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Shape Up / Personal Fitness Training / Strength & Conditioning
“Wholesome value-packed science-based PT”
At your preferred location and schedule around Singapore.
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Improve fitness / Shape up (Build muscle, lose fat):​
With many years of experience working with individuals with such goals, Glen’s PT will get you covered. Glen uses a complete holistic approach base on science, so as to ensure good foundation, followed by branching out to specifics. Everything finely tailored to best suit your needs. This ultimately gives you the most effective, fastest and safest results.
Strength & Conditioning:
Glen specializes in strength & conditioning. Strength & conditioning can benefit athletes and non-athletes/laypeople alike. Improve strength, endurance, power, speed, agility, etc. It can be for personal reasons, to improve function of certain areas, to improve your sports/athletic performance, to improve lifting strength, to improve specific endurance, to improve bodyweight strength, etc. Jump higher? Get more pull ups or push ups? Increase your deadlift, get better run timing, or maybe you want to get that one arm pull up? You are covered. These are just some of the many examples. Glen zeros in on the root of the problems and work his way up to get you to achieve your goals the best way possible.
You choose your preferred place and schedule:
Anytime from morning to night, any day regardless of weekend or public holiday. Any place – Your house, condo, neighborhood parks, public sports complex, fitness corners, gyms, etc.

Things to know about Personal Fitness Training from Coach Glen / Training by Glen

  • Science based: You will be coached based on science to the best of up to date knowledge. Not from pseudoscience, not from ineffective, unsustainable and unscientific fads.
  • High level of professional experience: Highly trained expert, with many years professional training and work experience. In-depth coaching of physical/mental/nutritional training. Coaching are all encompassing, which covers everything you need to reach your fitness goals and learn what you need for your goals, as Coach Glen, have extensive knowledge in nutrition, training psychology, etc.
  • Comprehensive learning value: You get to learn a lot during the training sessions, so that eventually you become self sufficient in your training.
  • Train at virtually any corner of Singapore with wide range of date/time availabilities: As long as the place is practically accessible, you pick whatever place you please (note; dependent on fitness goals). It can be at a top of a public roof garden, public fitness corner, gym, house, condo, and yes even the unconventional places such as at the side of an empty road, inside a factory, in an office, in the forest, etc – if you’re open to any creative ideas on places to train at! Tuas, jurong, sentosa, woodlands, punggol, any far corners of SG, coach can come to you. Wide range of date and time availabilities to pick from ranging from morning to afternoon to night, weekdays, weekends, and all public holidays (subject to availability). Don’t get stuck with a coach who is only limited to mondays to saturdays and weekday evenings or mornings, and limited locations, etc.
  • Versatile type training: Glen’s training for you is meant to teach/guide you on how you can adapt to your environments and situations to train and work towards your goals using whatever you’ve got. So you don’t have to worry and trouble yourself with getting to certain places or getting certain equipment, as there’s virtually always free alternative solutions to those problems. This way, working towards your goals and keeping them will be most practical and sustainable for you in the long run.
  • Natural fitness: Glen trains people to shape up their physiques aesthetically, improve fitness, and athletic/functional performance – but the bottomline is that no matter what the fitness goals are, Glen always advocate the importance of natural fitness, and natural fitness forms the foundation of your training to certain extents (regardless of your goals). This way you can avoid injuries and progressive dysfunction from imbalances, etc, and progress healthily and effectively towards whatever fitness goals you have.
  • Strong background in powerlifting, calisthenics, athletic lifting, and natural movements: Methodologies in powerlifting, calisthenics, athletic lifting and natural movements (methode naturelle a.k.a movnat) – Glen was already very proficient in these methodologies long before they became more well known locally (mostly) and globally.
  • Affordable and cost effective rates: Our rates are very cost effective. Why and how? For positive social reasons – we want personal training/coaching to be more accessible to the good people who really needs PT without getting limited by their budgets. Glen’s PT usually depends on being adaptable to training with whatever you’ve got whenever possible – hence costs are cut which helps lower rates possible. For every purchase, you pay exact amount and no change is given – this also helps keep our costs low. And lastly, we say no to overpricing.
Who are suitable and best suited for Glen's PT:
Anyone on this planet, young or old, no matter what your gender/sex, culture and walk of life, etc, but you must be willing to open yourself to follow the guidances, teachings and training requirements provided by Glen. This is so that PT will work properly and effectively for you as you properly follow the coaching/teachings given from the coach's expertise and professional knowledge. Coach Glen is a highly trained/educated/experienced professional and expert in the fields of fitness, nutrition and strength & conditioning - so you're in good hands to learn, train and progress!
No selling out ever, and Glen don't sugar coat things when it comes to training and diet. Because training is meant to be proper and effective.. even if that means (and it usually is) that Glen do not profit as much from doing so, as some trainees may not be agreeable or comfortable to accept certain truths about training and diet. But Glen do this because this is what produces the best results and progress for the trainee! Glen is this passionate about providing no-nonsense training! Yes (unfortunately) at times, Glen goes to the extent to reject a paying client without hesitation if that means Glen is asked/told to train them in a way that are practically ineffective, unsound and unscientific for them. It's really for the trainees own good! But also do know that Glen will/is always be overjoyed to take in anyone who are willing to be open, listen and follow his training properly, so that they can properly reach their goals! Tell Glen your goals, be willing to be open to receive his expertise and professional guidance, and you can expect the best from him, and taking Glen's coaching could be the one of the best decisions you've ever make in your life.

