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Welcome to Singapore’s leading provider of Wilderness Survival Training.
We have trained numerous people in wilderness survival since 2014, and have trained schools, organizations, companies, and individuals ranging from sedentary non-outdoorsy laypeople, to seasoned trekkers, elite mountaineers, professional soldiers, wilderness instructors & bushcrafters, teachers, public figures, and more.. Lead by instructor Glen – who have spent many years of blood, sweat, tears, resources and money; learning wilderness survival all around the world alone – to bring all them here to you, conveniently – Learn from us today!

What are Wilderness skills survival and Bushcraft?
Having the skills to take care of yourself in the wilderness. Having survival skills help you stay alive, because you how to obtain food, water, shelter, navigate and keep safe – in any given environment in the world. Bushcraft is general term to describe wilderness survival and living skills: without anything on you, and with the knowledge and skills in bushcraft – you can survive and thrive and live off any given wilderness.

What are Jungle skills and survival, and junglecraft?
Jungle referring to the thick forests in tropical regions around the world. They are abundant ecosystems of wildlife. Having jungle skills means having the skills to take care of yourself while in the jungle environment. Having jungle survival skills help you to stay alive by knowing how to obtain food, water, shelter, navigate and keep safe. Learn how to survive in one of the world’s vast ecosystems. Junglecraft refers to bushcraft in the jungle and it generally means having all the skills to survive, thrive and live in the jungle, with nothing but knowledge, skills and ingenuity.

Learn how to get: Food, water, shelter in the wilderness with nothing or a few basic tools, learn how to navigate & keep safe in the wild.

Who we are as a Bushcraft learning provider and what we do best:
1] We are the most convenient learning source of Bushcraft/Junglecraft in Singapore and Southeast Asia – We are the leading pioneer provider in Singapore, providing most comprehensive & personalized universal bushcraft & junglecraft training of various levels.
2] Our primary focus centers on the training of primitive technology and wilderness skills, using nothing but your hands -skills that trace back to the stone age. We delve into the essential knowledge and abilities required to not just survive, but thrive in the wilderness, both with and without modern tools like knives and compasses. Our expertise lies in indigenous, tribal, hunter-gatherer practices, encompassing self-sufficiency skills drawn from tribes globally, historical primitive wisdom, as well as contemporary skills and techniques. This distinct approach sets us apart from other survival schools worldwide, which often lean heavily towards military-style and modern-tools-dependent survival methods.
3] We specialize in imparting practical wilderness survival skills across all proficiency levels, investing significant effort in customizing your learning experience to be not only practical but also tailored to your specific needs. Our training transcends mere demonstrations, focusing on personalized instruction that accelerates the acquisition of knowledge and skills. It goes beyond replication, emphasizing comprehensive coaching to build a nuanced understanding of wilderness survival. The teachings draw from Instructor Glen’s extensive and diverse expertise, shaped by his solo bushcraft experiences, and insights gleaned from learning from experts worldwide. Notably, Instructor Glen stands out as arguably the only Singaporean instructor with the broadest range of practical knowledge & experiences gathered from various corners of the globe – while he may not be that spectacular in certain areas of bushcraft – what sets him apart are; his exceptionally broad & diverse range of skills, his knowledge & understanding of them, and his ability to teach individuals in ways that are most useful & beneficial to them and very deeply teaching/training them to develop their independent thinking & problem solving abilities for real life survival situations.
4] If you’re keen to acquire bushcraft and survival skills (of any level; be it absolute beginners to outdoors or bushcraft instructors), for self-development and to ready yourself for regional or overseas trips and expeditions – we offer swift and value packed training that encompasses all practical aspects of bushcraft and wilderness survival. What sets us apart is our uniqueness in providing personalized training at your preferred schedule in Singapore – making us the only of a kind, offering to teach Bushcraft and Wilderness survival broadly in depth in an ultra personalized way at your preferred schedule, locally in Singapore.
5] Suitable for age 7 and above.
* Short day crash courses & customizable training sessions at your preferred schedule available. ​Private training and custom-tailored courses for your school, company, organization.

