Academy of Self-sufficiency : Parkour | Fitness | Swimming | Bushcraft | And more …

Become fitter, move better on land and in water, survive and thrive in the wilderness alone, develop useful everyday skills (as well as more drastic skills), and become more self-reliant / self-sufficient overall.
Our training is all about you – Whatever you want to get better in and acquire & learn as deeply and as quickly as possible; We’ll dive deep and personalize your training and learning for you, to the highest degree – Wherever and whenever you want.
Train and learn onsite, and online.
We, as an alternative education and training provider, embrace progressive methods and innovative/efficient solutions, to deeply empower individuals in their personal development journey. We focus on holistic self-reliance and self-sufficiency, aiming to enhance lives, create positive impacts, and contribute to the growth of people around us.

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