Etiquette For Constructive Connection

When it comes to services in this field of work – Success depends on how well both parties communicate and interact with each other. We’re dedicated to providing highly personalized and valuable lessons and training, priding ourselves on quality work. Our approach is based on modern psychology and social science, aiming to achieve these goals. We’re part of a growing number, using this effective approach. We believe proper etiquette is crucial for optimal performing services, enhancing productivity and positive experiences for all. Good communication and interaction, guided by etiquette, creates an ideal environment for everyone involved. Following these etiquette also promotes mutual respect and a healthy and productive work and learning environment. We oppose outdated practices that harm everyone’s well-being and prevent us from properly progressing. To work and connect with us, please follow these etiquettes. We reserve the right to refuse service accordingly to those who blatantly disregard them or behave abusively.

Mutual Respect: Let’s treat each other with mutual respect. Constructive disagreements and criticisms are welcome; Unwarranted disrespect/mistreatment are not. Mutual respect & fair treatment help fosters proper/productive/effective communication. Let’s respect each other’s boundaries (eg; do not deliberately pry into the other person’s personal life, harass, coerce, etc) – Let’s maintain a professional relationship.

Zero Tolerance on Abusive Behaviors: Examples include; Prejudice and discrimination among anyone (be it among learners, teachers, parents, staffs, etc), deliberate violation of boundaries, manipulation (gaslighting, deliberate deflection; unreasonable and unfair blame-shifting, emotional blackmail, exploitation, etc), threats, threatening behaviors and harassment, trolling. No one deserves this – everyone deserves to work/learn in a safe, fair & healthy environment.

Zero tolerance for deliberate disorderly conduct:
If you engage in such actions, we will regrettably be compelled to refuse service. Such behavior disrupts the proper functioning of everything and unfairly impacts others. This standard practice aligns with industry norms; just like how other businesses (eg; eateries, cinemas, gyms or fitness classes, remove disruptive patrons), we reserve the right to do the same when faced with disorderly conduct or nuisance behaviors that unfairly cause harm to others. We urge everyone to be considerate and respectful toward all individuals, including our staff and fellow clients/learners.

Let’s all be reasonable: Deliberate or repeated patterns of unreasonableness, despite efforts to address issues – will hinder any possibility of constructive and positive outcomes, and can even make it impossible to address and solve anything. It is also unfair, unjust and dysfunctional. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and reasonably.

Receptiveness: For meaningful two-way communication, openness and receptiveness are crucial. If you are deliberately closed off and unwilling to consider professional opinions and views, meaningful collaboration becomes impossible. Let’s be receptive to each other and listen and understand each other properly with empathy, logic and an open mind, so that we can properly work together and get meaningful things done.

*Important note when booking any appointment with us: We understand that life can be unpredictable, and things don’t always go as planned. That’s why we kindly ask for your consideration when booking an appointment with us, even if it’s just for a chat. When you book an appointment, our team allocates time and resources to ensure we can meet with you at your scheduled time. To help us manage our schedule efficiently and ensure everyone gets the service they deserve, we kindly request that you avoid cancelling/changing appointments inconsiderately. Of course, we recognize that sometimes unexpected events occur—whether it’s illness, work emergencies, family issues, or an unavoidable change in your plans (it’s also okay and we understand that, overtime, if you change your mind in engaging us altogether, after giving considerate and careful thought) – If you need to cancel/change a booking, just let us know as soon as possible, and briefly explain why – As this helps us understand your situation and prevents misunderstandings. We ask that you book thoughtfully and avoid impulsively booking. By doing so, you help us maintain a fair and reliable schedule for all our clients. Inconsiderate cancellations or changes can disrupt our ability to serve others fairly. Please understand that we are considered a small business, so we have limited resources – we keep our prices very affordable, so we seek your understanding to just be considerate on this basic level when booking. As a business, we reserve the right to deny service to those who repeatedly or intentionally cause inconsiderate and unwarranted disruptions. We want to ensure a fair experience for everyone involved.

In the event of any issues, or shortcomings on our part; We understand that your criticisms to us are necessary because they help us grow. We understand that you may have some bad days and may lose your tone from time to time, out of frustration; we are all human. We welcome constructive dialogues. However, any deliberate displays of toxic or abusive behaviors will not be tolerated. Our team is well-versed in psychology (due to the nature of our work, and to protect everyone involved) and will easily be able to tell the difference between deliberate toxic or abusive behaviors, and genuine constructive criticisms & responses that may be harsh but are still considered fair and reasonable; and above all, if the underlying intentions are ill or well-intentioned.

Rest assured that we are committed to treating you with the same level of respect and etiquettes you deserve. You can also be assured that; we will not hardsell, we will not toxically pressure you to do anything. We pride ourselves in our extreme inclusivity, welcoming as many people as possible whenever possible, and maintaining impartiality for all – we focus on positive constructive behaviors objectively, and only condemn, disapprove and penalize toxic and abusive behaviors. Our only grounds for rejection are when we are unqualified to provide the work given/proposed by you (due to legal and/or ethical reasons.. for example; you have a certain health condition that we are unequipped to address), or when confronted with deliberate abusive behaviors.

In summary, be rest assured that we wholeheartedly embrace and appreciate any constructive criticisms and feedback you may provide, as they serve as valuable tools for our continuous improvement. We are committed to introspection, rectifying errors, and enhancing our services to ensure your utmost satisfaction. We will treat you with the respect you deserve. On your part, we do earnestly seek your cooperation in maintaining fair and respectful interactions, refraining from any form of abuse (including psychological), to make it possible for a conducive environment for mutual cooperation and problem solving. Your reasonableness and fair treatment make it possible for a harmonious, safe and productive working environment for all. It’s worth noting that though (unfortunately) some people may see all these as self entitled demands, but in reality, they are actually meant to directly help the consumers/users reap the most benefits, and furthermore, they are actually universal fundamental human rights – the right to work in a healthy environment free from abuse. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly. Let’s make the world a better place.

Thanks for your understanding and support in improving the practice of constructive and positive behaviors to foster the best possible benefits derived from these kinds of work. We hope that more entities (providers and consumers) in this field, practice this, to make the world a better place. You may be interested in read more about our causes on our “About” page, to learn more about what we do, etc. CLICK HERE TO GO BACK TO CONTACT PAGE.