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Train sustainably, independently, naturally & scientifically | Minimalistic; In and with as little as possible.
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Our goal to you is to get you to easily understand how to train and diet all on your own, practically and sustainably, for whatever fitness goals you have – So that you’ll save time, money and trouble, for the rest of your life!

Click on any of the following: Personal Training at Home (At your condo, house, hotel, office) | Personal Training at a public gym | Personal Training Outdoors | Short course for Lifting Athletics & Freeform Lifting (Strongman/Olympic-weightlifting/Powerlifting/MovNat-lifting) | One-off/Adhoc Consultation anywhere (Coach goes to your preferred location to provide you with personalized consultation you need; Great for anyone just needing very short specific help and wants to do everything on their own as much as possible; Have a chat with us to be furnished with more info) – Contact us now!

Shape up (A body that can
perform as good as it it looks):
Muscle gain with functional strength
Fat loss with functional fitness
Muscle gain & Fat loss / Shapelier body with functional fitness
Just better functional fitness:Overall fitness for health and well-being
Stronger body, injury prevention, etc
Better mobility and fitness
Better performance:Specific improvement in specific areas of athletic performance for sports, activities, etc
Pass your fitness test (For eg; National Service IPPT test, etc)
Preparing for an upcoming event, activity, etc.
Attaining elusive fitness/athletic skills/feats, etc.
Others:Any other fitness related goals

Personal Fitness Training from Coach Glen (Click to view profile) / Training by Glen:

  • Science based: You will be coached based on science to the best of up to date knowledge. Not from pseudoscience, not from ineffective, unsustainable and unscientific fads.
  • High level of professional experience: Highly trained expert, with many years professional training and work experience. In-depth coaching of physical/mental/nutritional training. Coaching are all encompassing, which covers everything you need to reach your fitness goals and learn what you need for your goals, as Coach Glen, have extensive knowledge in nutrition, training psychology, etc.
  • Comprehensive learning value: Our training is intricately crafted to align with your specific needs, fostering a wealth of knowledge during each session. This approach ensures that you not only attain self-sufficiency in your training but also surpass the limitations of passive learning through reading, AI reliance, or video watching. Engage with a genuine human professional coach (Coach Glen), of unparalleled expertise and exceptional teaching abilities, providing a learning experience unlike any other. We believe in providing great value to our clients that will last them a lifetime.
  • Train at virtually any corner of Singapore with wide range of date/time availabilities: Whether it’s a public rooftop garden, fitness corner, gym, home, condo, or unconventional spots like the side of an empty road, a factory, an office, or even in the forest—your choice! Our wide array of date and time options accommodates mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekdays, weekends, and public holidays. Say goodbye to restrictions—no more settling for coaches confined to specific days or locations. Embrace the freedom to explore creative training spaces with us!
  • Versatile and adaptable type training: As we help individuals become fitter, healthier, function/perform better, so that they can improve their quality of life; We do this by training them and also teaching them how they can do it on their own, in ways that are most practical, adaptable and sustainable – Glen’s training for you is meant to teach/educate/guide you on how you can adapt to your environments and situations to train and work towards whatever personal goals you have, using whatever you’ve got. So you don’t have to worry and trouble yourself with getting to certain places or getting certain equipment and get constrained by limitation, as there’s virtually always free alternative solutions to those problems. This way, working towards your goals and keeping them will be most practical and sustainable for you in the long run.
  • Natural fitness: Glen trains people to shape up their physique aesthetically, improve fitness, and athletic/functional performance – but the bottomline is that no matter what the fitness goals are, Glen always advocate the importance of natural fitness, and natural fitness forms the foundation of your training to certain extents (regardless of your goals). This way you can avoid injuries and progressive dysfunction from imbalances, etc, and progress healthily and effectively towards whatever fitness goals you have. What is the ultimate benefit of taking Glen’s PT (regardless of your PT goals)? – On top of your goals: Utmost health, functionality and performance (and so that you can sustain/get the most out of your fitness goals for the longest time.
  • Strong background in powerlifting, calisthenics, athletic lifting, and natural movements: Methodologies in powerlifting, calisthenics, athletic lifting and natural movements (methode naturelle a.k.a movnat) – Glen was already very proficient in these methodologies long before they became more well known locally (mostly) and globally. Glen being exceptionally proficient in these areas, will help a lot with coaching you on certain things, on certain fitness goals you have.. – All these will help in boosting your results. (For eg; if your goal is to build overall functional lifting strength – Glen’s diverse in depth knowledge in the techniques of these sports/methodologies, etc, can help you dive deeper into building up your strength to a far greater level, than with a coach who only have general knowledge in conventional weight training exercises).
  • Affordable and cost effective rates: We want personal training/coaching to be more accessible to the good people who really needs PT without getting limited by their budgets. Glen’s PT usually depends on being adaptable to training with whatever you’ve got whenever possible – hence costs are cut which helps lower rates possible. And lastly, we say no to overpricing. We are about helping to educate as many people as possible, on how they can train fitness for function and performance on their own, in and with as little as possible. Our prices being lower and value provided – higher, may upset our competitors.. because we have a pro-social vision to set the standard and value for PT, so that both consumers and the industry will benefit in the grand scheme of things – that being said, our PT also works on the strong belief of following a rational and mutual-respectful-amicable working-relationship approach, to foster a conducive atmosphere for the best overall benefits to actualize. Read more on our cause here on our “About” page.

