Other Lessons & Training – Expectations

For all other types that do not fall under: Fitness, swimming, parkour and bushcraft – Onsite only.

We offer ultra high quality training/lessons tailored to our learners, aiming to holistically & comprehensively instill them the skills/abilities they need, and to empower them with the knowledge to train, develop and do everything well on their own. Achieving this requires optimal interpersonal communication and interaction, as they play a vital role in success – Hence, a proper code of conduct (behaviors) during training/lessons and service, will need to be followed in order to ensure everything unfolds effectively – There will be certain rules to follow throughout the training/lessons and service – Here are the key rules (in which we’ve kept to a minimum):

Safety (Standard for all lessons *This is more of a reminder): The learner/trainee must be in condition to engage in significant exertion of effort in activities in general, accordingly (For eg; if taking cycling lessons, they must be in physical condition to do so. If taking gardening lessons, they must not have any allergies of plants). It is mandatory for the participant to disclose any existing health conditions before commencing the lessons. For significant health concerns, a health clearance note from the doctor is required. This note should specify what form of physical activities are safe and advisable, as well as any certain activities that should be approached with caution. If the participant is not in condition, fails to furnish the required doctor’s note, or if there are reasonable grounds to believe that participation in the swimming lessons may pose risks – we reserve the right to decline conducting the lessons.

