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Train sustainably, independently, naturally & scientifically | Minimalistic; In and with as little as possible.
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Helping you with mainly 3 goals (Click on any of the following 3 pictures below for more info):

Shape up:Muscle gain
Fat loss
Muscle gain & Fat loss / Shapelier body
Better fitness:Overall fitness for health and well-being
Stronger body, injury prevention, etc
Better mobility and fitness
Better performance:Specific improvement in specific areas of athletic performance for sports, activities, etc
Pass your National Service IPPT, get Gold/Silver, pass your fitness test, etc
Preparing for an upcoming event, activity, etc.
Attaining elusive fitness/athletic skills/feats, etc.
Others:Any other fitness related goals

Personal Fitness Training from Coach Glen / Training by Glen:

We help individuals become fitter, healthier, function/perform better, so that they can improve their quality of life. We do this by training them and also teaching them how they can do it on their own, in ways that are most practical, adaptable and sustainable. We want to provide the best convenience and personalization possible that will foster the best progression and learning benefits. We believe in providing great value that will last them a lifetime. This would mean that our training will involve using as little as possible (such as exercise equipment, etc.. or worldwide standardized equipment, etc), utilizing common outdoor spaces in both urban and nature, so that our learners/trainees will be equipped with valuable knowledge on how they can train without having to be dependent on certain places/equipment, etc. Our prices being lower and value provided – higher, may upset our competitors.. because we have a pro-social vision to set the standard and value for PT, so that both consumers and the industry will benefit in the grand scheme of things – that being said, our PT also works on the strong belief of following a rational and mutual-respectful-amicable working-relationship approach, to foster a conducive atmosphere for the best overall benefits to actualize. Read more on our cause here on our “About” page.

  • Science based: You will be coached based on science to the best of up to date knowledge. Not from pseudoscience, not from ineffective, unsustainable and unscientific fads.
  • High level of professional experience: Highly trained expert, with many years professional training and work experience. In-depth coaching of physical/mental/nutritional training. Coaching are all encompassing, which covers everything you need to reach your fitness goals and learn what you need for your goals, as Coach Glen, have extensive knowledge in nutrition, training psychology, etc.
  • Comprehensive learning value: Training is finely tailored to suit your needs, and you get to learn a lot during the training sessions, so that eventually you become self sufficient in your training.
  • Train at virtually any corner of Singapore with wide range of date/time availabilities: As long as the place is practically accessible, you pick whatever place you please (note; dependent on fitness goals). It can be at a top of a public roof garden, public fitness corner, gym, house, condo, and yes even the unconventional places such as at the side of an empty road, inside a factory, in an office, in the forest, etc – if you’re open to any creative ideas on places to train at! Wide range of date and time availability to pick from, ranging from morning to afternoon to night, weekdays, weekends, and all public holidays. Don’t get stuck with a coach who is only limited to mondays to saturdays and weekday evenings or mornings, and limited locations, etc.
  • Versatile type training: Glen’s training for you is meant to teach/guide you on how you can adapt to your environments and situations to train and work towards your goals using whatever you’ve got. So you don’t have to worry and trouble yourself with getting to certain places or getting certain equipment, as there’s virtually always free alternative solutions to those problems. This way, working towards your goals and keeping them will be most practical and sustainable for you in the long run.
  • Natural fitness: Glen trains people to shape up their physique aesthetically, improve fitness, and athletic/functional performance – but the bottomline is that no matter what the fitness goals are, Glen always advocate the importance of natural fitness, and natural fitness forms the foundation of your training to certain extents (regardless of your goals). This way you can avoid injuries and progressive dysfunction from imbalances, etc, and progress healthily and effectively towards whatever fitness goals you have.
  • Strong background in powerlifting, calisthenics, athletic lifting, and natural movements: Methodologies in powerlifting, calisthenics, athletic lifting and natural movements (methode naturelle a.k.a movnat) – Glen was already very proficient in these methodologies long before they became more well known locally (mostly) and globally. Glen being exceptionally proficient in these areas, will help a lot with coaching you on certain things, on certain fitness goals you have.
  • Affordable and cost effective rates: We want personal training/coaching to be more accessible to the good people who really needs PT without getting limited by their budgets. Glen’s PT usually depends on being adaptable to training with whatever you’ve got whenever possible – hence costs are cut which helps lower rates possible. And lastly, we say no to overpricing.

