Bushcraft, wilderness survival and wilderness training/course – Expectations


When taking our training, we do advise our learners to dress appropriately for training- long light pants with covered shoes (preferably waterproof boots) should be worn (no exposed skin)- this is for basic protection against bugs. Please bring along raincoat, and personal drinking water. Bring along plastic and ziploc bags to put your sensitive belongings inside for protection against rain – You do not want your valuables such as your mobile phone, electronic devices and wallet to get soaked in the rain.
If you’re not in condition to take part in any form of physical activity (be it light or heavy)- then unfortunately you will also not be in condition to participate in our training – we will not allow you to participate for safety reasons- if you are sick, you’ve just recently been vaccinated and need to take it easy, you are injured, or you are pregnant, etc. You are required to declare your condition prior to taking the training, with us- There will be a liabity waiver form that needs to be signed right before the training starts. Kids below the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian to sort out liability waiver for them.

How to dress your lowerbody for our training

Rules and etiquette:

In order to get the most out of our training, it is important to come with an open and willing mindset. We have noticed that some learners may have preconceived notions or biases about certain skills and these may not actually be true/effective knowledge/skills – these can hinder the learning experience for themselves and others. Please understand that our goal is to teach real and practical skills to those who are willing to learn. Hence, please keep in mind that if you insist on following what you think you know for the skills, this will defeat the purpose of engaging us as your professional instructor. Its okay to let us know your learning preferences and have open dialogues with our instructors during the training and learning process.. but if the intention is that the learner insist on mainly learning the skills on how they think the skills should be like, without even opening up to learning from us, then this can be counterproductive to the learning process and this will defeat the purpose of taking our training in the first place. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective training possible, so we ask for your full cooperation and commitment to make this possible. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service and ensuring that all our interactions are respectful and professional.
We believe that the key to success in any teaching-learning relationship is mutual respect, which include treating each other with courtesy and consideration. In light of this, please note that we practice mutual respect – we kindly request that you treat our team, with respect and refrain from any behavior that could be considered disrespectful, abusive, or inappropriate. This includes any form of harassment, emotional abuse, discrimination, or aggressive behavior, whether verbal or physical.
We understand that sometimes situations may arise that can be frustrating or challenging, but we ask that you maintain your composure and approach any issues with a calm and constructive mindset. We are here to listen and help you in any way possible, but we expect the same level of respect and professionalism from our clients. Respect is also key in our learning environment, especially when younger children may be present. Please be mindful of your behavior and the impact it may have on others. We believe that by working together and treating each other with respect, we can create a positive and productive environment that benefits everyone. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and we look forward to serve you to the best of our abilities! The reason why we bring all these up, upfront, transparently and straight-to-the-point, is that we noticed these issues in the market and these issues do cause a lot of problems. These are important, because with services like these, a certain degree and type of cooperation should be followed, in order for everything to work properly. We want to be the ones who do the right thing for everyone and ensure everything works properly the way that they should. So we do thank you for your kind understanding! Feel free to read up more on all these related matters on our “About” page to understand more.

How our booking system works:

The importance of booking your sessions thoughtfully – We understand that sometimes things come up and plans change, but it’s important to remember that your booking impacts not only your instructor’s schedule but the schedules of other clients as well. As such, we operate on a “trust” and “courtesy” basis, where our clients book their session, without advance payment to secure said booking. We take cash only upfront upon meetup of the session (Receipt is given to you on the spot upon payment). We do this because we face problems with technical glitches via wire transfers and also have had bad experience with getting cheated on with payment (fraud), unnecessary delays, etc.. also this allows us to offer more flexibility to our clients and helps us build a strong relationship based on trust. Hence, we kindly request that you book thoughtfully and avoid booking on a whim and making last-minute changes.
When you book a session with us, you are reserving not only your instructor’s time but also a slot that could have been used by another client. We ask that you respect this and make your bookings thoughtfully, only booking when you are sure you can attend the session. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please give us as much notice as possible, ideally at least 48 hours before the session. This allows us to offer the time slot to another client who may be on the waiting list, and it also helps us manage our schedule effectively.
We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, and we will always try to accommodate your needs as best we can. However, we ask that you consider the impact of your booking on both your trainer and other clients, and make changes only when absolutely necessary. There are no penalty (such as additional charges) for cancelling or making changes, but please do note that we would like everyone to be considerate of each other and handle bookings with care, respect and consideration. Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation!

Raining and wet weather:

Please note that, as the nature of training is for wilderness skills, survival and bushcraft, the training/course will go on regardless of whether it’s raining or not. Please bring along your raincoat. Please understand that, not going to the training because it’s raining, will defeat the purpose of taking the training in the first place. You will learn very valuable skills from participating in the rain! Thanks for your kind understanding.

What else to bring?

In summary, you just need to bring yourself, personal drinking water, wear long pants with covered shoes, rain coat, plastic bags.. that’s all! There’s no need to bring anything else. You can bring additional items for comfort (eg; snacks, etc) but they’re optional and up to you. The necessary tools/materials will be brought by us.

We thank you for kind understanding on all these to make the experience optimal and fair for everyone! – These are one of the main reasons why we offer our prices/rates to be cost effective – not only are we trying to combat profiteering, but also against selling out. One of the most important factors for coaching services to work properly in order to provide clients with the best experience and for their goals, is proper rapport and professional relationship dynamics between the instructor and learners – which should all be the norm for the teaching/coaching industry, so that the learners can learn properly as much as possible and reap maximum benefits. Collectively, this will also do good for the economy as a whole as unfair practices will be reduced and eliminated and will do better for the collective social good, as the distribution of consumer and service value can be more fairly distributed. Hence, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and we look forward to helping you learn new skills! You may be interested to read up more about our causes that benefit everyone, especially the consumers, etc – more on our “About” page.