How we work and reasons to choose us

Top reasons to choose us:

1. We bring over a decade of professional experience, delivering consistently high-quality results.

2. Our training/lessons are always rooted in thorough and rigorous logical frameworks and scientific principles (We prioritize practicing staying true to these values to the max, unlike many others who get tempted to compromise for more sales to profiteer – aka; selling out). Glen’s expertise stems from many years of experience, not only through formal education but also through learning from experts worldwide and intensive self directed learning – He constantly does self learning and problem-solving, often going beyond conventional approaches to enhance existing systems, as well as creating novel ones. His credentials are also evident in the successful track records with numerous people he has worked with. In our team; our core members, are all multiskilled – together, we collaborate with other global field specialists & experts to solve problems together – to deliver top-notch lessons/training that are focused on learning speed, depth, and authenticity (avoiding gimmicks and unnecessary fluff) to our clients. While we may not excel in certain flashy physical skills (such as for eg; being able to swim super long distances, jump over 3m), our priority lies in cultivating the broadest, deepest knowledge and understanding in our fields, and helping people learn skills in the best way possible – that’s the true essence and purpose of being a good coach/teacher anyway (the best coaches/teachers do these best and not necessarily needing to be capable of those flashy physical skills themselves). We take pride in our expertise, embracing our nerdy passion for deep/broad knowledge and understanding. Our goal is to deliver the fastest and most profound learning experiences, firmly rooted in science.

3. We provide exceptional value, helping you save money in the long run. As a socially-conscious enterprise, we’re driven by a genuine desire to make the world a better place. (You may be wondering: “Then how do you guys sustain your business?”) – Rather than relying on retaining clients for as long as possible (as what a lot of businesses in our industry typically do), instead, we sustain our business through referrals from genuinely happy clients that have genuinely received the best value and results possible. Doing all these also helps foster a learning/training/teaching/working environment that is most pleasant for all, maximizing cooperation and productivity. Our true satisfaction comes from helping people and ensuring the most positive, pleasant and productive environment possible – these matter more to us, than earning as much money as possible and having to perpetuate and normalize harmful practices in the process. We prioritize the quality of ethics/effectiveness/fullness/efficiency of our training/lessons, over profit. We are committed to making a positive, holistic impact to people. Unlike many who prioritize profit, we are dedicated to meaningful work, valuing utmost authentic, holistic and strongest progress and to help contribute to a better world for everyone.

4. We work very efficiently, scrupulously and are always on the ball, ensuring that you constantly get reliable systematic service all the time. We are very autonomous in our work – we handle a lot of the heavy lifting in administration, freeing you from extra effort (for example: when getting to somewhere [unless for eg; it’s within your own private place with restricted access to maps, directions and entries], you don’t have to guide us – we will know how to get there completely on our own. *We are much better in this sort of thing, than others). Our work quality in these areas is exceptional in the market.

5. Our work environment hinges on deep collaboration, with mutual respect, amiability, and thoughtful reasoning, with our clients at all times. As we provide highly personalized services aimed at delivering top-notch results, we emphasize these values. You can expect an experience with us that is utmost pleasant, productive, and efficient!