Singapore Parkour Classes

Private Parkour Classes Singapore – From a veteran pioneer with experience since year 2005; Coach Glen Poh – Coaching onsite at your preferred location/schedule and online. For ALL levels – adults/teens/kids!

Parkour; is an method of training and art of moving across land obstacles with ease, using your just body. Train to overcome obstacles on land efficiently:
Train to run and overcome obstacles along the way efficiently, as well as land locomotives skill – Improve your capability to traverse across land environment & obstacles safely and efficiently with
other movements such as free climbing, and more.

Why train Parkour:​
To improve your natural movement capabilities to overcome land obstacles, and getting fitter.
Contrary to the misconception of Parkour being dangerous, it is meant to get you stronger, fitter and more mobile via improving natural movement capabilities such as climbing, jumping, vaulting, balancing, etc. Parkour is only as dangerous as one make it be.
Parkour is an utility art and can be very practical, as the main aim is to overcome obstacles as you run from point A to point B. You can find yourself applying Parkour in many real scenarios (from as simple as catching the bus, to an extent of escaping from danger).. Not only that, it is also a very holistic physical activity, so this will mean that it will develop your fitness no matter what your fitness level is at (since our training will build you up from any level).
You train sensibly to be more mobile, stronger, hence you become more mindful of your movements, which will actually make you less prone to falling and injuries in general.
“Exercise is optional, movement is essential. Exercise is a modern invention. Movement is ancient. 
Movement was here first. Movement is what the human body is designed for… – Ben Medder”​
Start moving better naturally with ease, get stronger and fitter – It’s for everyone, it’s for you, your self development. Do it for you, your well-being!

Coaching for Kids/teens/adults:
By local pioneers of Parkour in SG. Coaches have many years of experience since 2005 and earlier.
You choose the location and schedule. Private coaching, or coaching companies/schools/organizations.

Train intelligently and train properly:
Our main focus is on coaching individuals to properly program their training for effective progression, to train for practical purposes and train to apply your skills in real life scenarios, and for the individual’s own self development.
We coach with science / over many years of practical experience. This type of training keeps one more mobile and capable which will keep them safer from falling, etc. Beneficial for not just serious athletes, but for sedentary layperson who just wants to get fitter as well. It’s not about somersaulting or jumping/climbing off rooftops, it’s about improving your natural human movement capabilities to traverse land obstacles.

Private classes by Coach Glen:
Meet Glen and his coaches / coaching partners –
Main Coach Glen: Professional experience since 2005, local pioneer (Click to view profile)​
All other coaches (Click here).
Contact Glen to get started today!

Why train with us:
Our ultimate goal is to help you move better and become more capable, with Parkour (no matter your age, gender, level). We coach Parkour in it’s purest sense, and we focus on the practical aspect of skill application.
Glen and his team of coaches are top notch coaches in this field and are professionals and experts.
All coaches in Training by Glen, can be (arguably), considered to be in the leading pioneer batch of Parkour practitioners in the local Parkour community, making us (arguably) the most experienced in Parkour locally – We also possess (arguably), the highest coaching experience in Singapore. Having contributed in the local Parkour community, around, since it was established back in around year 2002!
Educated / qualified / certified / passionate coaches.
Full comprehensive training (inclusive of nutrition and self training plans where applicable).
Coaches are passionate local practitioners and members of the Parkour Singapore community
We coach all levels.
Our coaching is most private and personalized.
Our classes are conducive for training and flexible –
Many different choices of day and time slots to choose from based on your preferences. Mornings, afternoons, nights, weekdays, weekends and public holidays.
Our classes are traditionally held outdoors which makes training more conducive & productive.​
Virtually all corners of Singapore covered.
Cost effective over the long term: Though our private coaching is costlier per session than other group sessions, you gain a lot from each private coaching session, thus saving money, time and wasted effort over the long term.
Our training is aimed at getting stronger and more mobile with movements, making you less prone to injuries.
Kids, adults, at whatever fitness level can stand to benefit from our Parkour training.