Openness to learning: Openness to learning is one of the fundamental prerequisite for success. The learner must be receptive to acquiring new knowledge, and at least try to be willing to embrace positive changes and new info to make meaningful progress. Our coaches/educators, equipped with the proper education, extensive experience, and expertise, are here to guide you. Trust in our expertise and proficiency is essential for a productive coaching/teaching relationship. We acknowledge that questions and concerns may arise during the learning journey, and we encourage open dialogues. Collaboration between the learner and coach/educator is vital for problem-solving and achieving optimal results.
Embracing a receptive and open-minded attitude is essential for maximizing the benefits of the training/lessons. When learners approach the experience with curiosity and a willingness to engage in constructive discussions, they enhance not only their skills but also their overall personal development. This openness to learning extends beyond training/lessons, becoming a valuable trait that positively influences various aspects of life. It involves the capacity to absorb new information, understand, and apply knowledge for continuous growth. This principle holds true whether one is engaged in self-learning or benefiting from the guidance of professionals, such as a dedicated coach. Recognizing the coach’s/educator’s role in imparting knowledge, providing constructive feedback, and guiding the learner towards improvement is crucial for a truly enriching learning experience.
If the learner approaches the lessons with preconceived biases that are unvalidated by science and insists that the coach/educator adheres to those unvalidated beliefs – then this will undermine the true purpose of seeking professional guidance in the first place. To fully benefit from the training/lessons, it is essential to trust the coach’s/educator’s expertise, allowing them to tailor guidance based on their professional knowledge and the learner’s unique needs. A collaborative and open-minded approach ensures a more effective and fulfilling learning journey.
Examples of a closed mindset toward learning: Insisting that a coach adhere to certain specific lesson plans without a genuine consideration of the coach’s/educator’s professional perspectives, especially when they lack credentials in the field of teaching the relevant skillset. Or it can involve; outright rejecting professional guidance without at least basic examination of the logic and science. A closed mindset can also involve intentionally avoiding thinking and understanding of the reasoning behind training methods offered by the coach/educator, and insisting that the information that they saw from other sources such as YouTube videos, are correct, without properly analyzing the rationale, logic and credentials associated with the content, blindly accepting them without due consideration.
Do embrace an open attitude towards learning from a professional if you truly seek progress in your learning journey with the help of the coach/educator!
> If your child is enrolled in the training/lessons, it’s essential to ensure they have a basic understanding of the purpose behind the lessons and their role as a student. It becomes really problematic if your child perceives the lessons as mere play sessions or the coach/educator as someone present solely to observe their activities. To address this, it’s crucial to communicate to your child beforehand that the lessons are not just about play but an opportunity to learn valuable skills. Emphasize that the person guiding them is a teacher, and not just a playmate. Encourage your child to give their attention to the teacher during instruction, explaining that by making an effort to learn, they will enhance their enjoyment in the training/lessons. It’s important to note that we do not support teaching a child who is being aggressively forced by a parent to learn when the child is unwilling due to complete disinterest. We believe this approach is not healthy for the child’s overall well-being and learning experience.
It’s imperative for parents to play a proactive role in preparing their child for training/lessons by instilling the importance of actively listening and respecting the coach/educator. Because communication is a two-way street, and mutual respect is fundamental for a productive learning environment. Even when pursuing independent learning, they must remain open to absorbing new information and not solely engage in whatever they feel like doing without thoughtful consideration – All these will have to explained to the child beforehand in ways they understand.
An example may include – explaining to them that, when they take the training/lessons, in order to learn something new, they have give the basic respect to the coach/educator by listening to them.. because then how else can they take in new info to learn something new? While coaches/educators do their part to explain these concepts to the child during lessons, it is essential that parents reinforce these values at home. Responsibility for cultivating the basic functions of a learner ultimately lies with the parents. It is crucial for the child to understand that learning is a collaborative effort. Please be aware that if a child is unable to fulfill the most basic functions as a learner during lessons, it becomes impractical and unfeasible for proper coaching/teaching.
It’s important to acknowledge that our coaches/educators are here to teach and are highly qualified to do so, but their role is not that of a caretaker. Everyone in your child’s life have their respective roles to play, in shaping up how he/she develops and learn things.
We regret to inform you that coaches are unequipped to handle children with oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder (While we are exceptionally progressive and open minded to acknowledge the value of constructive dissent in the learning process than other coaches/educators – defiance that are deliberately irrational, delusional + manipulative, poses serious problems. Oppositional defiance disorder and conduct disorders typically present issues like these). These conditions require specialized attention beyond the scope of our expertise.
With all that being said, of course, equally important is the receptiveness of the coach/educator. A successful training/coaching & learning relationship hinges on mutual respect and understanding. Coaches must also be receptive to their learner’s concerns, needs and goals, working collaboratively with their students to achieve their learning goals. Hence, you can be assured that our coach/educator will always constantly thoroughly examine, consider and think through the student’s needs, goals, and feedback. They will work closely with the students, tapping into their expertise and always base their guidance on solid scientific principles, to solve problems for their students effectively. This approach ensures that the students achieve their goals in the best way possible, resulting in the most effective outcomes and the most valuable learning experience for you/everyone else involved!

Our approach to coaching/teaching: When we coach/teach, we always try our best to be as pleasant, polite, friendly as possible and we maximize using an open communication style where needed, to help foster better understanding during the learning process. We are not those type of coaches/educators who are domineering, authoritative and rigidly closed off to their learner’s doubts and questions. We will push our students hard when required for their progress, but we do also like to keep things as in an open communication style whenever possible. We use progressive collaborative methods of coaching/teaching. – So please don’t worry.

