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Parkour . Fitness . Swimming . Bushcraft

For your self development and personal empowerment; For innate and utilitarian skills and abilities. We train people to move better, get fitter, stronger, more athletic, more knowledgeable, and capable through important/practical skills, etc, that will help them become a better version of themselves, independently. To become a far better version of yourself – personalized training from a coach/teacher who understands you and coach/teach you well, will help immensely – We provide training to you with personalization to the highest degree, as comprehensively as possible. Train up yourself, so that you can fall back on yourself and count on yourself to be capable and get things done, and take care of yourself independently. Be stronger and more capable for yourself, so you can help yourself and help others too. Become better, more confident and capable, self sufficiently.. it’s time for you, to up-level!

“Move freely, fit, strong and capable on my own, with Parkour, Survival swimming, natural fitness and athleticism, bushcraft and wilderness survival, etc”

Move better on land – Singapore’s pioneer in traditional utilitarian Parkour.
Survive and Thrive in the wilds of the world – Leading Bushcraft training provider in Singapore & Southeast Asia, for universal wilderness survival & Bushcraft for all levels.
Move with ease in deep open waters – Singapore’s leading specialist in drownproofing individuals and helping individuals to move in and across open waters with ease, quickly, once and for all.
Functional fitness – Singapore’s influencing OG (Originator) of natural movements, calisthenics, powerlifting, etc, for fitness.

Personalized/Private coaching for your self development at your preferred location and schedule.
Onsite locally in Singapore, and Online coaching anywhere in the world.

Our culture:

Natural / Practical / Important life-skills and self development, made more accessible
With training based on science, evidence and many years of practical experience. Fitness, Parkour, Swimming and Bushcraft form the basic roots of one of humankind’s important set of life skills, and should be made more accessible to people.

Cost effective and great value
We say no to profiteering and keep our rates and prices affordable and cost effective for social reasons. We love to help people become better versions of themselves. We aim towards a progressive reform of the coaching of innate/utilitarian skills, so as to personally help individuals progress to a refined better version of themselves, by fostering a culture of close knitted coaching, and getting coached – in which coach teaches/coaches trainees/students, by listening and understanding them well, and teaching/coaching them in ways that they understand best.. whilst trainees/students, also properly follow the training and requirements with open mindedness, rationality, and with heart so that they can achieve the progress and results they seek. – And with this harmonious, logical, and pleasant system & culture of coaching (that is free from unfounded gimmicks, illogic, etc), this also helps keep our rates and prices affordable and cost effective.

No to selling-out and no sugar coating
Because training are meant to be most authentic and proper, even if that means (and it usually is) that we do not profit as much from doing so, as some trainees may not be agreeable or comfortable to accept certain truths about training. But we do this because this is actually what produces the best results and progress for the trainee. We are this passionate about providing no-nonsense training! Yes (unfortunately at times) we go to the extent to reject a paying client without hesitation if that means we are asked/told to train them in a way that are practically ineffective, unsound and unscientific for them – Because that will be unethical and selling out. We will/are always be overjoyed to take in anyone who are willing to be open, listen and follow our training properly, so that they can properly reach their goals! Tell us your goals, be willing to be open to receive our expertise and professional guidance, and you can expect the best from us, and taking our coaching could be the one of the best decisions you’ve ever make in your life. We want to foster a culture of coaching that is logical/scientific and results/benefits driven.. and eliminate all unfounded gimmicks, illogic, unnecessary fads, etc – This will also help progressively reform (the industry, community, etc), the way training should be done – straight to the point, logically, to reach goals effectively – saving a lot of time, money and effort in the big picture. We are against profiteering. We coach altruistically.

Booking convenience
We provide one of the most convenient booking systems in the market. For our outcall coaching services – virtually all corners of Singapore are covered for all services that are able to, and wide range of available date and time slots to book from – from morning to afternoon to night – weekdays to weekends to all public holidays.

Private and personalized
Virtually all our coaching are private and personalized for our clients/trainees. For good reasons – We want to our students/trainees to up-level to a refined better version of themselves – and this is best done via private/personalized coaching.

Courteous and respectful atmosphere
To foster the best learning/training environment – We’d like to keep the atmosphere between everyone here in Training by Glen, regardless of coaches, trainees, clients, etc, to be harmonious, respectful and courteous. This way, you will be happy, you will get the most effective benefits and everything can run most effectively, smoothly and fairly. You can expect a constant courteous and respectful atmosphere when receiving our coaching, with very good prices, awesome value and convenience! – All that we ask in return, is that you are open to be coached, teachable, reasonable and respectful on a basic level. Due to the nature of how coaching works, these are the most fundamental requirements required from the client/trainee in order for things to work properly, if not it will defeat the purpose of taking up coaching from a professional provider in the first place! Let’s all cultivate a proper teaching-learning, etc, environment/atmosphere for all, set the proper example for all, and grow and develop to be better!

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