Parkour Coach Glen

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Glen started out Parkour back in mid 2005, when Parkour was at it’s infancy stage in the whole world, let alone in Singapore. Glen is one of the pioneer practitioners in Parkour Singapore, pre-dating many of the popular long-practicing parkour practitioners most commonly seen/known in present times.
He trains obsessively and have dedicated almost all his time to hone his skills, and have learnt and been learning relentlessly on training methods, nutrition, and psychology of Parkour. Up till today and into the future, he trains passionately, training smarter than ever, and is coaching as many people as possible. Glen’s aim is to spread Parkour as it was, traditionally – the method of overcoming land obstacles in one’s running path, efficiently.
With his wide extensive knowledge in training Parkour (from movements practice, all the way down to nutrition, psychology, strength and conditioning, etc), having gained knowledge from endless studies since 2005, together with formal education and professional experience – he strives to educate and train individuals Parkour and how to train it on their own properly – Glen is a traditional Parkour coach, who is always preaching about how Parkour is simply just about getting stronger and more mobile, and it is something for one’s self development, as opposed to it being a competitive sport and/or one that focuses on flips, somersaults and tricks.
Through his many years of experience, and from his wide range of scientific coaching and training knowledge, he is a coach that will teach people what Parkour is really about, and how to train it correctly, safely and the best way possible. He fills the gap in the community, by being a coach who stays true to the traditional values of Parkour and coaches the training of Parkour – with natural fitness and longevity heavily in mind.
Though Glen may not compare well enough (in terms of physical athletic performance) to elite world class athletes who can do bigger grandiose moves.. make no mistake – because his training experience runs extremely long and deep for many years since 2005 and he is extremely knowledgeable and deep understanding in training.. furthermore he is unique in being exceptional in ultra personalizing his coaching to his learners so that his learners feel utmost understood and hence learn very very well with him. He is extremely dedicated, passionate and professional in coaching Parkour. Similar to numerous other coaches (even those guiding elite world-class athletes); the ability to be a world-class athlete is not a prerequisite for coaching excellence. Understanding biomechanics, training methodologies, etc, are often more crucial, allowing them to coach elite world-class athletes optimally. As the saying goes, ‘Not all great athletes make great coaches, and not all great coaches make great athletes’. Glen possess exceptional professional expertise and experience to coach a wide diverse range of learners of all ages, levels, types and from all walks of life, and his forte is helping individuals build solid functional Parkour abilities, with a tough mind and body that will last well throughout life.

Professional experience in Parkour since year 2005 (Pioneer practitioner).
Trained in Methode Naturelle, since year 2006.
United States Sports Academy Sports Coaching Diploma (Strength & Conditioning, Psychology, Nutrition, Coaching Methodologies, Sports Medicine).
Certified by ADD/Art of Deplacement Academy (From the Co-founders of Parkour).
Coached by the Co-founders of Parkour (Laurent and Chau Belle).

Ex-administrator of Parkour Singapore from year 2009 till year 2016.
(Contributing to the community since 2006: Co-leading and co-organizing major community workshops and events, coaching some of the other well-known local parkour professionals, contributed to the consultation of development of the Parkour Park in Lakeside Garden, and more).
Coached people age 5 and up, from large groups to private 1-1, from private individuals, to schools, gyms, community workshops, events, corporate, organizations, since year 2007.
Trained with numerous professional coaches, athletes and experts from all around the world, including having coached a few in the past, who became leading fellow Parkour experts who are famous today.

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