Calisthenics (Bodyweight training)

Calisthenics is simply bodyweight training, and it can be used to varying degrees for a lot of fitness goals, such as for general weight/fat loss, building muscle, improving overall fitness, and so on. It can be scaled from something extremely easy, to extremely advanced. And yes, it can be used for anyone of any age. If your goal is to lose weight as an elderly, and improve strength and balance, calisthenics can be used – you don’t have to be doing handstands, and other fanciful movements, it could be as simple as moving your arms in certain ways in slow motions, etc. There are a lot of exercises and variations, one can do, to suit them and their fitness goals. If your goal is to build some serious muscle, calisthenics can be used too. Don’t underestimate the use of calisthenics for goals such as building some serious muscle mass and strength! There are tons of exercises and variations you can do from extremely easy level to extremely difficult, that even the most elite professional athletes can struggle with.. How about a 1 arm pull up? or a 1 arm muscle up, even?! And all the way on the other side of the spectrum, we also have the very mild exercises such as just balancing on 1 leg for a few seconds, or doing arm circles.. just to name a few. Calisthenics and bodyweight training is definitely not just about doing situps, pushups, and so on. There are too many exercises out there that one can do. Many who are not knowledgeable and inexperienced, are commonly confused and/or do not realize how much calisthenics can help them with their fitness goals. Here in Training by Glen, Coach Glen specializes in the use of calisthenics and bodyweight training to help in achieving various fitness goals. Due to his unique background, he has significantly a lot more experience and knowledge in calisthenics than most other trainers out there. Try out one of Coach Glen’s coaching services today – onsite PT in Singapore, or online coaching. Get a professional to feed you with the vast knowledge of training using calisthenics.

Some advanced calisthenics shown in Coach Glen’s video showcase.