DIY Learning Singapore – Building and Repairing for practical purposes

Embracing self-reliance involves mastering the skills to construct and maintain the essentials that sustain life and thrive. Let’s see this from a way to help convey this concept we’re bringing up here: Think about the basics we need as humans in order to literally survive – air (obviously) aside, it’s food, water, and shelter. While these fall into the realm and category of Bushcraft at a fundamental level, after, they extend into the territory of off-the-grid, self-sustainable living. Picture having a home with reliable water and electricity as fundamental. Yet, it’s not just about having these amenities; it’s about knowing how to troubleshoot and tackle issues independently – the essence of DIY (Do-It-Yourself). Of course in our modern society, full self-reliance might not be a necessity in many areas, but cultivating these skills, still do instill confidence and contribute to one’s overall life-skill capability – Because it assures you that when challenges or the needs arise, you possess the ability to not just survive, but to thrive independently, beyond the constraints of conventional living within society.

So we’ve narrowed down the skills within this umbrella category to the following (common) subsets:
1] Basic woodworking – building basic frames and structures for various practical purposes – For eg; Making furniture, frames and structures to support very heavy things – such as a few people (levels for an off-the-grid house for eg).
2] Making your own rainwater/water collection and harvesting systems.
3] Make your own composting toilet.
4] Harnessing solar, and kinetic energy for electricity.
5] Basic repairs in the house.
6] Building simple gadgets that help make living easier (eg; self watering system for plants)
* Besides teaching the needed technical knowledge – We emphasize a lot on teaching and coaching our learners on building up their own general resourcefulness ability, problem solving abilities, creative thinking, and independent thinking abilities in general – These are important skills to develop so that they are capable to solve their own problems on their own. When typical scenarios arise – each case is usually unique and requires a lot of independent thinking to solve problems on their own.

We’re here to help you learn all the things you need – we highly personalize everything for you. We teach you certain skills that aren’t usually taught elsewhere, especially the ability to think and solve problems independently. We’ve combined the learning of all these unique skills into one special learning experience. Our goal is to make sure you learn everything you need quickly and thoroughly, so you can become really good at doing things on your own. Our instructors, with their scientific and innovative backgrounds, are here to guide you straight to the important stuff, making sure you understand things well and fast. The results you’ll see will show how much you’ve learned and how capable you’ve become. We’re excited to help you become more self-reliant, and our approach is all about getting you there as efficiently as possible.

Reach out to us now, have a chat with us (without pressure), so that we’ll be able to advise you further on what’s objectively best for you in your best interest.. and further necessary demos and explanations of lessons will be provided. If you’re interested to engage us thereafter, we can talk about the training/lessons location, schedule, prices and the rest of the details.