Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival Training – Bespoke training for your organization

Important things to know

Our training is designed to help the people in your company/school/academy/organization, to be better equipped in practical knowledge/skills of wilderness survival and bushcraft, in ways that help them become more self-sufficient, in the most comprehensive and personalized way possible. Unlike a lot of other providers who provide rigid one-size-fit-all cookie-cutter training and just going through the motions to teach surface-level skills in a generic template modelled ways – we take pride in providing training that really provides individual value to everyone, in ways that they can relate to and apply in their own personal experiences.. and our training isn’t mainly focused on providing mass team building outdoor exercises that hardly serve any purpose in developing real practical wilderness survival and bushcraft skills, etc – but focused on the actual self-sufficient and practical wilderness survival and bushcraft skills that each individual can depend on, if they are to get caught out alone in the wilderness and having to fend for themselves – We focus on the skills that our primitive hunter-gatherer ancestors used to use for their survival and day to day living.
We have conducted numerous workshops and training events for companies/organizations/schools (see photos on the main bushcraft page, as well as on our social media), and we hope to be able to conduct a bespoke training session for yours too! You will be learning from the best provider in Singapore who is adept in teaching wilderness survival skills (universal skills) of varying levels that derive from primitive hunter-gatherer knowledge and skills of our ancient human ancestors (we are the one and only of our kind in Singapore! Our main instructor, Glen have many years of professional experience learning from experts and first hand experience from around the world – See Glen’s full profile here). We mainly have 2 training options available – superficial learning, and deep learning. Superficial is great for participants who are very new to the outdoors and just need to learn very basic general wilderness skills – one of the biggest advantage of going by this option, would be the cost – it is the cheapest option (which is favored by many organizations who are tight on budget). However, if substantial learning is required by your organization (be it for beginners or experienced), and if budget is not really much of a concern – then we do highly recommend our 2nd option which is much more suited for deeper learning – this option will usually cost twice as much as the first option – you can expect anywhere between the rough estimate price range of $1400 to $1900 for a 4 hour long training session for up to about 25 people (the first option will be roughly half the price).

Rules and etiquette (Important things to know before taking up our training, in order to receive proper training):

We require all our participants to come with an open mind and be willing to learn new information. We have noticed that there have been a lot of cases in our field of work whereby the participants request/demand to have the professional instructors to teach them what they think should be taught, instead of allowing the instructors to actually tap into their expertise properly, and teach the participants things that the instructors have professional knowledge in. This severely undermines the true effectiveness of the training and defeats the purpose of taking the training in the first place. We have had numerous other learners who come in with an open mind and willing-to-learn mentality and have tremendously benefited from our training, while on the other hand, unfortunately, we also have observed and have came across cases where its the other way around – We see these sort of things happening in other similar fields of work by others too. This isn’t helpful at all for all parties. Hence, we do seek your kind understanding and ask that; when you do decide to take our training, you trust us and give us the rightful autonomy to conduct the training with our own expertise, and have your learners come in with an open mind and mentality to sincerely learn something new, from professionals. Before the start of the training (during the discussion phase), we do wholeheartedly welcome an open dialogue for all parties to understand each other better – on the expectations/deliverance of the training/learning contents, etc. Then, when it comes to the actual training, (at that stage), that’s where trust would’ve already been established beforehand, thus the proper relation-dynamics of instructor-learners must therefore be there, so that the instructors can properly deliver the training and lessons to the learners and the learners can properly benefit from the training, by actually learning. We regret to inform that if the client/participants cannot or not willing to follow this rule, then we would unfortunately, have to decline conducting the training, as this will undermine how a proper training should be conducted, and it will become unethical, since the learners would just be there to confirm their biases that may not be true, and they will not learn anything new. We want to conduct proper training for our clients – so the proper etiquette, rules and relationship-dynamics have to be followed. We thank you for your kind understanding on this!
We strongly believe that the foundation of a successful teaching and learning experience lies in the establishment of mutual respect. This involves treating each other with consideration, reasonableness and amicability. We want to emphasize that we adhere to this principle and kindly request that you extend the same respect to our team. Therefore we ask that if you do decide to take our training – Please refrain from engaging in any behavior that may be construed as toxic, inappropriate, or abusive. This includes any form of other abuse, including psychological abuse (such as manipulation, threats, exploitation and any other unfair and unjust treatments). Although we understand that certain circumstances can be frustrating or challenging, we ask that you approach any issues that arise in a constructive, reasonable and professional manner. We are committed to listening to your concerns and offering assistance to the best of our ability, and we expect the same level of respect and professionalism from our clients. It is also important to remember that respect is critical to our learning environment, particularly when young children may be present. We urge you to be mindful of your conduct and the impact it may have on others. Our goal is to collaborate with you in fostering a positive and productive environment that benefits everyone. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding, and we look forward to serving you to the best of our abilities!
Why we bring all these up: we bring up all these upfront, transparently and straight-to-the-point, is because we noticed these issues in the market that are sometimes rampant and these issues do cause a lot of problems. These are important, because with work like these, a certain degree and type of cooperation should be followed, in order for everything to work properly. We want to be the ones who do the right thing for everyone and ensure everything works properly the way that they should. By better understanding where both parties are coming from and respecting each other’s processes and expertise, these will best foster the deliverance of the service and training to be as relevant, accurate and productive and as high quality, as possible. Together, we can combat against sub par results, by better mutual cohesion and cooperation, based on the best objective course of decisions and actions. So we do thank you for your kind understanding! Feel free to read up more on all these related matters on our “About” page to understand more.

