Gym Personal Trainer Singapore

Get a Personal Trainer to guide you at the gym, and make sure you’re doing things right to reach your fitness goals effectively. There are many standardized and common equipment in the gym, and learning how train with these equipment will be very helpful for you to be independent in training fitness on your own. With many gyms islandwide around Singapore, training at the gym is very convenient.

For anyone with the following goals:
– Improve general fitness and shape up.
– Improve specific fitness performance (run longer, jump higher, carry your own bodyweight with better ease, better flexibility, better lifting strength, and more).
– Learn specific Olympic barbell lifts; Powerlifts (Bench press, deadlift, squat), Olympic clean & jerk and snatch and other Olympic style lifts.

Standard gym equipment like; dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, cable machines, benches, treadmill – are typically found in most standard gyms. Let us guide you on how you can train with these common equipment found in standard gyms around the world.

Gym PT will be very useful for you if:
– You want to take charge of your own fitness and change your life, and you need to learn how you can train and control your nutrition sustainably, so as to improve your fitness and well being through application of sound knowledge and understanding; And this will ultimately save you time, money and trouble, for the rest of your life!
– You have certain health conditions or you have a unique profile and case, hence a high degree of personalization for your training is needed and professional guidance is more so important.
– You have to prepare for an important upcoming event.

Why take our Gym PT?

Most Gym PT elsewhere:Our home PT:
Trainer spends a lot of unnecessary, inefficient and time-wasting, training, gimmicks and exercises on equipment that are uncommon and may not be found in a lot of other gyms and hence making it impractical and unsustainable over the long run because you get dependent on needing those special pieces of equipment, and spends too much time on exercises on machines that can easily be learned by reading the instructions label on the machine (for eg).We use a minimalistic, utmost logic-driven approach to everything – We focus on guiding and teaching you what’s necessary and practical (for eg; teaching how to execute many various barbell lifts correctly).
Trainer not as knowledgeable in complex barbell lifts and strength & conditioning in general, to build serious strength.Our coach is extensively formally educated in strength and conditioning, and have underwent training for olympic lifting and powerlifting with top local experts in those fields.
Most trainers are not that well-versed in nutrition, and they provide very vague nutritional guidance, while heavily focusing on physical workouts. (Even though in most fitness goals, nutrition is a very important aspect).Our coach is exceptional well-versed in nutrition, having completed formal education extensively in nutrition.
Typically costs $80-$120 per hour session.Costs $50 to $80 per hour session (We charge lower because we believe in prices that make sense. We are against profiteering). And we want to bridge the gaps with more people who will benefit from learning how they can train and control their nutrition on their own.
Training feels like it gets dragged on unnecessarily long, and feels like you’re getting dependent on trainer.We always aim to get you independent in your own training and diet, as soon as possible. We want to make sure that our trainees learn how to train and diet on their own. Hence, we want our trainees to not take too many sessions with us and want them to be on their way to train on their own once they’ve learned what they need from us. Unless of course, you like us to keep training you and pushing you!

What to expect:
> Depending your needs and goals, we offer anywhere from a single one-off session, 4 sessions, or 8 sessions. Sessions can be scheduled once, twice, thrice per week, almost everyday, everyday, or even once every 2 weeks – We will advise you on what’s the best frequency based on your goals, and what you can do on your own in between our sessions (if needed). If you’re offered a 4 sessions or 8 sessions package, you can choose to renew the package after every completion.
> For a lot of cases, usually, you’d be spending around $250 to $450 per month, for a few months only. If you decide to take for longer term (a year or longer), the price will usually go down to around $190 to $370 per month only. If you have time and budget constraints, and wish to do more learning from us, so that you can discipline yourself to do everything on your own, let us know, and we can come up with the best one-off/short-term arrangement for you with the best prices to suit your needs. *Do note that the prices listed here are approximations (estimates) – Contact us for the specific quote – As everyone is a different case – We need to properly speak to you to find out more about your needs and goals before we can provide you with the specific offer and quotation.
> Click here to view expectations of PT before taking service, to maximize the benefits obtained.

Gyms available: ActiveSG gyms and GymPods islandwide. Or if you know of a gym we can use, let us know!

Meet Glen, your main Personal Trainer/Coach – Coaching many individuals since 2010, helping them reach their fitness goals and helped them learn how to train and diet on their own.

Reach out to us now and start finding out more on what it takes to reach your fitness goals. We do not pressure or hardsell – The chat is just a sincere conversation to get to know each other better, give you free sincere advice on what you should do to best reach your fitness goals. Quotation of prices are typically given ASAP latest within 30 minutes from the conversation.

Testimonials from satisfied clients:

“Glen is a great personal trainer.  He was very knowledgeable about the body,  how to attain a very good level of fitness as well as providing insights and advice on looking after your health. He has a structured approach and takes time to listen to your goals and tailors his approach / your work plan accordingly. Working with Glen gave me the ability to go from doing zero gym / fitness work to competing in various competitions (Commando Challenge, Urbanathlon, Puma night run) in under a year. I was also able to add 10 kg in muscle mass. I have no hesitation in recommending Glen and wish you to enjoy the same results that I have!”
> Raja, Citibank, UK.

“I trained with Glen powerlifting and handstand. Glen is a patient, very supportive and kind-natured person. He teaches step-by-step to help his learners understand clearly on what can be done properly to perform well in specific exercise. He ensures his learners are able to learn the skills in a safe and comfortable style. I will engage Glen for more trainings in the future.”
> Muralidharan, 38 years old, Social-worker.

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