Outdoor things to do in Singapore

To a lot of people, Singapore may not be known to be a place to do much explorations outdoors in nature and quiet spaces. However, if we are to look more closely at spaces around Singapore and be more open minded on the things to do – there can be a number of things of fun and meaningful things to do.. Whether you’re a tourist, a visitor, someone living in Singapore for sometime – Here are some interesting ideas…

1] Get up close to explore the little unseen corners and spaces, and forgo the more popular and conventional nature spots. We’re talking about be willing to take longer walks to little unseen corners at the end of a stretch of small empty road. There could be hidden views that you have not seen before. Have a look at google maps, search for a place to explore, then plan your starting point and ending point on google maps and select “Walking” to show you where you can walk. Here’s one example;

Tanah Merah Coast Road: Starting point; https://maps.app.goo.gl/5H58Gt6C967vzP25A to https://maps.app.goo.gl/ZDyctYGac4SwMtJq6. Total distance; Around 15km – takes you around 4 hours to complete walking (with plenty of rests in between). Or around 1 hour with a bicycle.

(View of a very quiet place closer to Tanah Merah beach)

Why not take it a step further, and take up a course of learning bushcraft here in Singapore? Yep, you read that right. Bushcraft.. as in wilderness survival and living skills. Neighboring Singapore, are many huge nature spaces in Southeast Asia that are waiting to be explored too – so why not take this time in Singapore to train and prepare yourself for other outdoor adventures nearby in Southeast Asia? Your newly equipped bushcraft skills will also come in handy if you’re traveling to other countries and only in Singapore for a short time as a “pit-stop”. Take up a bushcraft course here in Singapore.

2] Try open water swimming.. particularly at Sentosa. Because the sea at Sentosa is arguably the cleanest and clearest waters you can get that is most convenient (apart from Pulau Hantu).

If you’re struggling with open water swimming, and you’re planning for an upcoming future trip to a beach holiday destination, why not use this time to take up a few open water swimming lessons? Take up a quick course on this to equip yourself with the skills as quickly as possible.

(Glen at spot in Eunos well known to be great for Parkour practice. The urban structures make it great to practice your jump, vaulting skills, etc)

3] Try Parkour – Singapore is known to be a Parkour heaven for a lot of Parkour enthusiasts from around the world, due to Singapore’s high density of urban structures. Of course, practice Parkour responsibly with the environment in Singapore to avoid getting into trouble and out of respect for the environment and people around you. Parkour lessons in Singapore.