Contact Us

By phone (regular phonecall, SMS, WhatsApp messaging/calls), or by email

+65 98450655

We do not accept phone calls from non-singaporean phone numbers, unless you’re calling via WhatsApp.
WhatsApp video calls are by set appointments only
(You may call via WhatsApp without appointment).
Haven’t received any response from us? We might be temporarily closed when you reached out to us. You can check our Google Calendar: to see if we are closed.

Response time:

For WhatsApp only:
Usual response time: 3 minutes to within 4 hours.

For regular phone-calls:
Usual response time: 1 minute to 4 hours.

For SMS:
Usual response time: 5 minutes to within 5 hours.

Typically responds within the next working day.

Technical Support:
This is extremely rare and will probably never happen – But if there’s an outage/when Glen’s phone unexpectedly becomes unavailable due to extremely rare unforeseen circumstances, we will pin a notice on our official Facebook page or Instagram, to inform everyone, and will immediately work on getting the phone back available as soon as possible. The notice will include information and updates on when the phone will be back available, and will also include a temporarily alternative/substitute means of contacting us.