Online Private Swimming Lessons

Learn swimming conveniently with great value, from anywhere in the world! From an experienced coach in Singapore, who specializes in teaching adult beginners how to swim and drownproof themselves, from scratch, as quickly as possible.

Remote Private Online Coaching via phone (WhatsApp) - Swimming
Coaching via WhatsApp; 40 minutes of coaching through video call, followed by training plan/guidance given within the next 20 minutes (with texts/photos/recordings, etc).
Watch the video below for full explanation.
Coaching can also be done entirely on dry land (in a room for eg), as consultation.
(See Glen's profile and testimonials).
Start contacting Coach Glen today to get started with the Online Coaching. We can arrange for a free video chat over WhatsApp, so that Coach Glen can explain to you further on what you can expect, further advices for your swimming, etc (No worries, there will be no hardselling, and no pressure).

Private swimming lessons onsite in Singapore (Click here)