What you get with Glen’s Parkour training:
Every session, you receive full comprehensive coaching which includes, how to train the movements properly, how to properly strength train and condition for parkour, how to periodize and plan your own training, how to fuel your body with the right nutrition. Complementary self training (and nutrition) plan provided.

Coach Glen, local parkour pioneer practitioner and coach. Parkour experience since 2005. See full profile.


Single/ad-hoc/first-time session
1 person $60
2 person $90 
“Regular” session (Must be scheduled and used within 7 days from another similar session):
1 person $50
2 person $80
4 sessions package
1 person $200
2 person $320
8 sessions package
1 person $390
2 person $550
Trouble deciding which to go for? Speak to Glen on your goals, so that he can honestly tell you what are the best options available (without hardselling). Examples; Single sessions are good if you’re looking at adhoc guidance from a Coach every once in a while (to save money). 4 sessions package is great for beginners who have constraints but want to learn the basics. 8 sessions package (to take again after every end of the package) are great if you’re looking for long term ongoing coaching and guidance!

“The training lessons have helped me get the concept and basics of the
movements involved and the overall service delivered was good, and customized 
to my preferences – Joe, 25 years old, Singapore”

“Hi Glen, really enjoying the lessons so far. Thanks.”
– Paul Ambrose, Tennis Coach, New Zealand expat.

We’ve passionate professional coaching and work experience handling private classes, group classes, events, for kids/teens/adults, since 2010.

We also offer coaching services for corporate events, organizations, schools, etc – We’ve dedicated experience since 2010 – Inquire with us today – Contact Glen.

Remote Private Online Coaching via phone - Parkour

Via: WhatsApp; 40 minutes of coaching through video call, followed by training/diet plans given within the next 20 minutes (Ask questions during this time as well). It's simply like being coached 1-1 privately onsite in person, just that it's done through videocall, followed by 20 minutes of text, recorded video/photos coaching after.

What's covered / what can be covered: Facilitation and guidance of the training, consultation for overall training / self training / nutrition or diet (Learn how to program your own training, nutrition or diet).

This service from Training by Glen, combines the best science-based knowledge and many years of experience from Coach Glen, to provide bespoke offerings to his clients (no matter where they are in the world), that are of great value base on the cost effective rates offered. Glen coaches you wherever he is at, with whatever he have available, at that point of time - Hence, you get to enjoy higher degree of flexibility and enjoy very cost effective rates for this service. With regards to Parkour training, Glen has been dedicating to training Parkour as a serious pursuit since mid 2005 (making him one of the pioneers in the local community), and have acquired knowledge from world-class Parkour professionals around the world, including being coached and trained by the Parkour co-founders themselves. Glen possesses many years of experience in training and coaching Parkour, and is formally educated in the science of sports & athletic biomechanics, medicine, psychology, and strength & conditioning, and is always glad to help other Parkour practitioners improve the way they train, their performance, their mental game, and especially focus on avoiding injuries and toughening themselves up. see glen's profile and testimonials. 

>Good flexibility<
>Highly knowledgeable and highly experienced coach<
>Great value base on the cost effective rates offered<
>Work with seemingly nothing, but yet, get highly effective progress<
>Empower yourself by learning how to train, eat right and get self sufficient<
>Get coached from wherever you are in the world<
>Free complementary support via email outside of the appointments<

Pros and Cons between this online coaching service and private coaching in-person:

The pros:
This online coaching is more wallet friendly than the latter.
You get to receive coaching from Glen, no matter where you are in the world.
The cons:
This online coaching will have some limitations compared with coaching in-person, such as the coach isn't there physically in person to closely coach you, etc.

Costs: Range from SGD$40 to SGD$60 per appointment. 
(Contact Glen for specific quote. Price depends on content, etc. You will be offered the best and most suitable price/packages/purchase options, etc).
Payment options available: PayPal (Debit/credit card), or Direct local bank-to-bank transfer (if you reside in Singapore and have a bank account that can be used in Singapore). Payment made in advance to confirm your appointment(s) booking(s).

Contact Glen now to get started / to chat: +65 98450655