What’s included:
Friendly, professional, reliable and systematic service.
Complete comprehensive training / diet guidance / education that are tailored for you. Complimentary self workout and diet plans. Complimentary 24/7 support provided for your training and diet questions. Personal training at your preferred location and schedule, by a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced professional trainer, who have positive majority track records and has helped ​several achieve their fitness goals.

Training people since 2010 -

From all over the globe, all walks of lives, gender, etc..
​Has helped with clients with goals such as:
>Working out around injuries such as joint strains, sprains, etc.
>Working out with hypothyroidism, and other similar conditions, etc.
>Strength and conditioning for sports and athletic performance (running, parkour, cycling, basketball, and more)
>Working out and dieting for common fat loss, building muscle, overall general fitness, and shaping up
>Basic, intermediate and advance strength training.
Get fitter and shape up
Improve your fitness and athletic ability
Build muscle mass and functional strength
Lose & reduce body fat
Learn how to train properly with movements, utilizing training equipment and the environment around you
Strength and conditioning for fitness and athletic performance
Improve on your diet for optimal progression.
Single/ad-hoc/first-time session for 1 person - $60 / 2 person - $90
Single "regular" session (must be scheduled and used within 7 days from another similar session) -
$50 for 1 person / 2 person - $80.
4 sessions package for 1 person - $200
4 sessions package for 2 person - $320
8 sessions package for 1 person - $390
8 sessions package for 2 person - $550


“Glen is a great coach in that he tries to understand your physical need and tailor the program to suit you instead of just 1 size fits all. What saw result under his coaching is that he does not compromise when one gets lazy and keep encouraging you to make it happen. I also appreciate the advise on dieting as well and not just focus on the physical training. That helped expedite the result. I always thought training is just enhance your cardio and tone up body. Through Glen I also learnt that with his training, you can also train yourself to ensure you can do daily activity with ease and not get injured easily.”
Personal Fitness Training: Yang Po, CEO of Aquaint Property, Singapore.

“I have been training with Glen since November 2012. Throughout this time, Glen has proven himself to be the most consistent, dedicated and passionate professional I have ever known.
Glen always structures our sessions meticulously and methodically. He is happy to explain any questions on fitness I might have and shows genuine interest in my physical fitness and wellbeing. Glen will push you to your physical limit without being aggressive or over-zealous. He is always encouraging and personally demonstrates all the exercises he requires.  Glen is also skilled in many areas of fitness: endurance, strength, gym equipment, swimming, just to name a few. Glen is always adaptable and takes it upon himself to perfect his methods.
In the period I have trained with Glen, my fitness has noticeably improved. From an over-weight person who pants while walking, I have lost a significant amount of weight and could perform daily functions without physical exhaustion. I trust that with further training with Glen, I would only see greater results to come. 
Glen does not only believe in physical exercise for shape and body itself, but would actively encourage and design his programme to assimilate into your lifestyle, and make fitness part of you. I could think of no one better than Glen to help you make a change in your lifestyle and fitness. I would strongly recommend him to everyone.”
Personal Fitness Training: Xiao Han, Law student, Singapore.

“Glen is a great personal trainer.  He was very knowledgeable about the body,  how to attain a very good level of fitness as well as providing insights and advice on looking after your health. He has a structured approach and takes time to listen to your goals and tailors his approach / your work plan accordingly. Working with Glen gave me the ability to go from doing zero gym / fitness work to competing in various competitions (Commando Challenge, Urbanathlon, Puma night run) in under a year. I was also able to add 10 kg in muscle mass. I have no hesitation in recommending Glen and wish you to enjoy the same results that I have!”
Personal Fitness Training: Raja, Citibank, UK.

“Empathetic coaches. Good scheduling. Thanks a lot for all those pleasant sessions, I made good improvements and got knowledge, I’ll keep working out :)”
Personal Fitness Training: Schneiber Gerald, Desigual, French expat.

“Veera: Glen, I already lost 7kg since the first time I met you, which is very good already! (2 months + ago)”
Personal Fitness Training: Kumar and Veera, India.

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