Did You Know?

Some of our contributions to people (The facts):

1. We’ve coached and taught people from all six permanently human-inhabited continents, except for South America.
2. The youngest age we’ve coached/taught is 4 years old and the oldest is 76 years old.
3. We were extended a unique opportunity to coach an athlete Parkour for international Parkour competitions, however we made the conscious decision to decline the offer, as our coaching philosophy revolves around the core values of fostering personal growth and self-development, rather than solely focusing on competitive achievements.
4. At the beginning planning stages of the Parkour Park in Lakeside Gardens Singapore; Glen (and Ashton) were invited to provide consultation for the design of the Parkour Park and have indirectly made some important impact to it’s construction.
5. Glen founded and created a Facebook group page back in 2014, aimed at establishing a local community of freedivers in Singapore. The group’s purpose was to promote safety by providing a platform for freedivers to find buddies and avoid solo diving. The group was eventually dissolved for personal reasons, before other similar Facebook group pages emerged.
6. We used to rent out strongman type equipment to individuals (back in 2010) for personal strength training.
7. Taught and coached bushcraft, functional fitness and parkour to a number of high profile public figures from around the world (they cannot be named, to protect their privacy).
8. Approximately 95% of learners who approach us for training/lessons, are beginners or have received some moderate amount of training/lessons elsewhere – within this group, about 47% reach out due to struggles or inadequate learning support from previous sources, hindering their ability to properly achieve their training goals. However, after participating in our training programs, 95% of them have successfully attained their objectives and gained the independence necessary for their own training within just 8 sessions.
9. Ashton and Glen were one of the earliest ex-administrators in Parkour Singapore, contributing to the foundation of how the Parkour Singapore community is shaped up till today. Read more here.
10. Ashton and Glen have extensively contributed to TV shows, magazines, and interviews, sharing their expertise in Parkour, Bushcraft, and Urban Survival. Through these media appearances and experiments, they have helped educate the public about these disciplines and it’s methods, making them more accessible and understood by a wider audience.