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Courses for jungle survival and living skills below
Jungle Survival / Junglecraft - Short Course
This private course can cover all aspects of Jungle Survival and Living skills, comprehensively and broadly, in a highly personalized manner. Learn how to acquire food, water, shelter in the wild, how to navigate in the wild, keep safe, etc. Tailored to the participants' level, needs and goals.
Duration: 3 hours and 50 mins.
Cost: $200 for 1 person / $300 for 2 person / $400 for 3 person
Venue: Contact to enquire
Date and time: You choose.
Jungle Survival / Junglecraft - Long Course
This private course can cover all aspects of Jungle Survival and Living skills, more comprehensively and more broadly / with extras to add on, all in a highly personalized manner. (Learn how to acquire food, water, shelter in the wild, how to navigate in the wild, keep safe, and more; such as tool making, etc). Tailored to the participants' levels, needs and goals.
Duration: 5 hours and 15 mins.
Cost: $300 for 1 person / $400 for 2 person / $500 for 3 person
Venue: Contact to enquire.
Date and time: You choose.
Courses for universal wilderness survival and living skills below
Universal Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft - Short Course
This private course is a highly personalized learning experience and is designed to comprehensively and broadly cover all aspects of Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft in virtually any global environment - Acquiring food, finding water, constructing shelter, navigation and safety. Glen tailors the training to your specific goals. Participants communicate their objectives, and the course is then meticulously adapted to individual levels, needs, and aspirations. While the onsite training takes place in Singapore's tropical environment due to logistical constraints, the program substantially incorporates "on-the-field" theory learning (alongside with as much hands-on training as possible), to help simulate real-life learning experience for your chosen environments that you want to get better in for Bushcraft and survival. This definitely helps you a lot in enhancing your overall training and understanding of bushcraft and wilderness survival applicable in diverse regions around the world or specific geographic environments.
Duration: 4 hours.
Cost: $250 for 1 person / $350 for 2 person / $450 for 3 person
Venue: Contact to enquire.
Date and time: You choose.
Universal Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft - Long Course
This private course can cover all aspects of Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft in generally any environment in the world, most comprehensively and broadly, in an ultra personalized manner. Learn how to acquire food, water, shelter in the wild, how to navigate in the wild, keep safe, and more.. - Tell Glen your goals and he will train you accordingly and get you prepared. Tailored to the participants' levels, needs & goals. Due to obvious logistical constraints, this onsite training is conducted here in Singapore's tropical environment, but the training will have comprehensive theory learning simulations to make up for it - this will help you a lot with overall training and learning of the required bushcraft and wilderness survival in depth in the parts of the world that you want to be more capable in. The extended duration of this course, with an additional 2 hours, allows for more in-depth exploration and additional content. Opt for this longer course if you have a broader range of skills and knowledge to acquire.
Duration: 6 hours
Cost: $350 for 1 person / $450 for 2 person / $550 for 3 person
Venue: Contact to enquire.
Date and time: You choose.
Any wilderness skills training - Mini Course
Do you have constraints? Just want to have a mini training experience first? Not much you need, but you still need training? - Tell Glen what your goals are, and he will train you and get you prepared accordingly. This course is best for anyone who only wants to learn a little first, or have something very specific to learn that only require a little time. Tailored to the participants' levels. (Note that due to obvious limitations, this onsite training is conducted here in Singapore's tropical environment, but the training will be simulated with varying extents of "on-the-field" theory learning to make up for it. Learn any wilderness/bushcraft skills that you'll need in any environment in any part of the world - Do have a chat with Glen first, so that we know what your goals are, and Glen can recommend what's the best way for you to learn.
Duration: 2 hours and 30 mins.
Cost: $150 for 1 person / $210 for 2 person / $270 for 3 person
Venue: Contact to enquire.
Date and time: You choose.

💡 For some individual’s goals: We highly encourage additional short training sessions with us, following any course completion. Certain skills (one eg; friction fire), benefit significantly from consistent and guided practice to achieve proficiency. Taking further sessions with our professionals post-initial course can greatly help with your skill development. To help support and nurture this continued learning journey of yours, we’ll offer discounted prices for sessions beyond any of the initial course (to be used within a reasonable time frame *which we will advise after completion of your course).

What will any of the courses/trainings contain?
You will learn the skills comprehensively in personalized manner, tailored to the level of participants. Participants choose the date and time to have the activities, at selected locations locally in SG or online. Learning materials and tools are usually provided. Just turn up, enjoy the training/course/activities. All are unique experiences which you can’t get from just watching videos, reading books. Learn first hand, interactively, from an experienced professional.
Bushcraft training by Glen – Bushcraft experience from around the world since 2010, taught in schools, companies, private individuals, taught to other wilderness instructors, etc, and more – see profile for more info.
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Food:-Identification of wild edibles.
-Processing wild edibles for safe consumption.
-Modern and primitive fire making and cooking.
-Hunting with traps.
-Active hunting.
-Preparing games for safe consumption
-Safe eating (dangerous/predatory animal prevention and avoidance techniques).
-Washing cookware and utensils in the wild.
Water:-Identifying water sources to obtain safe/drinking water from.
-Purifying water with primitive and/or modern techniques.
-Modern and primitive fire making and boiling water.
Shelter:-Setting up a proper, safe campsite (campcraft) with primitive and/or modern methods.
-Building a primitive shelter from scratch.
-Building a shelter with limited modern items you got on you.
-Modern and primitive fire making, and keeping fire to last all night for safety.
-Building a long term or permanent dwelling, the bushcraft way.
Navigation:-Navigation skills with compass and map.
-Primitive navigation skills and techniques.
Safety:-Reading the landscape and surroundings for dangers and avoiding/dealing with dangers.
-Modern and primitive first aid and medical care for common issues faced.
Others:-How to bathe/clean yourself in the wild.
-How to clean yourself after pooping.
-Techniques for environmental friendly way of pooping, etc.
-How to brush your teeth, bushcraft style.
-Making bushcraft tools, and crafts that will help you thrive in the wild.
-And more…

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Due to my school project, I need to some research on survival camping.
I did some online research on how it should be done when you get lost in the forest.
I applied for bushcraft training by Glen for a short course (few hours).
I want to know the basic skills for bushcraft.
Training by Glen makes me able to experience my first survival camping and it was enjoyable.
The training was able to provide me the basic bushcraft skills and the trainer is very patient.
Any questions asked after the training will be replied.
It was a good and fun experience to me.
Bushcraft and wilderness skills Training: Melissa, Student, Singapore

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