Appropriate and reasonable conduct: We believe in fostering a respectful and collaborative atmosphere in order for the client/learners to receive optimal benefits and for us to work in fair working environment – Hence, we require our clients to conduct themselves professionally – this simply means adopting the mindset to be reasonable, collaborative and being respectful (this goes both ways; we will of course do the same). Psychological abuse and disorderly conduct are strictly not tolerated. We understand that you may have some bad days and may lose your tone unintentionally from time to time and may react strongly when upset when reasonable expectations fall short, etc.. however, please understand that behaviors must fall within reasonable bounds. We, the workers, do deserve to work in an environment that is fair and free from abuse. Psychological abuse is also a form of abuse, and it’s an abuse that is just as damaging as other forms of abuse. Psychological abuse encompasses unjustified and unreasonable behaviors such as manipulation, domineering, emotional blackmail, exploitation, coercion, harassment, intimidation, threats, mind games, and persistent boundary violations (it’s crucial to clarify that by setting these boundaries – this is not a refusal to address normal work-related challenges in our pursuit of client satisfaction and service excellence, but rather its about setting a healthy, fair and reasonable working environment for all.. this will lead to better quality work, and thus better results for the client.. boundary violations only gets in the way of getting things done properly).
Our team is well versed in psychology and will be able to effectively tell if any psychological abuse or any similar problems are present. Being well versed in psychology also means that we will be able to teach you/everyone else in ways that you/everyone else best understand. Since the success of learning effectively, depends a lot on effective interpersonal interactions – a coach/educator that is well trained in psychology would make sense. Your understanding in appropriate and reasonable conduct – significantly contributes to supporting and fostering a healthy working environment, and we greatly appreciate it. This commitment is not only crucial for the well-being of all individuals involved but also plays a pivotal role in optimizing the effectiveness of the services provided. In the reciprocal nature of this type of work, mutual reasonable and amicable communication and collaboration are very important and valuable. Thank you for recognizing the importance of maintaining a reasonable and proper working environment.
> If your child is the one taking the lessons, please do ensure that your child is taught to behave properly beforehand, as per what were mentioned above – See from the part on “If your child is enrolled in the lessons” in the “Openness to learning” section.

Other stuff pertaining to the conduct of the service =

When booking sessions that require payment upon meetup: You understand and agree that when booking sessions (that requires payment upon meeting), you, and anyone involved, will practice proper care and consideration when booking, to ensure a fair and respectful experience for all. If urgent and important situations arise, such as illness, injury, or other emergencies, or if you decide not to proceed with our service (after initially giving it thoughtful and thorough consideration, but later unexpectedly find certain things that prevent you from taking up the service), it is understandable and acceptable to cancel/change the bookings. We do not penalize late changes (eg, charging extra fees) to provide flexibility to our clients. Hence, we seek your understanding not to abuse this. It is common courtesy to briefly explain the reason for any cancellation/change, as this helps us understand that it was done with basic level of care, consideration and respect. We reserve the right to refuse or deny service if there are reasons to believe that bookings are being cancelled/changed with the intention to cause unfair nuisance and/or abuse – to protect others who might be unfairly affected. As a small business with limited resources, we keep our prices cost effective. Hence we seek your understanding to just be considerate and respectful on this basic level when booking. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with basic human respect. Rest assured, your bookings are Glen’s top priority. He takes great care in managing them and only make changes or cancellations when absolutely necessary. His commitment to this shows in his exceptionally low booking cancellation/change rate, which is among the lowest in the market. For instance, if you book weekly sessions for a year, on average, he only alters 0 to 1 booking for the entire year, and only for truly compelling reasons. Even in the face of very tough challenges, Glen remains extremely dedicated to attending your sessions. This level of dedication is ingrained in Glen’s work ethic; he do this because he can and because he genuinely wants to provide the best service to you. If you’re curious about why we don’t accept wire transfer payments in advance for most cases, please visit our FAQs page for more info.

