Personal Fitness Training – Expectations

For PT Fitness onsite

Our top-notch Personal Training offers training that are very finely tailored just for you, providing exceptional value. We don’t just focus on the exercise – we also teach you how to handle your training and nutrition on your own. Building a strong and professional relationship between you and your coach (us) is key to reaching your goals. That’s why we follow specific rules to make sure communication between you and your coach works well. We believe this is what true Personal Training is all about, ensuring you get amazing results and value. Following these rules is crucial for our Personal Training service to run smoothly and be as effective as possible. Without them, results and progress can become unnecessarily difficult and impractical to attain, as success depends on clear and effective communication between you and your coach.
We’ve kept the rules simple yet strategically beneficial. Here are the main ones:

Safety (Standard for all legitimate PT *This is more of a reminder): The trainee must be in condition to engage in physical activity. It is mandatory for the participant to disclose any existing health conditions before commencing the training. For significant health concerns, a health clearance note from the doctor is required. This note should specify which physical activities are safe and advisable, as well as any activities that should be approached with caution. If the participant is not in condition, fails to furnish the required doctor’s note, or if there are reasonable grounds to believe that participation in personal training may pose risks, we reserve the right to decline training services to the participant for safety reasons.

Openness to learning: Openness to learning is one of the fundamental prerequisite for successful training. The trainee must be receptive to acquiring new knowledge, open to unlearning detrimental habits, and at least try to be willing to embrace positive changes to make meaningful progress. Our coaches, equipped with the proper education, extensive experience, and expertise, are here to guide you. Trust in our proficiency is essential for a productive coaching relationship. We acknowledge that questions and concerns may arise during the training journey, and we encourage open dialogues. Collaboration between the trainee and coach is vital for problem-solving and achieving optimal results. However, if the trainee adopts a closed-off, defiant, or oppositional stance without valid reasons that are grounded in logic, and refuses to engage in constructive reasonable discussions, then this will hinder the intended benefits of personal training. Openness to learning extends beyond fitness and is a valuable trait to have in life. It involves a willingness to absorb new information, comprehend, and apply knowledge for personal growth. This principle applies to both self-learning and learning from professionals. When working with a fitness professional, it is crucial to recognize the role of the coach in imparting knowledge, providing constructive feedback, and guiding the trainee toward better practices. If the trainee approaches the training with preconceived biases or insists on the coach adhering to what the trainee thinks are right – then this will undermine the true purpose of seeking professional guidance in the first place. To fully benefit from the personal training, it is essential to trust the coach’s expertise, allowing them to tailor guidance based on their professional knowledge and the trainee’s unique needs. A collaborative and open-minded approach ensures a more effective and fulfilling fitness journey. Some examples of a closed mindset towards learning include – insisting the coach follows a predetermined set of exercises you’ve chosen, even though you lack the credentials in the field of fitness, rejecting diet guidance despite limited proper knowledge and understanding, outright dismissing the coach’s advice on specific exercises without having the relevant proper education in sports/fitness/exercise science, and intentionally avoiding thinking and understanding the reasoning behind training methods, etc. Do embrace an open attitude towards learning from a professional if you truly seek progress in your fitness journey with the help of the coach!

Appropriate and reasonable conduct: Client/trainee must adopt the mindset to be reasonable, collaborative and civil. Psychological abuse is strictly not tolerated. We understand that you may have some bad days and may lose your tone unintentionally from time to time and may react strongly when upset when reasonable expectations fall short, etc.. however, please understand that behaviors must fall within reasonable bounds. If there’s any deliberate intentions to maliciously do unwarranted harm, then this will be something that will not be tolerated, as this will be unjust and abusive. We, the workers, do deserve to work in an environment that is fair and free from abuse. Psychological abuse encompasses unjustified behaviors such as manipulation, toxic one-upmanship (unfortunately this is not uncommon in this field of work.. this toxic behavior serves zero purpose.. the work relationship is supposed to be mutually collaborative and it’s a waste of time to toxically one-up each other just to assert superiority.. what for? we are here to sincerely help you with all our heart.. there’s no need for either party to one-up each other), gaslighting, playing mind games (some may be surprised at this, but unfortunately this is not uncommon in this field of work as well – hence why we’re bringing this up for awareness.. time is better spent being truthful with each other and working cohesively to solve problems together), emotional blackmail, intimidation, threats, and persistent boundary violations (it’s crucial to clarify that by setting these boundaries – this is not a refusal to address normal work-related challenges in our pursuit of client satisfaction and service excellence, but rather its about setting a healthy, fair and reasonable working environment for all.. this will lead to better quality work, and thus better results for the client.. boundary violations only gets in the way of getting things done properly).
Our team is well versed in psychology and will be able to effectively tell if any psychological abuse or any similar problems are present. Being well versed in psychology also means that we will be able to teach you fitness and nutrition in ways that you best understand. Since the success of PT depends a lot on effective interpersonal interactions – a coach that is well trained in psychology would make sense. Your understanding in appropriate and reasonable conduct – significantly contributes to supporting and fostering a healthy working environment, and we greatly appreciate it. This commitment is not only crucial for the well-being of all individuals involved but also plays a pivotal role in optimizing the effectiveness of the services provided. In the reciprocal nature of this type of work, mutual reasonable and amicable communication and collaboration are very important and valuable. Thank you for recognizing the importance of maintaining a reasonable and proper working environment.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation in contributing to the enhancement of the quality of Personal Fitness Training (PT) for all. With these measures in place, we are confident that PT will become significantly more beneficial and effective. It is our hope that practices like these become more widely adopted within the industry and market, fostering an overall improvement in the delivery of this type of service on a broader scale. Click here to read more about our causes on our “About” page.