Natural Fitness Training

Fitness training by natural movements, such as lifting, climbing, jumping, balancing, and so on. This method of fitness training is known as “Movnat” or “Methode Naturelle”. Coach Glen have been practicing Methode Naturelle shortly after his start of his Parkour journey, which was all the way back in 2006. Many have forgotten what it is like or what is the original meaning for humans to work out for health and fitness.. and many got lost in the fads and trends of being overly reliant on just using machines or special fad exercise equipment, believing that, those are the only best means of getting fit, etc. Our human bodies are meant to move naturally. And if we give ourselves that, we do a lot for our health and fitness. All these can be scaled from things that are extremely easy, to the extremely difficult, and this method of working out and training, is definitely suitable for anyone of any age, etc. This is the root of fitness training. Coach Glen uses this natural method of fitness training and improvise exercises for his clients with various fitness goals, to varying extents, depending on their goals.. because this usually helps them a lot for the overall health, fitness and well being. Reach out to Coach Glen today for fitness coaching: Onsite in Singapore with PT, or Online coaching.