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What to expect from Coach Glen’s PT (Our transparency to you, so you roughly know what to expect):

1] Chat with Glen to better understand what it takes to achieve your goals. Don’t worry we won’t pressure or hard sell. Our PT & coaching service emphasizes in being as collaborative as possible (which we strongly believe is one of the most crucial aspects for the success of this kind of service), hence; proper and healthy 2-way communication (in which both are receptive and reasonable in understanding each other) is highly important. Engage in a meaningful conversation with Glen to share insights about yourself, your needs, and objectives, allowing us to offer accurate guidance. Together, we’ll explore options, offering a clear understanding of your fitness journey. We’ll advise options ranging from free to low-cost to more comprehensive training at varying budgets and frequency of training with us, etc. Prices quotations will be promptly provided within 30 minutes after our conversation.

2] Once the options for your training and diet have been laid out for you, feel free to choose what you think is best (we won’t take it to heart if you decide not to go through any paid training with us and just want to take our free advice and attempt things on your own)! If you do decide to engage Glen’s expertise, he will then present you with more specific info; on the range of session/package options tailored to your preferences. Whether you opt for a short-term commitment, a long-term arrangement, or a one-off session, Coach Glen can customize a plan to fit both your needs and budget. At this stage, ensuring mutual expectations align is crucial for a smooth collaboration. We’ll engage in a deeper (and concise) conversation to confirm compatibility, and if there’s a mismatch, don’t worry – we can suggest alternative options better suited to your requirements.

3] Upon deciding to commence training, whether opting for a short-term (4 sessions) or long-term (8 sessions) contract, if choosing a package, the agreement is signed in advance. Alternatively, you can opt for one-off single sessions. Please note that payment is always settled upfront (following standard industry practice). Following after, the training starts. The goal is to empower you to be self-sufficient in your training as quickly as possible. Should you find joy in Glen’s PT and decide to commit long-term, attractive pricing options are available, with better rates offered!

Contact Glen today to get started! (And chat about your goals and training). Personal Training at Home (At your condo, house, hotel, office) | Personal Training at a public gym | Personal Training Outdoors | Short course for Lifting Athletics & Freeform Lifting (Strongman/Olympic-weightlifting/Powerlifting/MovNat-lifting) | One-off/Adhoc Consultation anywhere (Coach goes to your preferred location to provide you with personalized consultation you need; Great for anyone just needing very short specific help and wants to do everything on their own as much as possible; Have a chat with us to be furnished with more info)