Online Fitness Quick Consultation Service

The fastest and most convenient access to personalized consultation from a professional expert, no matter where you are in the world. From Fitness Coach Glen Poh, a professional based in Singapore – he warmly invites you to benefit from this service of his, to address any of your fitness and nutrition-related questions.

Why choose this service? – Very quick, convenient and easy one time purchase and delivery | By a highly experienced expert with many years of experience in functional fitness, strength & conditioning and nutrition for health, function and performance | Established professional service based in Singapore | Easy and secure one time purchase done through Stripe or direct bank transfer *if you’re from Singapore | Affordable and best value in the global market.

Get Glen’s quick and easy online coaching (consultation):
Ask any training, diet, or nutrition inquiry (For anyone; sedentary, active or athletes of any level and background) with goals of; Functional fitness, shaping up, as well as for specific fitness & athletic performance; and Coach Glen will furnish you with a comprehensive response spanning 400 to 500 words, starting from SGD$19 (Payment usually done via Bank transfer or Stripe). Receive a professional detailed response to your question from Glen, within 2 working days.‚Äč
Why opt for this service over relying on AI or online resources? – Mainly because you’ll be able to receive detailed, finely tailored professional insights from a human expert who adeptly grasps the intricacies and nuances of your specific needs. A human coach possesses the acumen to read between the lines, offering personalized advice that goes beyond generic solutions.
Email or WhatsApp your question directly to Glen to get started (Get started with a free discovery chat first). No pressure and hardselling – don’t worry. Let’s get started! There’s nothing for you to lose – you’re getting a free chat and we’re here to help!