Other lessons and trainings

Get started on self defence training. Get started on cycling lessons. Get started on urban survival & prepping and first aid. Get started on learning to cook and prepare healthy and nutritious meals.

Learning any of these skills, can be as simple as home-based skills (eg; simply learning how to cook, learn how to cycle as beginners, simple first aid, etc), and can be suitable for kids to adults. Learning these skills may not necessarily be for something too serious, and can simply be for learned for current everyday living for city folks, etc. Contact us today to start! Subject to instructors availability (Due to the very niche and obscure demand of some of these services) – However, we do our very best to have instructors ready as frequently as possible, so just contact us to inquire so that we can send you more info and set something up for you! Besides onsite teaching and coaching in Singapore, we also offer online coaching/teach for certain subjects/skills – Coaching is usually done via “Zoom” meeting (Reach out to us for more info and discussion).
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