Permaculture Singapore – Lessons

Knowledge and understanding of permaculture empower individuals to create their own living spaces in various natural places of the world. This involves crafting comfortable environments with minimal resources, primarily utilizing the natural surroundings in a sustainable manner. The goal is to design and create spaces that harmonize with the natural environment, promoting both comfort and ecological responsibility. Developing this capability can boost your confidence and self-sufficiency in many aspects of life. Be empowered with a crucial skill that can greatly help you live in any natural environment around the world, self-sufficiently and sustainably, should the need arises.

We aim to provide you training and lessons on important skills for approaching your own permaculture effectively:
– Cognition; Observation, systems & conceptual thinking, creative problem solving, independent thinking, critical thinking and adaptability; Learn how to expand our thinking for Permaculture and do things on your own.
– Knowledge on personal water management and farming.
– Knowledge on house building and renewable energy systems.
* Training/Lessons onsite (location depends on goals and all other factors; contact us to discuss) or online via Zoom video meetings.

We provide personalized solutions for your learning/training: So reach out to us today, chat with us and see how we can help you.