One of the hardest skill to learn in Bushcraft

One of the most difficult skills to learn in bushcraft is arguably friction fire: making fire without the use of modern tools like matches or lighters. Learning or mastering the skill of starting fire using primitive methods such as friction-based techniques from the hand drill to even the easy ones like bow drill, can be […]

Barefoot Singapore

Barefooting in Singapore, and how to practice it safely and progressively to reap the most benefits out of barefooting. You may have come across articles or videos online on barefooting, and may be wondering.. so what’s the hype for barefooting? What are the benefits? What’s the point of it all? The benefits of practicing barefooting

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What is Powerlifting? Read: Powerlifting has just recently gained more popularity in recent times, especially in Singapore. Coach Glen, have been powerlifting since 2007, when powerlifting was still “underground” in Singapore. Check out his best powerlifts in this video: Do you know that the methods of powerlifting can be used to some extent,

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Trekking and Wildcamping tips – Overpreparation

Before embarking on your overnight adventure, do you think you have prepared and packed enough? Many times, I see many inexperienced trekkers (and even a few experienced trekkers) who have not packed sufficient essential gear they need, and have not prepared enough, to complete their adventure both comfortably and with proper safety (having brushed onto

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