Learn to grow your own food (plant-based foods)

Many people are used to just grabbing their food from stores and eateries. But, let’s take a moment to think about it: food ultimately comes from animals and plants, whether they’re hunted, gathered, farmed, or grown. If you’re not in those professional fields or don’t live those particular lifestyles, you might not know much about getting your own food — be it from hunting, gathering, or growing them. Some of us might not even know where to start. If you like the idea of being able to get your own food, growing your own can be a valuable skill. Knowing how to grow your own food might come in handy during emergencies or if you want to live a lifestyle where you grow your own food to eat. Learning and practicing it can also just be a fun hobby. So why not learn from us? We’ll teach you how to grow your own food in any part of the world!

How we teach and what we can teach:
Many “Grow Your Own Food” lessons and courses out there, tend to be overly specific, focusing on narrow localities and rigid growing conditions. They often rely solely on just rote learning – memorizing narrow facts and replicating narrow methods. The issue with this approach is that individuals seeking to be practically self-sufficient in growing all types of food across diverse conditions and environments might face challenges – They may lack deeper knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and broader concepts of growing food for their own practical reasons.
Our lessons solve that problem – apart from teaching broader and diverse knowledge of growing food, we teach individuals to understand the underlying principles and concepts of growing food and how they can analyze, think, and problem solve to grow all types of food under various conditions and environments around the world.

Lessons where and when:
Lessons are private. Depending on what your goals are – the location may require you and the instructor to travel to selected places (your own home, park, garden, farm, etc) locally in Singapore to conduct the lessons. You can generally choose the date and time you want – We align the schedules of both you and the instructor. Besides onsite learning, we also have the option of learning online via “Zoom” meetings or WhatsApp video calls – Think of them more as theory learning and/or with hands on learning where necessary – This online learning option can be a more convenient (albeit) logistically limiting option than the onsite learning option, that can be considered and applied where necessary. One-off/Adhoc consultation session also available – let’s have a chat to see how we can help.

How much:
As the lesson(s) are private and personalized – we will have to quote prices based on your unique case. Let’s engage in a 2-way conversation, so that we can provide you with the quote of prices and details.

Start today! – Contact us, have a chat with us, and let’s come up with a solution for you. Further detailed explanations and demos of how the lessons are like will be provided where necessary.