Frequently Asked Questions

Qn: How do I book classes/courses/sessions with you guys?
Ans: Simply contact Glen to arrange directly.

Qn: What if it rains or there’s just bad weather right before the training starts or during the training?
Ans: To answer this question effectively, let’s separate it into 2 parts:
First is for swimming lessons, and the other is for other outdoor type sessions.

1. ​Swimming lessons (Applies to packages):
More than 2 hours before the start of the lesson – We will monitor the weather forecast and will advise you if necessary, so that you can choose whether to carry on the lesson or not (Our coaches are normally okay to carry on the lesson under the rain unless there’s a real significant safety risk). If the pool that we’re using has strict closing rules on bad weather (eg; Sports complex pools), we will cancel the lesson due to the risk of pool closure in order to avoid a wasted trip. During this time, you reserve the full right to make changes to the lesson without forfeiture, so if you decide that the weather might affect your lesson later, please reschedule/change your lesson immediately by sending us a message.
2 hours prior to the start of the lesson, to the start of the lesson – If bad weather suddenly occurs, we may immediately cancel the lesson and waive forfeiture (in accordance to terms and conditions), if we’re using a pool with closing rules on bad weather. Alternatively, you can also choose to do a theory-based lesson if you’re okay with it. If not if it’s at other pools, we will still carry on the lesson one way or another (theory or practical, etc), as changes will not be allowed at this point due to our booking policy. If the trainee, however, still wish to call off the session due to the weather, then we will try our best to waive off forfeiture but this will be under our full discretion depending on the case. We will of course, try to avoid this by monitoring the weather forecast as much in advance beforehand. During this time, if bad weather occurs and you made up your mind to cancel/make changes to your lesson, let us know immediately via SMS, and we will accommodate and do our best to waive forfeiture.
During the lesson itself (in a pool with bad weather closing rules) – If bad weather suddenly occur, the pool management will deny usage of the pool, so at that point, we can either carry on the lesson in theory for the remaining part, or call it a day and resume the lesson on the subsequent session(s) of the package, and we will strive to push the unused time to be used on the subsequent remaining session(s) of the package, without extending the number of sessions within the package. If the lesson is conducted in a pool without these rules (eg; most condo pools), then it will be up to the trainee to decide if he/she wishes to carry on the lesson or not. We as the coaches, are usually okay to carry on the lesson under rain unless there is a significant safety risk. If the trainee decides to stop the lesson, we may exercise our right to enforce the forfeit policy and forfeit the lesson – This will depend on the situation.
2. Other outdoor type sessions:
At any point of time if bad weather occurs, the training will, carry on in a sheltered area nearby within short walking distance / be adjusted accordingly, when necessary, to ensure the safety of the trainee(s) while keeping the training as productive as possible.

All in all, as much as possible, we do recommend to carry on the training, unless there’s lightning risk or another risk which may cause health problems (eg; haze), in which this will pose danger to everyone. The reason we recommend to carry on the training, is so that consistency of overall training is kept in order to keep on the best learning/progression curve for optimal results. This helps you become better well-trained, and its generally safe to train in the rain if training sensibly, hence why we recommend to continue training in the rain. However, you can choose to not do the training in the rain if you please (Note: this completely does not apply to wilderness training as that will completely defeat the purpose of wilderness training). All related terms and conditions apply.

Question: I’ve sent my message quite some time ago, but haven’t received a reply.
Answer: We are professional and take our responding to texts/calls, seriously, and are very meticulous in this. If you still do not receive a response, please check to see if we are temporarily closed for breaks (Ample notices are always provided and displayed on our website and facebook page). If we are closed, we will get back to you as soon as we re-open. If we are not closed and you still haven’t receive a response, please check our facebook page for important updates regarding any issues with our hotline as our phone may be facing temporary technical difficulties. Again, be rest assured that it is extremely rare for this to happen as modern phone rarely breaks down and on top of that, we always work meticulously to ensure that we rightfully respond to your messages and that our phone is in working order.

Qn: Who is the coach/trainer to take me?
Ans: Usually Glen. Occasionally, Glen may assign any of his relief trainers/coaches to your training sessions, whenever he is unavailable, as part of our service. (Notice will be provided to you beforehand). Certain training/lessons may require another leading coach to take you altogether, if Glen is unavailable, or if there’s a certain niche skillset that another coach specializes more in.

Qn: Will the training conducted by the relief coaches/trainers be different?
Ans: It will be similar. We work closely as a team and we strive to standardize our training, because we either share the same training methodologies, or the trainers’/coaches’ training are led by Glen – Hence why we are called “Training by Glen”. We always keep each other updated on the progress and things to note of you, and we follow the same ultimate training program that is catered for you. So you don’t have to worry about the training being different. The training will always be standardized unless you have any special request. If you find that the training is different and don’t find the flow in your training, please do not hesitate to inform Glen and his team and we will definitely look into the matter and do our best to resolve the issue. If despite all these – you really don’t want the relief/assistant trainer/coach to take over every now and then and strictly only prefer to stick to one trainer only, and you do not mind the limited schedule availability from the result of this, let us know and we can arrange that for you, no worries.