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+65 98450655

We do not accept phone calls from non-singaporean phone numbers, unless you’re calling via WhatsApp.
WhatsApp video calls are by set appointments only
(You may call via WhatsApp without appointment).
Haven’t received any response from us? We might be temporarily closed when you reached out to us. You can check our Google Calendar: to see if we are closed.
Note: We practice mutual respect and we have zero tolerance for abuse (Unfortunately, due to the prevalence of abuse in our line of work and across our industry in recent times, we are highlighting this). Please click here to understand more on this. We reserve the right to (accordingly) deny/refuse service to anyone who is deliberately abusive – Everyone deserves a safe and healthy environment.
We are looking for individuals/entities to work with us! Click here for more info.

Hi! Are you new here? Let’s get to know each other accordingly so that we are able to help you!
In order for us to be able to provide assistance – We need to understand your goals, current situation and your case, so that we will be able to tailor our support and assistance to you. Or if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. Our website is full of useful info that might answer some of your questions (we’ve put in a lot of effort to make it a very helpful resource of information), so checking the website for the info you need, can help you save you time
We’re here to help with anything related to service, from prices to options. Clear communication helps us provide personalized assistance and service. The more relevant information you share, the better we’ll be able to assist. Please avoid being vague; a two-way conversation allows us to align your needs with your goals (as we are able to tap into our expertise to assist you). Even when asking for quick info like prices, we need a basic understanding of your case to give accurate quotes and explain the best options available or best recommended routes you can take. We’ll keep things efficient and won’t push you into anything. Our goal here is to help you arrive at the most effective solution (regardless of whether you end up taking our services, or going at things on your own *with that being said; fair play is practiced here). We don’t hardsell/pressurize here.
We specialize in personalized services, so it is necessary (and a common industry practice) for all parties to communicate with each other equally, because we need to see how we can best work together to help you. It’s important for us to be open and receptive to each other for productive outcomes. If you’re unsure what to ask, we can prompt you with questions, and it’s important to understand that you need to be willing to answer sincerely and be willing to chat openly so that we can get the ball rolling (since this is part of how the nature of this kind of services work).
We’re accommodating, and ready to help. If you have any further questions or ready to start once we’ve established everything, just let us know. We’re here to support and guide you when you’re ready to take the next step!

Summary of how to get started:
Please introduce yourself – With your name, age, health conditions, and brief background related to the service (for eg; if you are thinking of taking a bushcraft course from us, and you are an outdoorsperson who camps, you can just say you are into outdoors activities, have been camping for a while now, and thinking of expanding your knowledge to be able to do more camping trips with confidence). Why? As a business in this line of highly personalized work, we need to know who we’re working with, understand your case, so that we know how to assist you from there.
Please state which service you’re interested in – We have well over 10 different types of training/lessons/courses/services. You have to let us know which one you’re interested in, if not we won’t know what is it you’re looking for.
Please state/explain what are your ultimate goals – Clarify your ultimate goals. Rather than demanding specific training without considering your objectives, sharing your goals enables us to craft a more effective solution tailored to your needs. Understanding your aspirations allows us to leverage our expertise to provide the most beneficial guidance. For eg; if your ultimate goals are to learn to be comfortable with swimming in deep open waters for survival purposes in the shortest time possible, you don’t necessarily need to learn the “head up front crawl” only, where other skills can be easier to pick up and more relevant to your goals. Another eg; if your ultimate goal is to lose fat, don’t just demand us to only give you workouts and exclude the dieting part, and completely dismissing our professional advice without even basic consideration, from the outset. Or another eg; if your ultimate goal is to consult us on our expertise for your project related to Parkour, do be receptive to listen to what we actually have to advice on how things are done in Parkour, instead of dismissing them without consideration entirely, in favor of solely relying on your personal beliefs of what Parkour is about, even though you do not have the necessary credentials of Parkour (because the beliefs may not align with how things in Parkour are actually done, and doing this will defeat the purpose of engaging us in the first place, and paradoxically negatively impact your project). We are professionals and have years of the professional experience in these relevant fields, so it’s important to be open minded and be receptive to professional guidance, so that we can tap into our expertise to help you accordingly. We will be just as receptive with you too. We need to work together to produce the best outcomes for you. Please understand that we provide specialized and very personalized professional services, and we’re not just a “Personal Assistant” service provider (where clients lead with maximum control, since provider is just following instructions) – We are a professional coaching/education provider (where tapping into the expertise of the provider plays a huge role for success) – Mutual and equal receptiveness and collaboration is required to help you solve your problems and provide you the best outcomes. Thank you!
*If you have any other specific questions unrelated to introducing yourself or explaining your case, feel free to ask! (This only applies to any possible missing info that’s not found elsewhere. Any info connected to your case, such as wanting to know pricings or details of what your training will involve – must require you to introduce yourself and us having a proper 2 way conversation to understand each other better first, before we are able to provide accurate answers to your questions).

Response time:

For WhatsApp only:
Usual response time: 3 minutes to within 4 hours.

For regular phone-calls:
Usual response time: 1 minute to 4 hours.

For SMS:
Usual response time: 5 minutes to within 5 hours.

Typically responds within the next working day.

Technical support

This is extremely rare and will probably never happen – But if there’s an outage/when Glen’s phone or it’s communication apps/services unexpectedly becomes unavailable due to extremely rare unforeseen circumstances such as crisis, glitches, etc.. – we will pin a notice on our website’s news page, our official Facebook page or our Instagram, to inform everyone, and will immediately work on getting the phone back available as soon as possible. The notice will include information and updates on when the phone or it’s communication apps/services will be back available, and will also include a temporarily alternative/substitute means of contacting us if necessary.