Mutual cooperation: We take pride in providing the highest quality coaching and service experience for our clients. Our team has amassed years of expertise, knowledge and experience to ensure that every aspect of our service is tailored to our client’s needs and convenience. Hence we kindly request that our clients acknowledge and respect our professional expertise not only in coaching/teaching but also in service administration/operations. An administration example; suggesting to use a particular place and necessary equipment for learning based on your goals – we advise so, because of many years of experience and expertise handling all these kinds of stuff and we have already thoroughly considered the factors involved. – So do not simply just dismiss all that without even considering, because you’ll be missing out on tapping into our expertise which is actually one of the basis of why you’re engaging in our services in the first place. So do allow us to leverage our administrative expertise to assist you. Your thoughts and views are equally important, which is why it is crucial that we have an initial proper discussion, reach a mutual agreement, then adhere to it. It’s important to recognize that what clients think is best may not always be in their best interest. Professionals are trained to manage administrative tasks effectively, and by engaging us, you are investing in our expertise in both training/lessons and administration expertise. Ignoring their expertise can undermine the value of their services and lead to a less effective and more cumbersome experience. Some clients believe they must control everything, but this is often counterproductive. Rejecting the expertise of service providers diminishes the benefits you could receive. Not every service requires complete client control; for example, business that deals in personal coaching & education services is especially dependent on the provider’s expertise to deliver the best results. We are not a “personal assistant” service whereby the client has maximum control over everything – we are providing services in personal coaching & education – hence, the client must be willing to equally collaborate with us in order for us to actually deliver the best outcomes – because then we are able to tap into our expertise to help you. It’s important to understand the social dynamics at play. It’s not about who should control who for the sake of power; it’s about ensuring things are done in the most logical and beneficial way. We need to work together and trust that our recommendations are made with your best interests in mind. When we plan for you, we meticulously detail every aspect based on our extensive experience to optimize efficiency and convenience.

No haggling: When we provide you with the prices and terms for our services, please understand that we have already given you the most affordable and convenient options based on the information you provided. We do not intentionally inflate our prices or impose unfair terms at the beginning, to manipulate you into accepting deals that favor us – We’re not one of those businesses who does this. In fact, our business’s vision/mission is the complete opposite – We are fiercely against profiteering and unfair practices – because we want the world to be a better place. We actually encourage you to research and compare our offerings with others, and you’ll find that we genuinely provide the best deals. Our prices and terms provided to you are provided after utmost thorough and detailed consideration, looking things at all possible angles, and from our many years of professional industry experience – ensuring that what’s offered to you, are utmost impartially fair and reasonable to you, and the best deal for you. With all that being said, please know that this doesn’t mean you cannot question us, of course we welcome your opposing views and concerns. Just share your reasoning with us, and we will engage in a constructive exchange to find the best solution for you. We emphasize “no haggling” here to assure you that we offer the best options from the outset, and negotiating without valid reasons, just for the sake of it – would be unproductive.

Mutual cooperation 2: Once arrangements are finalized, clients are expected to adhere to the agreed-upon arrangement. Do not make unannounced unfair changes, circumvent, coerce us into other actions after the agreement has been made. Any attempts to pressure us into deviating from the arrangement unfairly and without proper care and consideration, will not be tolerated. For example; If we agree to meet at the main entrance of your condo, do not change the meeting location to the back gate without informing us (because you want to avoid security registration). Another example; If we agree to meet in person to sign a form, do not send someone else in your place without informing us. Another example; If we state our payment policy for you not to transfer payment until given permission to, do not assume it’s okay to transfer funds early. Another example; If we state our payment policy to only accept cash payment, do not assume it’s okay to pay by bank transfer (apps, etc) without asking us. Arrangements are designed with valid and strong reasons (Strong reasons like for productivity, safety, for legal reasons, etc). Unfairly circumventing agreed-upon procedures and pressuring us into other actions can cause significant inconvenience/problems for everyone involved. While certain actions may seem trivial to you, they can cause significant issues. We do not set policies and instructions just because it make things convenient for us and that we want to control things for the sake of controlling (unfortunately somehow, some people may get this wrong idea) – we are only doing it because it greatly helps in logically producing the best outcomes for you (while just maintaining fundamental working rights for us) – we do not set these policies/instructions lightly – we set specific and strict instructions because we do have compelling reasons to do so. Intentionally circumventing, changing things without notice, or coercing us into unfair alternative actions can negatively impact everyone including yourself (up till even severe levels), and is also very disrespectful to all parties involved. Let’s foster an atmosphere of reasonableness, fairness, and mutual respect. If changes are needed, communicate them promptly, explain reasons (so there’s no misunderstandings), and discuss them respectfully beforehand. Let’s leave behind past toxic practices and embrace healthy collaboration. This approach is one of the fundamentals to ensuring our services work effectively for you. It’s straightforward: by being receptive, reasonable, and respectful towards each other, we can achieve successful outcomes together. Allow us to assist you effectively!

