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Functional fitness, athleticism and performance / Shape up.
Real-time video coaching / Personalized written workout, training & diet plans / Recorded virtual classes /
Written consultations.

Get into better shape, improve your fitness, become stronger, faster, more agile, mobile, powerful, last longer, injury-free: With the professional guidance of Online Fitness Coach Glen – with many years of professional experience, specializing in functional fitness, strength and conditioning and performance, utilizing whatever you’ve got – you will have the most confidence in acquiring the greatly valuable knowledge you need to reach your goals, and be self sufficient in your training and nutrition/diet. This is the most practical/adaptable/minimalistic/versatile/sustaining approach you can take that will save you loads of effort/time/money in the long run. With our variety of Online Coaching options, we’ve kept Online Coaching simple, convenient and straight forward for you to follow!

Online coaching through Phone (WhatsApp)
40 minutes of video call, followed by training/diet guidance given within the next 20 minutes (with Questions & Answers). Getting coached through video call, is similar to getting coached in person onsite (albeit a little more effort are needed to adjust your phone's camera facing you, etc) - It's a much more cost effective and convenient way to receive coaching, anywhere in the world.
For: Anyone (sedentary, active, athletic individuals) who want to improve their overall fitness and shape up, improve specific aspects of fitness, or improve specific performance - Coach Glen train individuals who are at sedentary beginner level, as well as, individuals who are at world class elite level (specific performance).
Pricings range from around SGD$40 per session onwards (Payment usually done via bank transfer or PayPal). Single individual sessions and packages available.
Contact Coach Glen now to chat about your goals and mutual expectations, clarify your queries, and arrange - Arrange to book a free chat with Coach Glen.
Get Glen's quick and easy online coaching (consultation):
Ask any training, diet, or nutrition inquiry (Functional fitness and shaping up, as well as, specific fitness & athletic performance of any level), and Coach Glen will furnish you with a comprehensive response spanning 400 to 500 words, starting from SGD$19 (Payment usually done via bank transfer or PayPal). 
Why opt for this service over relying on AI or online resources? - Mainly because you'll be able to receive detailed, finely tailored professional insights from a human expert who adeptly grasps the intricacies and nuances of your specific needs. A human coach possesses the acumen to read between the lines, offering personalized advice that goes beyond generic solutions.
Email or WhatsApp your question directly to Glen to get started.
Receive a professional detailed response to your question from Glen, within 2 working days.​
Bespoke Make-to-order, customized and personalized training video for you
Glen offers this unique service whereby he creates a bespoke video product based on your needs, requirements and goals, which can cover your overall training, nutrition and diet, so that you can learn how to train and eat right, and achieve your fitness goals effectively (For any fitness goals: Functional fitness and shaping up / Specific fitness & athletic performance of all level). 
Choosing this service/product, over relying on generic online content or resources, offers distinct advantages - The level of personalization provided by a human coach; Glen, ensures a significantly higher and more intricate degree of tailoring that aligns with your unique preferences and goals.. this results in not only superior outcomes but also a deeper and more meaningful learning experience as compared to generic, one-size-fits-all resources. Invest in a product/service that is designed to elevate your fitness journey through a human's personalized, expert guidance.
Reach out to Coach Glen, to discuss, finalize objectives/scope/etc, payment is paid upfront in full (Payment usually done via bank transfer or PayPal), then completed product will be delivered within days from purchase.
Price range: Starting from approximately SGD$190 for a video roughly 20 mins long (The training and diet info can last you comprehensively enough for a few years and equip you with general knowledge on how to train/diet on your own for life) *Of course, the video duration, content, etc - varies case to case - This is just to give you a rough idea.
Book a WhatsApp or Zoom video call session with Glen, free-of-charge, to have a chat - No worries, there will be no pressure and hardselling.
Contact Glen now to set the free video call session now.
Online Fitness Training -via- “Zoom” live video session(s)
What is "Zoom"? (See website:
Get coached through Zoom meetings - It's like getting coached in person onsite, just that its done through webcams.
Thorough coaching, training, counselling, consultation for your fitness goals (Any fitness goals: Functional fitness, shaping up, specific performance of any level).
Pricings start from around SGD$45 (Payment usually done via bank transfer or PayPal). Single individual sessions and packages available.
Contact Glen to chat/arrange/get quote - Contact Glen today - Set up a free Zoom video meeting with Glen to chat (No worries, there will be no hardselling and no pressure).
​Personalized training / workout and diet & nutrition plans / consultation:
Simple, convenient, flexible and quick way to get coaching.
For the self motivated and committed who just needs proper guidance for your training / diet. Remove your guess-work by getting guided with the right knowledge from a professional. For any fitness goals (Functional fitness and shaping up, for specific performance of any level).
Coach Glen's personalized training & diet/nutrition plans:
Comprehensive and highly personalized training and diet/nutrition plans, containing detailed explanations of your overall plans, with clear instructions of executing those plans. Videos/illustrations provided in those plans, where necessary. It's easy - just read and follow the plans to learn and get results. If you need any help understanding the plans, we're just an email away - Email replies come fast; within the next working day. 
A thorough pre-service conversation is conducted to establish a solid mutual understanding before moving forward with the purchase.
The pros: Personalized plans are significantly more wallet friendly than the latter. If you have busy/erratic schedule and you prefer to train/diet flexibly at your own time. (You have the discipline and you just need to be equipped with the right knowledge), then the personalized plans will be money very well spent for you to achieve your fitness goals, and learn how to train/diet on your own.
The cons: With the plans, the coach isn't there in person to coach you, hence there will be some limitations in those aspects. If you lack discipline, then the plans will generally be limiting for you, since the plans are mainly about providing you with all the right knowledge and you'll need the discipline to follow everything on your own.
Why Glen's personalized training and diet/nutrition plans:
Choose Glen's personalized training and nutrition plans for a highly tailored and effective approach to reaching your fitness goals at a cost-effective price. As a seasoned professional in fitness training, strength and conditioning, and nutrition, Glen combines science-based knowledge with practical experience. His expertise lies in crafting highly personalized plans for both athletes seeking very high levels of performance, and individuals seeking overall general functional fitness improvement. Unlike online resources and AI, Glen, as a human professional, possesses the ability to comprehend your unique and intricate needs, offering an ultra-personalized program that maximizes effectiveness—a level of customization beyond what generic online content and artificial intelligence can provide.
1 month standard written plan product: SGD$75
3 months standard written plan product: SGD$155
6 months standard written plan product: SGD$235
*Prices shown are approximation and vary according to your specific needs (Because everyone's goals and needs are different) - Contact Glen to get quotes on specific prices. (Payment usually done via bank transfer or PayPal).
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SAMPLES of written plans. (For illustration purposes only. Actual product may differ slightly. Speak to Coach Glen for any queries).

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