About Us

Training by Glen (Academy of Self-sufficiency Singapore): Is for your self development and personal empowerment for innate and useful personal life skills & abilities. We train people to move better, get fitter, stronger, more athletic, more knowledgeable, and capable through important/practical skills, etc, that will help them become a better version of themselves, independently. To become a far better version of oneself – we offer highly personalized coaching to the highest degree possible and as comprehensively as possible, to ensure you are understood, taught & coached well, so that you will acquire the abilities you want, most effectively, and learn everything as deeply and as quickly as possible. Train up yourself, so that you can fall back on yourself and count on yourself to be capable and get things done, and take care of yourself independently. Be stronger and more capable for yourself, so you can help yourself and help others too. Become better, more confident and capable, self sufficiently.. it’s time for you to elevate yourself!

Why we exist: A lot of individuals are increasingly becoming more detached in being self-reliant/sufficient – Hence our aim is to be a progressive one-stop hub in providing training & lessons of useful non-nonsense life-skills and abilities to individuals for their development (in terms of their self-reliance & self-sufficiency). Through our coaching, education, and services, we also aim to tackle issues that hinder learners’ progress, such as a lack of deeper understanding of unique learning needs and inadequate proper working relationships between coaches and learners. We strive to reform harmful practices by promoting more effective and healthier coaching/teaching methodologies and practices, educating more people about them and how learning and acquisition of skills/abilities will be far more effective with proper teaching-learning interactions, and setting a positive example in all related fields. This way, learners/trainees will be able to learn & acquire skills/abilities, most deeply and most quickly. (Click to expand to read more details)

What are our solutions? – Offer the widest range of training/lessons related to self-reliance and self sufficiency. Personalizing our training to our clients, as much as possible, and coaching them as deeply as possible, so that they’ll be on their way of being independent in their abilities and training as quickly and efficiently as possible, without wasting time on unnecessary things – This way we’d also be the positive change / be another good example, and also be a positive example of having highly individualized learning/training more accessible in the community at large. Being utmost honest with our clients so that they gain to benefit and save their money and time the most (Again, we want to be the one who is the positive change / be another good addition, and set a good example in the industry/market, especially in terms of integrity). Be a presence and addition in the community in better fostering an utmost receptive, productive and healthy communication/interaction between coach-learner and commitment to the most logical based approaches in our training/lessons/services (free from fads, gimmicks, etc, that we sadly see a lot in the industry/market), so that more people will be able to experience better progression from better quality of coaching-learning, and improvement in other related social matters (in the larger scheme of things). To bridge gaps and provide a more equitable general better solution to learning opportunities of essential lifeskills & abilities (for eg; offering social pricings, etc). On the side; To help build a more gracious society through our work that can cause a rippling effect and encourage more people to treat each other better, help other people more, etc. (Click to expand to read more details)

Our vision and mission: To help as many people as possible, to most quickly/efficiently/deeply acquire & learn the skills/abilities they need, and become more capable, independently. To use and continuously improve on systems of teaching & training people for self development, and spreading the proper conduct of learning/training-coaching to more people at large. To help contribute to making alternative learning/training opportunities much more accessible. Additionally, we strive to cultivate greater graciousness among people, as a parallel pursuit.
Our motto: Deep, efficient acquisition and understanding of what matters – For better tomorrow.

Friends/Partners: Ashton Movements Agency Singapore, Lessons Go Where.

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