Bushcraft / Wilderness Survival – Coach / Teacher Glen

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As an adventurer/explorer; wilderness skills and bushcraft are essential life skills to have for Glen – being able to fend for himself alone in the Wilderness with nothing.
Back in the past, starting from year 2009 onwards – that was when things really started picking up for Glen – Frequently setting out on solo unsupported expeditions and many overnight wildcamping adventures in the wild, off the beaten track, and into uncharted places.
Lots of first hand experience and learning things the hard way through trial-and-error. After years of frustrations and trial and error through constant practice, along with intensive and extensive theory studies, including having close calls with real life survival situations way back in the past, Glen have gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom and know what works and what do not. Glen have practiced Bushcraft and spent a lot of time (including overnight) trips in the wild in different parts of the world with different types of environments and conditions, from tropical, to desert, to temperate to the arctic. Apart from learning from his years of first hand experience, self study and research from countless courses and books, Glen have also learnt a lot from indigenous people, wilderness instructors, and other bushcraft practitioners/instructors around the world. His knowledge and skills are typically based on primitive traditional skills from cultures around the world.
Being born Southeast Asia and living in S.E.A tropical climate/environment almost all his life – Hence, it’s no surprise that he has the most experience and knowledge in tropical jungle survival. Today, along with his formal education and knowledge in coaching, Glen shares his knowledge, skills and experience to others, so that others can avoid making the same mistakes he did, and to improve and also speed up their learning experience by a lot, and learn what may not or cannot be found elsewhere.
He has helped taught several people in schools and organizations, such as the Girl Guides, Self-improvement schools, etc, and people who are elite professional outdoorspeople, to professional soldiers and even individuals who are/were from special forces, etc.. Glen is a lifelong learner, and believes that learning is neverending. Thus, he will continue to keep learning and training himself to the highest level of bushcraft practitioner that he can be, so that he is confidently capable of “walking the earth, free, self sufficient and capable, without being limited to the confines of civilization”.

USSA Coaching Diploma (Coaching methodologies, Psychology, Medicine).
Professional experience in coaching various individuals ranging from kids to adults from all walks of life, all round the world (1-1 to medium size groups) since year 2010.
Assisted and helped out in coaching privately or worked with numerous various schools, organizations and companies since 2010 (independently).
Training experience and real life first-hand exposure (worldwide) in bushcraft and wilderness survival skills since 2008.
Experience in Methode Naturelle since year 2005.

Experience in teaching Wilderness skills to medium size groups of kids to adults in workshops and events as a solo independent featured teacher or main/lead teacher, from private/individuals, to schools, to companies, and organizations, such as the Girl Guides, etc. People with unique backgrounds have been taught by Glen: ​lecturers, professors, adventurers, outdoor instructors, bushcrafters, merceneries, special forces, housewives, students, nomads, elite mountaineer & outdoor athletes, other wilderness survival and bushcraft instructors and more.
Glen have also taught & provided consultation for Bushcraft to TV shows, national news/media, and public figures in the field of Outdoors, whom (in the future), went on to offer their own wilderness survival courses, etc.
Glen possess first hand experience from spending countless days and nights in the wilderness around the world (often solo unsupported) – Be it for practice, experience, or for his own solo uncharted expeditions. He learnt bushcraft the hard way from many years of theory studying and via the hard way of trial-and-error first hand experience. All since 2010. His knowledge and experience typically comes from traditional primitive hunter-gatherer skills and knowledge that have been passed down for generations, from traditional cultures around the world. He has been learning from indigenous people (learned a lot from Orang Asli of Malaysia and Indigenous bushcraft practitioners from Zambia), local instructors, bushcraft practitioners/instructors around the world, and continues to do so till this day and future. Glen is a lifelong learner, and believes that learning is neverending. Thus, he will continue to keep learning and training himself to the highest level of bushcraft practitioner that he can be.

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