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Who are suitable and best suited for Training by Glen's PT:
Generally anyone! (we believe in a highly inclusive approach) - however, the only requirements we have from you (because only then the PT will work properly) are that: You must be open and willing to be taught and coached properly, and take a rational approach when receiving the coaching from Glen. That means; you're willing to consciously make the effort to steer away from fallacies, and willingness to work closely and amicably together to help you achieve your goals. This way, only then will you be able to properly benefit from the training. Glen is a highly trained and experienced professional (see profile here) so rest assured that you've got the right professional to know what to do for you. That's it! Know that taking Glen's PT - there's no selling out. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to a logical and scientific approach.. we refuse to compromise on the quality and integrity of our coaching. So for eg; if we are asked to train a client in a way that is caving into biased unscientific beliefs for the promise of client paying for more - then unfortunately, we will reject coaching said client without hesitation - because that will actually do more harm for them and for everyone else in the grand scheme of things. This will spoil and harm a lot of things for everyone (both the consumer experience and industry standard for professional coaches). We do this because we are sincere in making sure that coaching services in the market stays ethical and of high quality as possible that will produce the best benefits, based on science and actual progress, and combat against profiteering and unethical coaching practices. Read here to know more about our overall cause.
So if you're willing to adopt the mentality to be open, rational and amicable - so that the coaching-training relationship can function properly, we will be able to best assist you to achieve your goals most effectively, in and with as little as possible, and in the most sustainable way - This way we can have a coaching relationship that flourishes and maximizes all benefits!
Rates (For Standard Personal Training):
(Each session = Typically 1 hour duration).
Starting from $57 per session for 1 person.
Starting from $78 per session for 2 person.
Spendings from a single person; Can range from around $113 to $450 per month.
Spendings from 2 persons; Can range from around $158 to $630 per month.
*Note: The rates above are to give you an idea of how much it will roughly cost. We give estimates, because every individual is different with different needs and goals, so there's no "one-price-fits-all".. but at the same time, we understand that potential clients would want to roughly know what kind of prices to expect. Speak to Glen today, and tell him your needs and goals, and we will come up with the best arrangements for you that best suits you, with the best prices offered to you. Don't worry, we always offer the best prices and we are impartial on our prices for everyone - we only charge (be it more or less) solely on the basis of work loads and requirements. Talk to us freely, without obligations or pressure (we don't hardsell, no worries). Single sessions and packages available. Everything depends on your goals and needs. Chat with Glen to find out more!
Rates (For Economical Just Fitness Only Training):
Starting from $40 per session for 1 person.
Starting from $60 per session for 2 person.
Spendings from a single person; Can range from around $80 to $320 per month.
Spendings from 2 persons; Can range from around $120 to $420 per month.
*Same as above, the prices are estimates and for the same reasons. Chat with Glen today to find out more!

What to expect from Coach Glen’s PT:
1] Have a chat with Glen to find out more about what is actually best for you for your training/diet/nutrition, based on science. There will be no hardselling, and no pressure. The goal here is just to help you understand better (on the broadest view) on what you can do to best achieve your goals – This way, you’ll properly/decently know/understand what to expect and what it takes to reach your goals most effectively.
2] Once the general idea of what to do for your training/diet to reach your fitness goals most effectively, have been laid out for you – You can decide what you’d like to do – if you’re interested to take up PT with Glen, Glen will lay out some options for sessions/packages for you to best suit you – You can choose between something very short term, long term, or one-off (No matter which you choose, Coach Glen can come up with something for you to suit your needs and budget). Once you’ve decided, at this stage, both you and Coach Glen, should have all expectations aligned and ready to start. If there’s a mismatch, unfortunately, PT will not be able to proceed as this will cause a lot of problems down the road – In that case, do not worry, we can still refer you to other options that suit you better.
3] On starting the training – short term (4 sessions only) or long term contract (8 sessions only), is signed beforehand (if taking any package). Or you can take one-off single sessions. Payment is always paid upfront. Once signed/paid for service, training starts accordingly.. Follow the training wholeheartedly!


“I have been training with Glen since November 2012. Throughout this time, Glen has proven himself to be the most consistent, dedicated and passionate professional I have ever known.
Glen always structures our sessions meticulously and methodically. He is happy to explain any questions on fitness I might have and shows genuine interest in my physical fitness and wellbeing. Glen will push you to your physical limit without being aggressive or over-zealous. He is always encouraging and personally demonstrates all the exercises he requires.  Glen is also skilled in many areas of fitness: endurance, strength, gym equipment, swimming, just to name a few. Glen is always adaptable and takes it upon himself to perfect his methods.
In the period I have trained with Glen, my fitness has noticeably improved. From an over-weight person who pants while walking, I have lost a significant amount of weight and could perform daily functions without physical exhaustion. I trust that with further training with Glen, I would only see greater results to come. 
Glen does not only believe in physical exercise for shape and body itself, but would actively encourage and design his programme to assimilate into your lifestyle, and make fitness part of you. I could think of no one better than Glen to help you make a change in your lifestyle and fitness. I would strongly recommend him to everyone.”
Personal Fitness Training: Xiao Han, Law student, Singapore.

“Glen is a great personal trainer.  He was very knowledgeable about the body,  how to attain a very good level of fitness as well as providing insights and advice on looking after your health. He has a structured approach and takes time to listen to your goals and tailors his approach / your work plan accordingly. Working with Glen gave me the ability to go from doing zero gym / fitness work to competing in various competitions (Commando Challenge, Urbanathlon, Puma night run) in under a year. I was also able to add 10 kg in muscle mass. I have no hesitation in recommending Glen and wish you to enjoy the same results that I have!”
Personal Fitness Training: Raja, Citibank, UK.

“Empathetic coaches. Good scheduling. Thanks a lot for all those pleasant sessions, I made good improvements and got knowledge, I’ll keep working out :)”
Personal Fitness Training: Schneiber Gerald, Desigual, French expat.

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