Mutual cooperation 3 and summary: Please note that all codes of conduct and terms & conditions are strictly enforced, and we will only consider flexibility when valid, well-justified reasons are provided. You must be able to explain your reasoning logically and be prepared to provide evidence to support your claims when needed. For example; if payment is to be made upon meet up at a scheduled meeting and when given the permission to do so, do not pay a day early without notice and then blame us for inflexibility. Another eg; if you expect us to waive a booking penalty, provide a detailed explanation and necessary evidence, such as a doctor’s note if citing illness so that we can consider it. Blaming us for inflexibility without proper justification is unreasonable and unacceptable. When we do all these, we are simply exercising our fundamental right to fair work. Acting contrary to these is unjust, unreasonable, and abusive. We established these for compelling reasons, not to create undue convenience for ourselves, but to protect our basic working rights and to help provide you the best benefits. So we ask that you respect these rights and be fair and reasonable. While you are our client and we aim to provide the best service for you, fairness and reasonableness enable us to work properly and effectively and help you achieve the best outcomes. Unreasonable actions ultimately cause you more harm than benefits, even if they appear advantageous. Let’s be aware of how things logically help bring about the most benefits objectively, rather than focusing on the meaningless powerplay – it’s not about who’s better or who can control who better – this system is in place is to simply enable all parties to best cooperate to achieve the best outcomes for you and protect our basic rights. These are all the basics of how everything should work. These principles form the foundation of how we operate. A lot of businesses adopt this practice in order to provide the best for their clients. While there may be other businesses may appear more flexible, such flexibility often comes at the expense of professionalism and quality, ultimately leading to worse outcomes (eg; poorer training results) for everyone involved. Our approach is rooted in doing the right thing for the greater good, ensuring the best possible results for all parties. If you cannot adhere to our code of conduct and terms & conditions, please do not proceed with our service. Appearing to agree then later attempting to circumvent rules will only waste everyone’s time, as our training in psychology and other related specialized training allows us to detect such behavior. If you agree to the way we work and the way things should work; you can be assured of our utmost commitment and precision in our work to you. We pride ourselves on reliability and excellence, whether it’s showing up for a session despite adverse conditions or ensuring bookings remain unchanged unless absolutely necessary. Our working style is utmost committed and precise (most exceptional in the market). Our dedication ensures you receive the best value in the market, with cost-effective services that are accurate, reliable, and professionally executed!

Wet Weather: For all outdoor lessons and training, we proceed rain or shine. Learning/training in wet weather is perfectly safe and normal; just bring a raincoat or umbrella. Contrary to outdated beliefs, being in the rain poses no safety risk, except during lightning, strong winds, or haze. While we strive to provide shelter whenever possible, learning/training in wet conditions is sometimes unavoidable. Learning/training in the rain offers valuable opportunities for personal growth. If you prefer to avoid rain, we respect your choice, though it may impact the lessons/training’s purpose and experience. Certain sessions may require learning/training in the rain, and opting out could incur additional costs for increased flexibility (as more time and resources may be used to accommodate this). These adjustments are also intended to help emphasize the importance of authentic training that yields optimal results.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation in contributing to the enhancement of the quality of the relevant Training & Lessons for all. With these measures in place, we are confident that lessons in general, will become significantly more beneficial and effective. It is our hope that practices like these become more widely adopted within the industry and market, fostering an overall improvement in the delivery of this type of service on a broader scale. Click here to read more about our causes on our “About” page. And lastly, we’d like the point out that we also highlight all these more strongly due to the unfortunate high amount of abuse businesses like us face in this line of work – this causes poor quality results for clients. So we thank you for your kind understanding in just trying to make things better for everyone.