Jungle Survival Course Singapore

Jungle survival or bushcraft in the jungle, also known as “Junglecraft” is a useful life skill to have – You’ll be confident knowing that you’re capable of surviving and living off the tropical jungle environments around the world if you possess this skillet. Is there jungle survival training/courses for civilians in Singapore? Yes there is. […]

Updates to COVID rules

[NEW as of 20/11/21]: Dear all, please note that up to 5 people in a group (inclusive of coach) onsite is allowed from 22/11/21. Dear all, please note that the existing “Stablisation” COVID measures have been extended till end of 21 Nov 2021.

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new website of Training by Glen (By Coach Glen Poh). Old website address: www.trainingbyglen.com . All blog articles, news & updates generally will be posted here on this page.