Online Live Video Fitness Coaching

Fitness Coach to coach you to reach your fitness goals effectively and you get to learn how to do everything on your own – Coaching done through video conferencing apps; “Zoom” and “WhatsApp”, no matter where you are in the world. Easy, convenient, quick solution to receiving professional fitness coaching from an established coach (Glen Poh) based in Singapore.

Why choose Glen’s services (what makes him different from the rest): Regardless of your country of origin, Glen (a highly experienced professional coach based in Singapore, who specializes in functional fitness, health and performance) warmly invites you to benefit from his coaching – Get quick & reliable assistance no matter where you’re from | Offering exceptional value at a competitive global market price (You’ll also deeply learn on how you can train and diet on your own) | Easy and convenient; purchase-one-session-at-a-time arrangement (Payments done securely through Stripe or direct bank transfer *if you’re from Singapore), so you don’t have to worry about getting bogged down by longer commitments – Glen’s goal to you is to get to learn everything you need, so that you are independent in doing everything on your own, in the shortest time possible.

Online coaching through Phone (WhatsApp)
40 minutes of video call, followed by training/diet guidance given within the next 20 minutes (with Questions & Answers).
Getting coached through video call, is similar to getting coached in person onsite (albeit a little more effort are needed to adjust your phone’s camera facing you, etc) – It’s a much more cost effective and convenient way to receive coaching, anywhere in the world.
For: Anyone of all backgrounds and levels (sedentary individuals, active individuals and athletes) who want to improve their overall fitness and shape up, improve specific aspects of fitness or specific performance.
Pricings range from around SGD$40 per session onwards (Payment typically done via Bank transfer or Stripe).
Contact Coach Glen now to chat about your goals, mutual expectations, clarify your queries, and arrange – Arrange to book a free discovery chat with Coach Glen. No pressure and hardselling – don’t worry. Let’s get started! There’s nothing for you to lose – you’re getting a free discovery chat and we’re here to help!

Online Fitness Training -via- “Zoom” live video session(s)
What is “Zoom”? (See website:
Get coached through Zoom meetings – It’s like getting coached in person onsite, just that its done through webcams.
Thorough coaching, training, counselling, consultation for your fitness goals (Any fitness goals: Functional fitness, shaping up, specific performance of any level).
Pricings start from around SGD$45 (Payment usually done via Bank transfer or Stripe). Single individual sessions and packages available.
Contact Glen to chat/arrange/get quote – Contact Glen today – Set up a free discovery chat through Zoom video meeting with Glen to chat (No worries, there will be no hardselling and no pressure). You have nothing to lose from this free chat!