowledge in strength and conditioning, nutrition, psychology, and all related fields of study). Click here to watch a video of some of his feats and unique abilities.

Where else can you find a coach who can teach and guide you to reach these kind of obscure fitness goals? On top of that, you get the convenience, flexibility and value from taking the training from Coach Glen too! Click here to view his full profile.

Some clients Glen have worked with include:
– Muralidharan, 38 years old Singaporean; For learning one arm handstand.
– Sam, in late 40s, Singaporean; For learning front and back lever.

Coach Glen’s Personal Coaching for attaining elusive/obscure fitness abilities:
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