Cycling Lessons Singapore – Learn to ride a bicycle

Cycling a bicycle is one of the most convenient, accessible, and cheapest forms of practical transportation, next to walking or taking a motor vehicle. Learning how to ride a bicycle allows you to get to more places, and can be a mode of transportation when you’re traveling in another country, as you can bring your own foldable bicycle or rent one. This can potentially save you a lot of money and help you go to more places, especially if you want to save on driving a car or don’t have a driver’s license. Hence knowing how to ride a bicycle is a useful lifeskill to have as it opens you up to a convenient and cheap form of transportation.

Moreover, by knowing how to ride a bicycle, you also open yourself up to the option of being able to rent an electric bike, which can allow you to travel even further. Additionally, riding a bicycle can improve your physical health and mental well-being. It’s a low-impact exercise that can help strengthen your muscles, improve your cardiovascular health, and boost your mood.

If you don’t know how to ride a bicycle and want to learn in the shortest amount of time possible, we can help. We provide private lessons to teach you how to ride a bicycle. All you need is your own bicycle, and you can choose your own location and schedule to learn from our coach. Our coach will go to you to teach you, and in as little as 4 lessons of an hour each, you should be able to cycle independently on your own (without training wheels). Lessons are suitable for anyone of any age from age 5 onwards!

Private lessons by an experienced and qualified coach.
Affordable prices @ $190 for a 4 sessions package, or $50 per session (1 person) | $265 for a 4 sessions package, or $70 per session (2 persons).
Each session is 1 hour long. 4 sessions pack expires in 65 days. Change of booking is allowed if change is made earlier than 2 hours before the class starts. Up to 4 booking changes are allowed within the 4 sessions pack.
It is possible to arrange for a free trial session of 10 minutes at your preferred location and date/time, so that you understand how the lessons will work and see what you’ll be getting yourself into. (Note that this trial session will demo to show how the coach rides the bicycle, explaining how he will coach, and 5 minutes of actual coaching – As the purpose is to show you what you can expect for the training and so you will be more sure of what the training will be like).
Start today! Contact us to discuss and arrange.