How our booking and payment system works:

For organizations that are outside the categories of: Large organizations, multi-national organizations, global organizations and government type/related organizations, and the likes – We normally accept cash payment upfront in full upon meet up of the training session. This simplifies procedures/processes and do away with all the unnecessary, etc – and all these help keep our prices cost effective. However if your organization prefers other modes of payment, or if your organization falls under the categories of: Large organizations, multi-national organizations, global organizations and government type/related organizations, and the likes – then other modes of payment can be accommodated – to be upfront and transparent; please note that this will come with additional charges, due to more work that comes with it – All these do take up substantially more additional time and work, hence the surcharges. You can expect the surcharges to be anywhere from around 5-30% of the original total price, that will be added onto the total price. (All these mainly depends on how much administrative work and how long it takes for payment to be made – The more/longer it takes, the higher the surcharges).
If you pay by cash, please note: When you schedule a session with us, you’re not just reserving your instructors’ time – you’re also taking up a slot that another client could have used. That’s why we ask that you consider your bookings carefully and only schedule sessions when you’re certain you can attend. If you do need to cancel or reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible – ideally at least 72 hours before your session. This gives us time to offer the slot to someone else who may be waiting for an opening. We operate on a “trust” and “courtesy” basis, which means that we don’t require payment in advance to secure your booking. Instead, we collect payment in cash at the beginning of your session and provide a receipt on the spot. We simply ask that you be thoughtful in your scheduling and avoid making last-minute changes or booking impulsively. Of course, we understand that unexpected situations can arise, and we will always do our best to accommodate your needs. However, we ask that you keep in mind the impact of your booking on both your instructor and other clients, and make changes only when absolutely necessary. There are no penalties for cancelling or making changes (except in cases where additional work or time is required). We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in handling bookings with care and consideration. Thank you for your understanding!

Raining and wet weather:

Please be aware that our training is focused on teaching wilderness skills, survival techniques, and bushcraft, and will proceed as scheduled regardless of the weather conditions. In case of rain, we strongly recommend that you bring a raincoat to keep yourself dry and comfortable. We believe that attending the training even during unfavorable weather conditions is crucial for gaining valuable experience and developing your skills to their fullest potential. Therefore, we kindly ask you to embrace the opportunity to learn from the rain and not let it discourage you from attending the training. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Thank you for your kind understanding on the etiquette and rules to come with all these! You are our valued client, and of course we would like to keep rules to a minimum.. but we need to ensure that the needed expectations are transparent and clearly laid out, because all these are essential to making sure that the training works in the best way possible for our learners. All these are very important in this kind of line of work for the benefit for everyone – especially the consumer experience. It’s because we notice issues like these out there, that really undermine and diminish the proper effectiveness of the whole training and learning experience – so we want to do our part in educating/reminding everyone on how the proper teaching-learning relationship should be like. With more providers and clients adopting the proper teachers-learners relationship, everyone will truly benefit the most effectively, and the world will be a better place! Thank you for your support and we hope to be of service to you! You may be interested to read up more about our causes that benefit everyone, especially the consumers, etc – more on our “About” page.

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