Outdoor things to do in Singapore

To a lot of people, Singapore may not be known to be a place to do much explorations outdoors in nature and quiet spaces. However, if we are to look more closely at spaces around Singapore and be more open minded on the things to do – there can be a number of things of […]

Special Offers

Free 1x 30 mins long training/class for either of the following types of training/classes: Learn to cycle for beginners, basic woodworking for beginners. Valid till 15 Feb only (use before end of 15 Feb). Conditions apply. Call us now @ 98450655 to enquire, find out more, and to arrange. Grab them before they’re gone!

Barefoot Singapore

Barefooting in Singapore, and how to practice it safely and progressively to reap the most benefits out of barefooting. You may have come across articles or videos online on barefooting, and may be wondering.. so what’s the hype for barefooting? What are the benefits? What’s the point of it all? The benefits of practicing barefooting

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What is Powerlifting? Read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powerlifting. Powerlifting has just recently gained more popularity in recent times, especially in Singapore. Coach Glen, have been powerlifting since 2007, when powerlifting was still “underground” in Singapore. Check out his best powerlifts in this video: https://youtu.be/7b1Cw04dM30. Do you know that the methods of powerlifting can be used to some extent,

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