Barefoot Singapore

Barefooting in Singapore, and how to practice it safely and progressively to reap the most benefits out of barefooting.

You may have come across articles or videos online on barefooting, and may be wondering.. so what’s the hype for barefooting? What are the benefits? What’s the point of it all?

The benefits of practicing barefooting regularly:
– Stronger feet; From stimulation from moving through varied grounds, will cause adaptations to take place.. and these will include the feet adjusting itself to get thicker and stronger as a result.
– Better proprioception; You get better sense of moving through the environment naturally, as you’re able to feel the ground, and are more mindful of how you step, etc.. these will help you naturally control your body better which can help with gait, proprioception, balance, and so on.
– Improved well being.. as a result, regular practice of barefooting is generally good for health, fitness and well being.

So you might be wondering.. why do wear shoes then? Yes its true that shoes for the main part, is meant to protect our feet. But the whole ideology of barefoot practice is that you are training yourself to not be over reliant on shoes and footwear. The key word here is being “over-reliant”. Barefooting with controlled practice, is beneficial to your overall well being.

Want to know how you start barefooting, and learn how to do it safely? Watch the video below and find out how you can start!